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 MAR 14


  posted by EAGLE on March 14, 2006 3:30 PM as IMPERIALISM



Senior Research Fellow of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Ph.D in History, Mikhail Roshin in his exclusive interview with "Caucasus Times" and was published in 10, March, 2006 had stated that "Rise of extremism in the Southern Russia stems from the fact that North Caucasus proved to be inside the sphere of globalization of Muslim fundamentalism"!

The nations of the North Caucasus and all other Russian colonized nations and regions are not all Muslims, and the fact is that the North Caucasus region was occupied militarily through series of invasions and military colonial wars by the Russian Imperial State which was out of the scope and the core of the whole interview. Playing with words and statements by describing what went on and still as a wide globalization of Muslim fundamentalism is totally out of the question and completely false information which was intended to be used to mislead and misguide whoever is reading or listening to such nonsense, which indicates that assuming ignorance of others was the main topic of the deliberate deceit.

When the simple and basic self-determination right of human being individuals, peoples and nations who are living under occupation, fear, horror, compulsory and forced colonial federation is deceivably associated with the "Islam phobia" and whether was described with "inside or outside sphere of globalization" as was suggested in the interview by those imperial state go-minded provokers such as the mentioned above (with all respect to shiny and long titles) got only one and only one intention which is to reverse reality in an up-side-down attitude regarding presentation and meaning. Truth was overlooked and disregarded on purpose to fool others to at least not to mention that there are cases of neglected rights in motherland, oppression, cruel exercise of colonial authority, using unjust and excessive exercise of authority and power, and denied national dignity.

The nations of the North Caucasus never willingly accepted and will never recognize, admit or approve the "one way communication" attitude of the Russian imperial philosophy and criteria of being the rulers of a multi nations of slaves which is similar to the apartheid regime, that should obey and accept what comes of orders and arrangements. History can not be written by those who are dictated by tyrant imperialists.

The Soviet colonial greed was dissipated when the courageous Baltic republics had revolted and asked for total independence from the KGB "Russist" Soviet State, and preferred to be choosing their liberty, freedom and independence. Where is the "Islam phobia" in that, even though those republics are considered Christian states.

Where is the "Islam phobia" in the independence of Armenia, Moldova, Ukraine, and Georgia?

The gaseous odor that clung to Schroeder, who started for Gazprom, which came as a result of the support that was given from the ex-German Chancellor all through the years of his assumption of power, to the Russian President who speaks fluently the German language, who was the KGB agent and spy in East Berlin, ex-East Germany, when  all at a sudden and during the rough winter time an energy crisis of shortages and difficulties were created recently by the head of the regime that resides in Moscow and effected Georgia, Ukraine, the North Caucasus and reached the European Union which proved to all concerned the evil intentions of the totalitarian government that rules Federal Republic Of Russia.

Playing, changing, and transforming the names and descriptions of events of certain situations by riding the boat of what is called "terrorism" and "Islam phobia" will not change the fact that the  criminal imperialists are taking such positions to suit their need and greed!

What is the purpose of the opportunist policies of establishing warm relationship with Iran, Hamas, and others?

How would observers forget the Russian policies of supporting the tyrant Serbian regime headed by Slobodan Milosevic during the aggressive Balkan war that was waged against Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, and last but not least, Kosovo?

Why the Russian top leaders insisted until the last moment to protect and help the famous dictator, Slobodan Milosevic, beside showing the willing and desire with their eyes widely opened to allow him travel to Russia for treatment and at the end to be buried there, regardless of the feelings of millions who got the evil treatment of oppression, genocide, ethnic cleansing, slaughter, and systematical killings, while denying to the dead bodies of the the assassinated Late Chechen President and the freedom fighters of Chechnya and the North Caucasus to get the right for their loved-ones to offer them a dignified burial?

Is there any thing to do with Islam concerning the hidden and public colonial ambitions that is going on between Georgia and so-called Federal Russia in the Caucasus, or the boiling, but undeclared war that is going on between the Ukraine, and the remaining of the Russian imperial greed in the Black Sea and the Crimea coastal territories?

Is there any stealthy Islamic control on those Central Asian Republics who got KGB Communist hardliners to control the fate and destiny of those states and nations after the dismantle of the buried Soviet Union?

What applied to those nations who were colonized by the Russian Soviet Union in what was supposed to be self-determination and independence should apply to all other nations that are still occupied, slaved and colonized by what remained of imperial Russian desire of controlling the others through waging war and forceful occupation.

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