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The following is an article that was written by Eagle, and was published in the 3rd addition of FREEDOM bulletin Page 4, which used to be published by "The Caucasian Community Center", New Jersey, USA and was dated 01-July-1979. The reason for bringing this issue after more than 26 years of the published article is to show the national feeling and sense of responsibility towards the colonized North Caucasus and doing that against the imperial power that grabbed the region at the time, beside mentioning the human suffering of being forced to live away from motherland.

(I woke up from innocent childhood dreams to be at the center of a painful reality. A new phase of my life just started by gradual transfer from the home that I was raised at to the life in the society that I found myself living in. Logical Questionnaire started tremendously increasing. Answers started coming and no convincing answers were found at some other times. I know part of my life, which is the personal one; but I couldn't know the most important which is the national side. I decided to continuously research and work to obtain what I wanted to know. I studied, asked and dogged deep until I reached painful facts. Myself and my people are with no homeland. My people became minorities in all countries of the world. Differences and personal conflicts had occurred within those minorities, and selfishness prevailed. Truth is shone and all my people know it. We were masters in our motherland and now we are slaves for others in the lands of strangers. We were living on the soil of our motherland that we inherited from our grandfathers which was irrigated by the heroes with their precious sweat and blood, but now we are living on the soil of foreign, strange lands. Many of my people perished while fighting for those new homelands and defending others' rights beside defending themselves and their own honor in some cases. We used to live in motherland within our customs and inherited habits and we live now with strangers' customs and habits whether we chose that or we were obliged to do so. Did those Changes alter the fact that we are Circassians? The logical answer which we all know, is that it did not affect our situation or national contents, and even if we stayed away for ever, we will always stay as foreigners and minorities with stolen rights, and duties given by others must be fulfilled. I am addressing all the live conscious individuals of my Circassian People to get all ways and means possible, to renaissance and rise up to the required level and standard of the sense of responsibility and national dignity, and to look for the future to save all those who got lost and misguided. Let us my brothers and sisters not wait for the saver, which will never arrive. Savior comes through uniting with each other, to return home, to motherland. We will not steal or rob others' lands or rights, but we want to restore our stolen rights and to return to live with our countrymen who are still living there. Enough of this mass-homelessness and mass-loss...Motherland is calling.)

The above mentioned article got many indications and factors that can be:

* Tough times never last, but tough people do.

*It's a fact of life that the North Caucasus Region is still under the colonial rule, but the difference is the change of tyranny from the Soviet umbrella to the "Federal Russia" one.

* The national feelings against imperialism were there since then, and long before the "rubber stamp" cliché slogans that were recently invented such as "religious influenced radicals", etc., etc.. That will not change the fact that nations will struggle for dignity.

* Refugees, Deportees, and Caucasian citizens from all the North Caucasian Region who are living in Diaspora in more than 30 countries of the world did not and will not forget motherland and "truth one day will prevail".

* The unseen power that destroyed the fascist Soviet Union, will in turn and at the right time destroy the tyrant predecessors and will break their greedy evil empire to ashes, but the colonized nations and peoples will restore their freedom, dignity and independence.

* The North Caucasus Republics do not have only Muslim inhabitants, and they contain other religions, which automatically put all North Caucasians under one category as colonized by foreign power which is Russia.

* The self-determination is a basic human need, which is guaranteed and granted by "Human Rights" charters of United Nations and the International Law.

* Russia got more problems to tackle and to worry about, rather than holding on colonies and nations against their well, which requires devoted Russians to release and let go those nations, and to make them choose the right of self-determination.

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