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NatPress: In Nalchik Another attack Committed On Ibrahim Yaganov

posted by eagle on May, 2010 as KABARDINO BALKAR

In Nalchik there was committed another attack on Ibrahim Yaganov

01 May 2010 - 16:52 - NatPress

Evening, April 30, 2010 around 20:30 local time, on the chairman of the Public Movement "Khase" in Kabardino-Balkaria, Ibrahim Yaganov there has been committed another attack to massacre him.

Coming out of the house, Ibrahim Yaganov went to his Niva car, opened the trunk, and laid in him a bag. At this point, from behind him athletic build young man approached with a metal pipe in his hand and tried to strike a blow on the head. Fortunately, the reaction of the leader of Khase been fast enough and he was not hited on the head, but on the spine. The second blow tube has fallen into the hand of Yaganov. Began to fight, the attacker was retaliatory and unexpectedly was stroked in the face. Realizing that the attack had not gone according to the plan, the offender began to run toward the next yard. Ibrahim Yaganov rushed to pursue him, but good sport training allowed him to escape.

Witnesses of the attack were several neighbors ran to the sound of a fight. According to Yaganov himself, this attack is a continuation of the events of December 2009. The persecution of social activists in Kabardino-Balkaria continues in all directions, using a forged "legitimate" gangs and illegal methods.

Recall that on November 30, 2009, there was attacked the offices of public movement "Khase" by mercenaries and the leader of the "Circassian Congress" of Kabardino-Balkaria Ruslan Keshev was beaten, who was hospitalized with multiple fractures; On December 5, 2009 mercenaries were committed a "gang attack" on Ibrahim Yaganov - in an unconscious state, he was taken to intensive care with injuries on the face and head. December 6, at bypass road there was an armed attack on Vice-President of public movement of "Khase" Zamir Shukhov, the same night the house of the leader of the Circassian Congress of Adygea Murat Berzegov there were thrown firebombs. Apparently, all these actions were well coordinated and disbursed; the attacks are linked to the struggle against the authorities of public organizations defending the legitimate interests of the people.

The recent bombings in Nalchik (29 0f April injured two policemen and two local residents) have also been associated with the corrupt clan system of power in Kabardino-Balkaria. Chairman of the Islamic Committee of Russia, Heydar Haji Jamal told the site "The explosion in Nalchik is the result of actions by the authorities, as well as local corrupt clans, which unleashed terror against the youth ... .. "

Such events, according to Jamal, as a rule, start with the corrupt tyranny: the young people being driven to conditions of life, of which just one way out - in the armed gangs. Then there is an uprising, an explosion, the violent suppression of social protest against the power of warlords ... ".

Returning to the attack on Ibrahim Yaganov, there is reports that his health is not in danger. Activists intend to help to find the assailant. If you know something about this incident, we ask you to convey information to the Public Movement "Khase" or to the law enforcements. Anonymity is guaranteed.

Press – service of Public Movement "Khase"

Ibrahim Yaganov

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