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MAY 2006

 MAY 31

In The Memory of the Assassinated Chechen President Aslan Maskhadov

A "warrior repose" is a perfect description that could be described for the consequence of the terrible assassination crime that President Aslan Maskhadov (May Almighty God Bless His Soul) was subjected to. Only the genuine memories and the historical events will explain to the Chechen Nation and to the whole world what Late President Aslan Maskhadov had documented of what he was doing at the time when he was betrayed and murdered by the evil colonial gangsters.

The Crime Scene

Those midget opportunist tyrants and criminals, which they turned out to be contract assassins, who successfully managed to betray the great Chechen leader, and after the assassination crime that was committed, they started to search all over the place for any information that might lead to the reasons behind the strong solidarity that was the ...

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 MAY 26

Prince Ali and Princess Reem Patronized the Circassians Charity Association Commemoration of the Anniversary of the Circassians' Mourning Day


The correspondent of Al-Rai daily newspaper, in Amman, Jordan, Abdel Hakeem Al-Qaralleh reported in 24, May, 2006 that His Royal Highness Prince Ali Ibn Al-Hussein patronized, in the presence of Princess Reem Al-Ali the celebration that was organized by the Circassians Charity Association in Amman on the occasion of the anniversary of forced deportation for the Circassian Nation, and what is known to be, the Circassians' Mourning Day.

Member of Jordanian Parliament Abdel Raouf Al-Rawabdeh said that what had occurred to the Circassian People of displacement that made them suffer for long, but they managed to get out of that hardship with lessons learnt which helped them plan the future of their children. He elaborated on the fact that the Ottoman State knew the military particulars and the discipline that ...

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 MAY 21

 The Circassians' Genocide And Great Exodus Of May 1864

  posted by EAGLE on May 21, 2006 8:45 AM as HUMAN RIGHTS

The Circassians' Genocide And Great Exodus Of May 1864

May Twenty First is a day of painful memories that marks the Day of Mourning for all Circassians. Circassians all over the world will commemorate the annual anniversary of the fall of  which resulted in the Russian occupation that made Circassian Nation suffer of colonialism and/or forced deportation to be scattered around the world.

The North Caucasus is in the hearts and minds of all the peoples of the nations of  North Caucasus, Circassians and others alike. The North Caucasians in Diaspora wish to return home, where they will be free to work out their destiny as they choose. 

Caucasians love justice and believe in the dignity of mankind.

The North Caucasus is the fabulous homeland, and all nations should live in peace while enjoying liberty, freedom and independence.

The Russian-Circassian War which lasted between 1763 To 21, May, 1864 ended with the fall ...

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 MAY 17

 A Journey To The History Of The North Caucasus

  posted by EAGLE on May 17, 2006 4:50 AM as NORTH CAUCASUS

 Journey To The History Of The North Caucasus
The title reminds the reader of a mixture of the present and the past that mixes the painfull realities of the past -which made the blood shed - leads to the loss of homeland, becoming genocide and ethnic cleansing victims and eventually part of the population were living under occupation and the vast majority were brutally killed by the Tsarist Russian aggressors' army, killed during the deportation process while transported by sea and land, killed because of illness, disease and severe effects of the rough living circumstances, or who ended up living as refugees in diaspora.
A real and warm human touch of connecting the present with the past came through the genuine human, but Royal  initiative which came from the well-known prince that is a descendent of a well-known Hashemite Family that descended from Prophet ...

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