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 DEC 11

 The Mini-Soviet Union

  posted by EAGLE on December 11, 2007 7:00 PM as IMPERIALISM

The Mini-Soviet Union

The Soviet Unionthat had collapsed and had to get out of existence due to many internal and external factors and effects, left a complicated legacy that ranged and varied between the special paralyzed special services that used to be called KGB, which used to run the whole country inside-out, and at the same time had decided the fate and destiny of all citizens in the buried Soviet Union and what was called the Soviet Block which included the Eastern European States that were ruled officially by the Communist Parties that were essentially connected with the Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party in Moscow, under the supervision and exclusive domination of the KGB that used to be dominated by the Russians who consisted of the vast majority of the population, and at certain time the direct and indirect influence that extended between Cuba, Angola, Ethiopia, South ...

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 DEC 2

 Motherland Keeps Looking For Its Exiled People

  posted by EAGLE on December 02, 2007 2:05 PM as IMPERIALISM

Motherland Keeps Looking For Its Exiled People

Circassians being one of the oppressed nations that were occupied by the Tsarist Russian forces that left them with no sovereign state, which was officially occupied by the Russian state in 21, May, 1864. That was the date that Circassia had fallenin the hands of the Russian colonial empire, and was fully concurred and controlled alongside with other North Caucasian nations.

A painful memory that Circassians celebrate with tears and pain, when they remember the millionswho perished, wounded, displaced, or had to immigrate by force to other countries of the world, for a basic reason which was the Russian ambitious plans of reaching the warm waters of the Black Sea, the greed of controlling the natural resources of the North Caucasus, and to establish strategic ports and imperial influence in the North Caucasus and beyond.

After the long time that elapsed, which did ...

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