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 JAN 20

 Today's Decisions Are Tomorrow's Realities

  posted by EAGLE on January 20, 2006 11:00 AM as IMPERIALISM

Today's Decisions Are Tomorrow's Realities
I will start from the word "cry", because the nations of the North Caucasus are still crying and screaming as a result of atrocities and crimes that were and still committed by the Russian colonial forces which occupied the North Caucasus Region for hundreds of years now.

It is true that "seeing or reading are believing"; but feeling the consequences of Russian occupation on the nations and peoples (both in motherland and in diaspora) of the occupied Caucasus is more painful and much more hurting. That colonial pressure and atrocities had created suffering for millions of human beings.Those courageous nations survived while striving, struggling, and endeavoring to be able to restore their stolen rights and always had in mind "never let a problem an excuse".
The present Russian regime is trying to give an image of itself as if it had succeeded the burred Soviet Communist Empire as ...

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 JAN 15


  posted by EAGLE on January 15, 2006 1:50 PM as NORTH CAUCASUS

The following letter was sent to Human Rights Organizations and Groups:


To All Respected Human Rights Organizations and Groups,

I would like to thank you for the unprecedented efforts that you perform to elaborate on the misfortune people who lost their motherlands and/or their civil rights in an unprincipled circumstances, which makes you contribute to draw the attention of the self-conscious peoples and nations of the world.

All "Human Rights" organizations and groups are requested to indicate and point out part of the presence and the history of some of the North Caucasian nations who suffered, and still of great losses of motherland, millions of human lives and the "right to choose" of self-determination and choice of "way of living" in a respected and dignified way and method at homeland.

Upon those forgotten are the Shapsugs and the Hatuqwais,beside others, which some sites hereunder will ...

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