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 FEB 8

 His Excellency The President Of Russia

  posted by EAGLE on February 08, 2006 6:10 PM as GENERAL

His Excellency the President of Russia
“His Excellency the President of Russia” seems to be a considerate Crocodile who is dropping lots of tears these days, and what for? He is not happy, and very sad for what the Muslims feelings were subjected to, and seems very considerate for what the Muslims greatly suffered of what the evil cartoons had created for Islam and Muslims!
It’s more appropriate for him to be worried, ready to apologize and admit responsibility for all the crimes that he initiated and/or participated in creating and conducting against innocent victims starting from his KGB spying and sabotage activities in eastern Europe and East Germany until the day that his conscious woke up and suggested to the government of Denmark to apologize for Muslims for the damage that had occurred as a result of the evil cartoons that were started and published in ...

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 FEB 8

 Opportunists And Hypocrisy

  posted by EAGLE on February 08, 2006 1:30 PM as GENERAL

Opportunists And Hypocrisy
According to what the news agencies had reported, the pro-Russian rulers and officials of the Chechen Republic had banned all Danish organizations because of the publication of Prophet Muhammad cartoons.
Opportunists got the chance to get rid of the humanitarian organizations and aid groups that provides food to tens of thousands of Chechen people in war-ravaged Chechnya, which explains their well-known hypocrisy that make them take the advantage of revenging from those respected groups that work for the sake of human beings and the assistance of oppressed Chechen citizens who got the kind help and generous assistance from very few similar groups and organizations.
I think that those who drew, published, distributed, and re-published the cartoons are only evil individuals that do not represent the good people of the nation of Denmark, while those pro-Russian hypocrites and opportunists who do not represent the majority of ...

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