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 MAR 31

 Justice For North Caucasus

  posted by EAGLE on March 31, 2005 12:55 PM as NORTH CAUCASUS

Justice For North Caucasus

Justice is needed for all nations of the North Caucasus Region to be able to get rid of all negative consequences that were implement for the recent centuries and started since colonial greed of occupying and conquering other nations and regions which were the targets of ambitious tyrants by committing criminal acts of aggression and resulted in human disaster that reached the paramount of all crimes at the time in the year 1864, when millions were dispersed, killed, executed, relocated in other regions, replaced by people of other nationalities and ended up in those North Caucasus nations whether minorities in their own homeland or refugees in close or far away diaspora.

The North Caucasians are scattered between their own motherland or scattered in more than 50 countries of the world.

Time of imperial and colonial monopoly should come to an end. No nation should take the advantage of other nations to control or to take over their assets possessions.

In the world of today and specifically in the 21st century, nations and peoples should be granted the right of self determination in accordance with Human Rights Charters of the United Nations.

All nations of the world should be allowed the right of freedom of choice. They should be allowed to elect to live and behave in dignity, liberty, freedom and independence.

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