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 JAN 8

 The Evil Is Marching On

  posted by EAGLE on January 08, 2008 5:15 AM as IMPERIALISM

The Evil Is Marching On

The latest regarding Russia’s Federal Security Service, is that this establishment had recently celebrated its 90th anniversary as the sole establishment that maintained ruling and dictating the way government and life issues should be conducted as decided and seen the Russian elite of the ruling establishment to overwhelm and devastate all inhabitants and the total population of the state.

In that regard, Russian News Agency, RIA Novosti, published in 21-December-2007, as stated Russia’s Federal Security Service celebrates its 90th anniversary, with brief notes which did not elaborate on many bloody events on that well-known evil establishment; but got some explanations which illustrated information accompanied by pictures to explain that the news came as little surprise when Felix Dzerzhinsky was chosen to establish the Soviet secret police - Vladimir Lenin trusted him, and believed he could handle the most difficult tasks. Dzerzhinsky established and headed the VChK, which was later renamed several times. More information was revealed which indicated that Dzerzhinsky laid the foundations of a secret police able to compete with any foreign intelligence service, but did not mention the rules that they laid down how to make the people frightened, terrorized, tortured, exiled, and killed.

The picture of the building was shown and mentioned that in 1919, the VChK moved to the light-yellow house at No. 2 on Lubyanka Square in Moscow. The square was eventually renamed Dzerzhinsky Square, which had Dzerzhinsky’s sculpture (known as Iron Felix) erected in the center of the square in the year 1958, which was dismantled in the year 1991 after an abortive coup involving several top Soviet leaders, when KGB was trying to change both the direction and the momentum of the blowing winds of freedom and independence.

The documented information presented by “RIA Novosti” added People were terrified of General Commissar of State Security Nikolai Yezhov, called the Iron Commissar by the Soviet press. His reign of terror is sometimes known as Yezhovshchina, when he administered the most severe stage of the great purges. It also brought to the memory another tyrant under the name of Lavrenty Beria who replaced Yezhov when he was arrested and killed afterwards.

The reported information stopped short of the details of the murder of Leon Trotskyin 20th August, 1940, which did not mention that all the leading figures involved in the Russian Revolutionwere dead except for Joseph Stalin. Of the fifteen members of the original Bolshevikgovernment, ten had been executed and four had died (sometimes in mysterious circumstances), also the armed forces suffered at the hands of Beria and the NKVD. It has been estimated that a third of all officers were arrested. Three out of five marshals and fourteen out of sixteen army commanders were executed!

Beriagained much strength and power under Joseph Stalinand he became a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party. In February, 1941, he became deputy prime minister and in 1946 joined the Politburo, which is short-cut for Political Bureau, the central policy-making and governing body of the Communist party of the former Soviet Union.

After the death of Joseph Stalinin March, 1953, Beria attempted to replace him as dictator of the Soviet Union. He was defeated by a group lead by Nikita Khrushchev, Vyacheslav Molotovand Georgy Malenkov. Beria was arrested and accused of conducting "anti-state activities. Lavrenty Beria was found guilty and was executed on 23rd December, 1953.

It mentioned the so-called conspiracy of Alexander Shelepin, who headed the KGB from 1958 till 1961, and was one of the initiators of the famous October 14, 1964 plenary meeting of the Soviet Communist Party’s Central Committee that ousted Nikita Khrushchev. Shelepin, widely thought to be Khrushchev’s successor, but was in turn sacked by Leonid Brezhnev.

The published report also showed some brief information about later KGB activities and directors which ranged between Vladimir Semichastny, Yuri Andropov, Viktor Chebrikov, and the last KGB director, who was involved in an abortive 1991 coup staged by the so-called State Committee for the State of Emergency (GKChP), and was subsequently arrested and taken to the Matrosskaya Tishina prison in Moscow.

By the end of the photo-report it mentioned that On July 25, 1998, Vladimir Putin was appointed director of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), which shows the dynamic and objective, and intentional attitude that KGB tried to establish by changing the name and to keep all other contents of obsession and possession of all walks of life, and to keep gripping on the fate and destiny of more than one hundred colonized nations that are ruled in accordance with a police state authoritative and dictatorial rules and regulations.

It is ascertained and a well-known fact that this establishment is a Russian one since it was founded 90 years ago, even though it was described as a Soviet with all what the Soviet leaders meant to show the world that it was a multi-national country that got all its peoples, nations, and citizens involved in the Communist-Socialist system of the state.

The people and peoples that were and still wonder through life, and they accepted whatever fate this kind of police and security controlled state brought them to. Most suffered through life time of frustration, oppression and unpleasant events that this kind of security/political control had asserted through the society and life to the extent that breathing is scanned, counted and monitored!

That doesn’t mean that people are not determined to succeed nor they are not willing to devote their time, effort, and even utmost through their whole life to achieve success for human dignity, liberty, and freedom. Eventually peoples, nations, and individuals will get to the conclusion of what, how, and when achievement will be reached under any cost, as it had occurred in the year 1991, when the citizens and individuals took to the streets to defend the right to chose and to show their support for dismantling and even burying in bear hands the evil empire that used to be called the Soviet Union, which was a way to express the real human feelings that reached those people through generations until the right moment came, and the KGB this time couldn’t do anything about it, but went with the stream to re-grab the authorities, power, and what was left of the Soviet Union at the time.

Subjugated and demoralized nations should know that success does not mean the absence of failure that means attainment of ultimate objectives. It means winning the concept, but not every round. The right time will come back, oppressed nations will restore dignity, and oppressors will vanish the way Stalin and other dictators had faded away.

It is worth to mention that while I was writing this article a dear brother sent me a note about what Hillary Clinton as a recognized US attorney and politician who accompanied former President Bill Clinton for eight years during his presidency, later on the Congresswoman from the state of New York, and the at present time a US presidential Candidate has criticized in New Hampshire, the foreign policy of current president George W. Bush, and she recalled his statement that he looked into Russian President Vladimir Putin’s eyes and saw his soul, “I could have told him, he was a KGB agent. By definition he doesn’t have a soul,” she continued.



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