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 JAN 22

 Circassians’ Success Depends On What Is Right

  posted by EAGLE on January 22, 2008 2:00 AM as NORTH CAUCASUS

Circassians’ Success Depends On What Is Right

Beyond the reasonable doubt, the eternal struggle between good and evil represents a chronicle disease among human beings, and even syndrome for the individuals of “ill-gotten gains that never prosper”, even though it is obvious that those and through egotistical activities of misconduct and opportunist motivated gains got no human achievement in respect to nations, peoples, and citizens; but to those self-centered, who voluntarily and/or willingly presented themselves as the servants of their masters, the occupiers of their homeland and the motherland of their own nation, if they ever belonged to a such nation!

To accomplish all of the striking, but conspicuous imperial and colonial greedy burden, all of their acts are intended for the control of lands and territories of small, exploited and demoralized nations that were considered painstaking, soft and easy targets in comparison to a giant and huge power regarding quantity and quality of man-power, fighting equipment and material, which lead to the recognized facts of total military occupation that resulted in total and/or partial elimination of nations, peoples, tribes, and individuals beside the painful domino-effects, costs and consequences that occurred which extended but not limited to elimination, abolition,  dislocation, oppression and exile for millions of victims, who had to take refuge in tens of countries of the world.

The occupying power, which is in this particular case, the Russian state that is falsely and incorrectly called, the Federal Republic Of Russia, got no connotation or implication of the so-called union or federation between more than 100 nations which are colonized by the Russian race, after they were conquered and occupied by Tsarist Russian forces of mercenaries, and were kept as colonial subjects that only belong to the imperial state, and kept ruled and dominated against their wishes and desires, through the police state policies, which are intimidating and daunting all the citizens who  got no choice, but to listen and to accept the instructions and orders of the rulers of Moscow.

Unfortunately, those who volunteered to serve the occupiers of their own homeland have set agendas, commitments and goals for themselves, to the level of destroying peoples, lives, careers, and ambitions, but should be the type of goals that coincide with what should have an open mind rather than an empty mind, because the person with empty-mind usually got a mistake which is that he gets vanity. Madame Necker said: “Fortune does not change men; it unmasks them”.

There are the well-known individuals, who are within range and scale of traitors’ category of people, who behave like gangsters and mobs, and their names are widely identified and known, who fall in the caliber of agents and spies’ business and trade, who got no ethics or moral principles and who are doing a favor and a service to the terrorizing authorities which got own list of outlined task by going after citizens, groups and individuals through murder, assassination, torture, terrorism, harassment, provocation, annoying persistently, follow up, and annoyance. To those who offered their services to the foreign occupation, I am confident to say that in their case, “blame is safer than praise”, and “these are the times that try men’s souls”!

At the end financial support and capabilities were described in one of the best seller books, as it fell under the title, “what money cannot buy”, which added that when money talks, it does not talk sense. It is not uncommon to find out that some people got a price, and people who talk that language are really up for sale themselves. People with character, integrity, and right values are not for sale; but money will buy amusement but not happiness, a bed but not a sleep, books but not wisdom, a clock but not more time, companions but not friends, finery but not beauty, food but not appetite, a house but not a home, medicine but not health, a ring but not a marriage, and finally a place to reside but not homeland.

For instance, Voltaire is remembered and honored in France as a courageous polemicist who indefatigably fought for civil rights — the right to a fair trial and freedom of religion — and who denounced the hypocrisies and injustices of the ancien régime; one of his famous statements that he said was “Despite human People cannot be equal in strength and power, but they can be equal in freedom”.

Circassia in particular and the Caucasus in general were described by Nikolai Tolstoy when he wrote what was published in July, 5, 1992, the following: “Since history began, even long before, the Caucasus has been the meeting place of gods and men, the goal of the hero on a far-flung quest, the barrier between the free horseman of the open steppe and the stern sentinels of civilization. It was to one of those snowy peaks that Zeus nailed Prometheus for his impious theft of fire from heaven. Thither Jason led the Argonauts in search of the Golden Fleece, slew the dragon, and was bewitched by the dark-haired maid of Colchis. And there Alexander the Great fixed the great gates that to the end of time were meant to shut out the barbarians from the ordered world of civilized mankind”.

The civilized world should have guts and courage, and is urged to defend humanity, to repulse and to drive away the greedy colonial occupiers, including its tools of evil, and to help in preserving legitimate rights, and human rights values by implementing the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, Justice, liberty, freedom, human dignity, independence, and self-determination for all nations alike.

The mob is the mother of tyrants, and God gives quietness at last…



Justice For North Caucasus Group

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