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MAY 2008

 MAY 22

 Veto On Freezing Circassian Diaspora By Remote Control

  posted by EAGLE on May 22, 2008 9:10 AM as IMPERIALISM

Veto On Freezing Circassian Diaspora By Remote Control

The open wounds that the Russian aggression had created for tens of nations in the North Caucasus and beyond, need serious and sincere efforts to heel and to fix all atrocities which included and not limited to genocide, ethnic cleansing, destruction, forced deportation, and displacement of inhabitants within homeland, and to contain all their effects and consequences.

The sad memory of the 21st of May this year is marking the 144 years of commemoration of the postpone of the Russian-Caucasian War in the year 1864 which lead to disastrous results and conclusions on Circassia, Circassians, and North Caucasians. To make the subjects properly and effectively understood and comprehended without any negative impact, a thorough and careful study and investigation should be accomplished by all those who are looking for the truth and they are concerned to make sure that the facts ...

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 MAY 11

 Imperial Policies In The North Caucasus

  posted by EAGLE on May 11, 2008 3:20 AM as IMPERIALISM

Imperial Policies In The North Caucasus 

One of the active members of JFNC Group has drawn the attention to an article that was written by a writer in the name of “Vladimir Socor”, which might be misleading and mentioned that, “his anti-Russists is so evident that he seems to put out anything possible to debase their side, even if it meant twisting facts or writing fallacious statements”. It seems to me that the writer does not have the full scope of the picture of what is going on in the North Caucasus in general and in Abkhazia in particular, especially the latest sound of the drums of war between Russia and the recent Soviet/Russian colony, Georgia, if I may use this expression, depending on the facts and figures.

I will reply to the main points that he mentioned in one of his recent articles in the title of “THE ...

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