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 MAR 28

 When The Blind Leads The Blind

  posted by EAGLE on March 28, 2006 4:00 AM as GENERAL

When The Blind Leads The Blind

According to "MosNews" dated 25.03.2006, a Pentagon report says "Russia Spies Gave Saddam Intelligence Through 2003".

That what reminded of "Where ignorance is a bliss, it's folly to be wise". May a curious would question and investigate those statements.

The obvious response would be easy and straight forward. Those KGB spies failed to protect the "Warso Pact", the alliance of Communist Eastern European regimes, the Communist Soviet Union, and the Kremlin backed regimes in the former Soviet Republics. The eventualities are still prevailing with the FSB as a dominating successor of KGB!

How could the FSB system that succeeded the KGB protect Saddam Hussein and his regime, while the same facilities that both evil systems possessed and used are of same origin, source, and commencement had failed to do so with similar situations?

If the blind leads the blind, so both would fall in the same ditch, and that is the story of intelligence information that would be depended on when it comes from untrustworthy source and/or sources.

It is possible for those systems to suppress citizens and individuals which they are unbeatable in those evil acts that those spies and agents carried out against the empty-handed peoples and citizens. They invented the art of brutal torture and the subdue against all self- conscious elements of the society.

They carried out those wicked and sinful acts to terrorize, scare and perform the domestic violence to be the powers that dictate, prescribe, impose, and determine the way the government branches should actuate.

They functioned with enormous efforts to behave in a disgraceful manner against the Human Rights NGO's and all the ordinary citizens in former Eastern Europe, former Soviet Union, Chechnya, and in all regions of what is presently known as Federal Republic Of Russia.

The KGB Intelligence System of the former Soviet Union neither detected nor forecasted the Israeli plans of the "6-Day War" of June 1967, which made Israel able to occupy the land of three Arab Countries, even though the Soviets were connected with two of those countries through "Friendship & Cooperation" strategic treaties and those two countries were depending on the Soviet recommendations and supplies as main source. 

The records indicate that in October, 6, 1973, during the "Ramadan War" (October War), when Late President Anwar Sadat of Egypt wanted to fight a serious war he kicked out thousands of Russian (Soviet) advisors, and managed to cross the Suez Canal and to reach the "Sinai Narrows". Kicking out the advisors was considered the reason of their victory.

While Syria, Egypt's ally on the other side of the war zone,which got the Russian (Soviet) advisors at the time, could not hold on the land that the Syrian forces occupied from the Israeli forces, and they even lost more land to Israel, when the Israelis stopped at 56 Kilometers away from the capital city of Damascus.

The description that they used to describe the advisors as Russians, was because even during the Soviet era, the vast majority of those who ruled the Soviet Union were Russians, and where ever they sent advisors of any kind, those advisors were controlled and supervised by those agents and spies, and they were also called Russians by those foreign countries that they used to go and reside in.

They failed and weakened Saddam Hussein and his regime in his wars against Iran, Kuwait and last but not least his war against the United States and the Coalition Forces.

* In the 1st Gulf War against Iran, they played double face and double agent roles, to get the maximum benefits from both sides.

* In the 2nd Gulf War they maneuvered in a different, but more complicated behavior when they gave away the weapons' and missiles' codes to the "30 Countries Alliance", they got paid the amount of four billion dollars by the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia to keep out of the game, and eventually by the end of the war, Mr. Primakov, who got a well known back ground in the Soviet intelligence, media, and politics, had traveled to Baghdad as a broker to mediate for certain cease fire conditions, terms, and measurements.

* The "Iraq Liberation War" as was called by the Coalition, which was  Saddam's last mission to do as a President of Iraq, the Russian spies and intelligence agents through the Russian government and Russian ambassador in Iraq, gave Saddam Hussein the intelligence information which was proven to be false, wrong, mis-leading and mis-calculated, that took Saddam Hussein towards the ditch that he was found hiding in. 

The great philosopher Lucretius said:

"One man's meat is another man's poison"


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