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posted by zaina19 on December, 2007 as INGUSHETIA

From: MSN NicknameEagle_wng  (Original Message)    Sent: 12/15/2007 5:32 AM


In the past six months, spiraling violence in the Republic of Ingushetia has made it the most active – and most concerning – focal point of tension in the North Caucasus region. While Ingushetia previously enjoyed a relatively peaceful existence as war raged in neighboring Chechnya, as it stands today, Ingushetia experiences considerably more kidnappings, assassinations, armed confrontations, and murders than the other republics of the North Caucasus. Civilians, local government officials, police and military personnel, and residents of non-Ingush nationality have all been targets of violence. However, the identities and motivations of attackers, in some cases, remain unclear. Additional federal troops were deployed to Ingushetia this summer, yet violence continues unabated. Ingush authorities continue to assert that all is in order in the republic; the events listed below demonstrate otherwise.

For more detailed information on any of the events listed below, please refer to the Ingushetia section of our news archive, located on the American Committee for Peace in the Caucasus website at:

May 1 – Two servicemen killed in a bomb explosion

May 5 – Two young Ingush men kidnapped in Nazran

May 19 – Nine year old schoolboy injured during street shooting

May 22 – Masked men kidnap 29-year old Ingush man Akhmed Kartoev

June 16 – Alleged Wahhabi underground leader killed in Surkhakhi

June 20 – OMON headquarters are attacked. Two hundred officers manage to hold off seven guerrillas, with the firefight continuing for several hours.

June 21 – Armed attack on a staff member of Russia’s Attorney General’s Office in Nazran.

June 21 – 5-7 assailants fire 20 rocket propelled grenades at police base in Karabulak

June 25 – Unknown assailants explode two grenades in a slot-machine equipped café in the village of Ordzhonikidzevskaya.

June 25 – Car with a team of detectives fired upon by unknown assailants in Nazran.

June 26 – A building housing border guards in Nazran fired upon; casualties and fatalities, including one dead girl, the daughter of one of the guards. 2

June 27 – The inhabitants of the village of Surkhakhi manage to rescue Khalid Aushev from a team of FSB investigators

June 28 – Unknown persons shoot at the building housing the Nazran border guards and also fire in the direction of the guard’s headquarters

June 29 – Bomb explodes in Karabulak, one man killed

June 29 – Car carrying special forces attacked, no injuries

July 3 – Deputy head of Nazran Leninsky District Administration assassinated.

July 3 – Unidentified attackers open fire on a car outside Nazran, one person wounded

July 4 – Unidentified persons attack FSB border guard tower, no injuries

July 6 – Russian army regiment attacked by unknown gunmen, no injuries

July 16 – Russian family of three murdered

July 16 – Unidentified attackers fire on homes in Barsuki (Zyazikov’s home town), state officials’ homes damaged, no injuries

July 18 – Bomb explodes at funeral of Russian family killed on July 16, ten injured

July 18 – Russian military car attacked, one serviceman wounded

July 21 – Imam Vakha Vezizhev murdered

July 22 – Zyazikov’s motorcade fired upon, no injuries

July 24 – Unidentified persons fire upon police vehicle in Malgobek District, one policeman killed, one wounded

July 24 – Unidentified persons fire upon federal servicemen’s car in Nazran; no injuries

July 24 – Unknown gunman opens fire at bank in Nazran; no injuries

July 26 – Unidentified group attacks Internal Ministry troops’ base in Nazran, no injuries

July 27 – FSB Unit building shelled in Magas

July 27 – Ingush man kidnapped from Sunzha district and killed in Chechnya

July 28 - Old men and children beaten during special operation in Ingushetia

July 30 – Grenade attack on police patrol in Malgobek; one injured

July 30 – Grenade thrown into policeman’s yard; no injuries

July 31 – Attackers fire upon Interior Ministry mobile unit; three servicemen wounded

August 6 – One policeman killed in Malgobek

August 8 – Ingush resident kidnapped in Karabulak August 9 - Additional 2,500 federal forces deployed to Ingushetia August 13 – Two men injured in car chase; three militants wounded in clash with MVD 3

August 13 – Masked men attack MVD vehicle

August 14 – Three servicemen injured in Nazran shooting

August 19 – Unknown group shooting in Karabulak; two injured

August 20 – Unknown group attacks MVD post

August 22 – One soldier killed, five militants wounded in clash

August 21 – Unknown group attacks MVD post

August 23 – Unknown group kills two Dagestani men

August 24 – Shootout kills one

August 25 – Bus stop blast injures one; three injured after fight in Nazran

August 29 – OMON kills Ingush boy of 16, threatens witnesses

August 30 – Russian family of three killed in Karabulak

September 2 – FSB special operation in Karabulak; one youth killed, one kidnapped

September 2 – Gunman suspected of killing Russian family killed in special operation

September 4 – Attackers fire grenade at military unit; one serviceman wounded

September 7 – In Karabulak, MVD officer injured

September 7 –Russian doctor killed in Nazran

September 7 – Korean family of two killed in Sunzha district

September 9 – In clash between soldiers and militants, two militants killed

September 10 - Ingush resident Musa Ariyev assaulted by unidentified men in masks

September 11 – Roma family killed

September 12 – Police leader killed in his home

September 14 – Attack on police checkpoint misses, injures two children and several adults

September 14 – Bomb explodes on road in Nazran district; no injuries

September 14 – Attack on Nazran police station with grenade launchers and small arms

September 15 – Unidentified persons set fire to Russians’ apartment in Malgobek; no injuries

September 17 – Unidentified persons attack FSB Lt. Colonel and friend; Colonel killed, friend wounded

September 18 – Ingush police official killed

September 19 – Security forces clash with protesters in Nazran; one policeman and two protestors wounded

September 19 – Police vehicle attacked; two policemen injured, two killed 4

September 20 – Car attacked in Nazran; two servicemen killed, two wounded

September 20 – Interior ministry car fired upon near Yandare; two servicemen wounded

September 22 – Shootout on Nazran highway

September 24 – Estoev brothers seized by security forces

September 26 – Attack on Interior Ministry troops’ car in Sunzha district; several wounded

 September 27 – Two militants killed, one captured in Malgobek district; two policemen wounded in shootout

October 4 – Police officer killed in Karabulak

October 8 – Police captain murdered in Malgobek

October 9 – Ingush resident killed

October 10 – Two policemen murdered in Nazran

October 14 – Two Russians killed, two injured in Karabulak

October 14 – Russians’ house blown up in Karabulak

November 5 – Two Armenian railroad engineers shot and killed near Nazran

November 5 – Three brick factory workers killed near Yandary -- one from Belarus, one from Stavropol Krai, and one from Kabardino-Balkaria

November 8 – 6 year old boy killed by special forces during attack on house

November 8 – Militants attack car carrying local head of criminal investigation department; one wounded

November 12 - Unknown gunmen fired on a car carrying three Russian communications engineers; one killed, two wounded

November 13 - Unidentified attackers threw a grenade and fired into the home of a resident of Nazran’s Nasyr-Kort municipal district; no injuries

November 14 – Chief of transport police murdered

November 24 – Several hundred people rally against government in Nazran; 100 people detained by police; authorities detain 3 journalists, rally organizer

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