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 JUN 17

 Circassians Seek Justice

  posted by EAGLE on June 17, 2007 5:10 PM as NORTH CAUCASUS

Circassians Seek Justice

 It is not a total surprise that a cult group in USA in the name of "Goodness Christian Ministry", had touched one of the subjects that brought the name of the Circassians to be placed where it does not belong to, and came up with illogical and non-verifiable belief systems, that were not even mentioned anywhere else, which would lead to controversies.

It is worth mentioning that such a cult group, is similar to other cult groups that got their ultimate end to be, their destruction when the Lord returns to claim His own| (as per their claims)! The word cult is usually used to describe certain religious groupsoutside of the mainstream of a religion, and in certain cases they have intentionally killed people, either the group members themselves or others outside of the group.

Other examples of those cult groups, beside the "Goodness Christian Ministry" are: "the Davidians" , Peoples Temple, a cultfrom California, that used to be in Jamestown, Guyana. It is still in the memory of those who follow those groups' activities, the connection of convicted Oklahoma City bombing conspirators to the cult that is called the "Freemen Movement".

Those groups can be found in all religions and they come up with their beliefs that are different than the beliefs of the vast majority of people.

Such a cult is normally got a charismatic leader who is considered very special for varying reasons, and  has received special revelation from God (as per their claims), who will be the one who came up with such teachings. By connecting the name of Circassians to their invented scenario may came out of the similarity between the actual destruction that had been inflicted by Russians on Circassia, and their illusions that they visualized in their own dreams and minds.

The leaders of the cults got very affectionate recruitment techniques that conclude "Love Bombing" - Constant positive affection in word and deed. The use of the influence of the Bible and/or mention Jesus as being one of their own; thereby adding validity to their system. The Cults recruit Jesus as one of their own and redefine him accordingly!

They adopt the low altering of thinking processes and belief system through repeated teaching, because people usually accept cult doctrines gradually, one point at a time, and new beliefs are reinforced by other cult members.

Vulnerability to join a cult group:

- All the following are vulnerable to join: Rich, poor, educated, non-educated, old, young, previously religious, atheistic, etc.

- General Profile of cult member (some or all of the following):

Disenchanted with conventional religious establishments.

Intellectually confused over religious and/or philosophical issues

Sometimes disenchanted with society as a whole

Has a need for encouragement and support

Emotionally needful

Needs a sense of purpose.

Financially needful

How could the Circassians be "the People of Antichrist", while there is part of them who are Christians, and the vast majority of them are Muslims, who believe in Islam, Christianity and Judaism, besides respecting all other faiths?

Is it possible that people who are denied their rights in their historical Motherland would have a different agenda than restoring the dearest of all what they have in this life which is the legitimate rights of self determination, and freedom to live in homeland?

Circassians with their ancient and respected civilization would not look for such a clumsy mission that only evils and devils would accept and undertake.

No doubt that such suspicious thoughts and ideas that got no positive or valid references and reasons, beside having those strange people who call themselves new religious group, got those fake and false information from an origin that is not far away from the imperial power that had killed the North Caucasians and Circassians through out their organized criminal waged wars against them in recent hundreds of years.

Thefabricated information that is found  in an Internet site, is definitely got sourced out whether directly or indirectly from the occupiers who occupied Circassia, practiced a remarkable genocide against the Circassians, and forced the rest of Circassians and North Caucasians to exile, which extended and reached 52 countries of the world of today.

It seems that the more the Circassians are asking and demanding for their rights of "genocide recognition", with the help and support of the civilized world, for their legitimate rights to be restored and regained. It seems that the more of such made up stories, lies, and fabrications are circulated and distributed, the more the civilized world would understand the purpose of the propaganda campaign that is going on for the purpose of implementing certain agendas and policies, regardless of what would be the consequences and the effects upon others.

Similar claims were made up against Chechen freedom fighters that are fighting the Russian occupiers for self-determination, freedom, and independence, regarding certain connections with certain sides, to convince certain individuals and governments to establish aggressive attitude and position, against their noble cause of liberating their homeland from colonial Russian occupation.

Regardless of what those bad intentions were meant to create of negative ideas and effects; but facts of life indicate that "Truth Will prevail".

A Circassian

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