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 JUL 12

 Who Are The Colonialists Mr. Putin?

  posted by EAGLE on July 12, 2006 4:20 PM as IMPERIALISM

Who Are The Colonialists Mr. Putin?

In reply to "BBC NEWS" article entitled "Putin rebuffs 'colonialist' West" dated 12 July 2006 http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/5172794.stm 

Those who live in glass houses should not through stones at others, and it seems that you are totally assuming the ignorance of others, and you are at the same time ignoring the fact that the state called "Federal Republic Of Russia" which is a member state in the United Nations and supposing this dignified United Nations Security Council Member had already signed, certified and approved all the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights and Geneva Convention relative to treatment of Prisoners of War. Knowledge is power, and none are as blind as those who will not see.

It's only in the early years of the 1990's when the imperial Communist Soviet Union that used to be controlled from the capital city of Moscow by Russians and ruled fourteen other republics, beside the Russian Republic, which had to give all of them a "mandatory" independence when the continuity of the Soviet state reached a "dead end", and had to stop existing.

That is the way when some one gets in a position of making the actuality and fidelity of an up-side-down attitude and status, because the countries that used to be called colonial powers, are not colonial powers any more; but it is fair to say that the Federal Republic Of Russia is the largest colonial (power) country in the world of today.

It is true, and fact of life that ostrich as per the belief, when pursued hides its head in the sand and believes itself to be unseen. and this live example is exactly the same with the exception that ostriches are not criminals and didn't kill or harm human beings or any other creatures.

The well-known colonial powers, that Mr. Putin meant, had already recognized their colonies to be independent states and those independent countries had joined the United Nations and other international and regional agencies and organizations.

Let us encourage those who are ruling the "Federal Republic of Russia" these days to release and "let go" on the nations that are still occupied, and colonized under decorative names and descriptions such as democracy, and federation, which are not existing at all!

The type of democracy that the regime implements is the fake democracy that is guaranteed only for those who praise and support the government like the government employees, agents, and opportunists, which are eventually controlled together by FSB and other intelligence agencies!

Talking about "Federation", it is fact of the political life that this word is a decorative word that means nothing and it is with empty contents, because whatever the description of those republics and regions in the written scripts of the formal federation statements, and like a Performa invoice, with their participation is mandatory and at the same time artificial and unreal, because they all are guided to do whatever the Kremlin dictates them to do.

All the colonized nations under the Russian occupation and control are living as minorities in what was left of their own motherland, while the Russian colonialists and settlers are  making themselves the majority every where they go and stay, which made  demographic changes all over the colonized regions.


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