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Generations For Peace Cheap Performance!

posted by JFNC Message Boards. on September, 2010 as General

The following is received by mail from the writer/researcher, and for affirming freedom of expression and publishing, the whole text is posted herewith:

Generations for Peace Cheap Performance!


A shocking article was published in "Inside the Games”, dated 09, September, 2010, that was written by Duncan Mackay (British Sports Internet Writer of the year) in the title of "Generations for Peace to hold camp in Sochi”! The firm "Generations for Peace” was described in the article as a charity led by Prince Feisal Al-Hussein of Jordan that has announced plans to hold its first camp outside the Middle East with an event next month in Sochi, the Circassian Genocide site, which is going to be the host place of the 2014 Olympics and Paralympics. After a brief introduction, the article started by enumerating that "Feisal said: The 10-day camp represents a pivotal breakthrough for Generations for Peace”, as if Sochi area is not an occupied land, and there was no controversies about it or a genocide that was committed on its soil!


Such described charity exists only in the minds and illusions of its founders and in the drawers and on the desks of some officials who work and who are employed by the prince (and whoever he represents) which is not widely known by the public even in the country of origin (Jordan); but the news are circulated through short news releases that they are typically released by "Jordan Olympic Committee Website” and its associated tools, then they are published in Jordanian official media. Observers who live in that country have commented to the wondering individuals about the nearly non-existing (semi-official) firm, especially after reading such programmed news, and added that only very limited individuals know about it through the "Jordan Olympic Committee Website”, because some of the elite (prince’s friends) in Jordan are involved in such a "Hollywood Type” activities just for the entertainment and prestigious significance of being dressed and followed by the media and those who consider publishing such news will raise themselves in class in the bureaucratically minded individuals who invented different classifications of the oppressed, helpless and powerless Jordanian society.


He was chosen recently with influential Russian support as a member of the International Olympic Committee, and made him more active towards supporting Russian plans and even to defend them by performing such actions that might bring undesirable consequences to others including him.


Being the President of Jordan Olympic Committee (since 2004), and by looking at the "Jordan Olympic Committee” Website, the following introduction is published: "Under the Presidency of HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein, the JOC has become a model for administrative excellence and is spreading the Spirit of Olympism throughout the Kingdom by ensuring sport plays a greater role in the every day life of all Jordanians”. That reminds of Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein, his son Uday, the former Chairman of the Iraqi Olympic Committee and others in the third world and/or undeveloped countries that there is a common practice of appraising the heroism, wisdom, and perfection of the individuals in power to the extent of aggrandizement, deification, veneration, reverence and warship of the individual or the ruling class… Where is the excellence after the poor performance of all Jordanian sports’ teams, players and individuals due to the scarcity of financial resources and poor training and preparation due to lack of proper attention other than TV recording poses and "show-off” activities? It seems that is an expression of "generations for business deals”!


Justifiable Statements and Questions


There comes the vital inquiry. Why Sochi? Why now? Why to have such a media display on the land of the Circassian Genocide? Why favor the Russians over Circassians who are demanding the restoration of their dignity and rights, and they are not allowing the desecration of the Circassian sacred land that was stolen and still occupied by the Russian occupiers.


All Circassians would tell this Jordanian Prince Feisal: No way…YOU ARE NOT WELCOME IN OUR HOMELAND, even though your imperial and colonial horde, the Russian invaders are hosting you, your entourage, your "associate campers”, and companions. You will face people telling you straight in the face: Damn you all and God curse you with all the intruders and criminals who are still occupying our beloved homeland.


Did the Russians coordinate this clumsy, dubious, and uncalculated step, to erase the positive results and outcome that resulted of the blessed horse-ride trip headed by prince Ali, when his Late father King Hussein had answered his desire by allowing him to carry out the famous journey, which proves thought stalker and outstanding sense of humanity, that was catalyst to go to the Caucasus, to the heart of Circassia to follow the "step coming” path of the deported Circassians and other oppressed Caucasian nations from the Caucasus?


Did you envy your younger brother dressing the Circassian attire, and regardless whether it is right or wrong you have decided to perform your ill-fated trip anyway at a time when you decided that you have the green light to carry out your evil adventure?


Sochi and the vicinity of the Olympic Constructions


The other Russia reported in 23, March, 2008 about local residents of Nizhneimeretinsky (Lower Imeretinsky) Bukhta, in the low-lands area where most of the Olympic village constructions is taken place for the 2014 Sochi Olympics, have written an open letter to plead against the forced eviction of inhabitants. As the Sobkor®ru news agency reported on March 20th, the letter was directed to the Russian and international communities, Russian authorities, and representatives of the International Olympic Committee, but it seems this kind of information is ignored as well by the Prince, partners and associates the way that was ignored by the (IOC) and the Russian authorities! Even the environmental groups’ voice was ignored as reported by RIA Novosti: "Environmental groups have said the planned bobsleigh road with related infrastructure in the Caucasus State Natural Reserve is one of the most damaging Olympic projects, along with a mountain Olympic village and a rail line in the region, classified by UNESCO as the only mountainous area in Europe that remains virtually undamaged by humans.”


Damaging and destroying the natural reserved and protected areas adopted by UNESCO which is the organization that you rant when you are tackling other issues as important which is not the proper time to discuss now; but when referring to the World Heritage Convention adopted by the General Conference of UNESCO at the 17th Session in November 1972 in Paris that is one of the most efficient instruments for the conservation of outstanding cultural monuments, which included that part of the Caucasus as one of those important sites. Reading such news and thoughts in a British newspaper like the Independent, might make a different approach for one who adapted since childhood to English and British practice and way on thinking!


A letter was sent by Circassians to the International Olympic Committee but a shy and cold response was received from the (IOC) and others who supposedly to be considered responsible to abide by the law and Olympic Games’ rules, unfortunately they abused their responsibilities and surpassingly have considered themselves above the law and they will be able to do what suits them and suites their desires! Many Russian organizations and citizens had demanded to choose another place in Russia to hold the Winter Olympic Games.


All of that doesn’t indicate peace as per the description of the so-called "Generations for Peace”; but it contributes to the sabotage and destruction of environmental peace first and then would help the occupying power to continue to digest the Circassian nation's legitimate rights.


Other Tasks Related to the Topic


It is wise though to follow some steps and events that show the Prince’s links and involvement in suspicious transactions and brokerage in business deals and potentials with the supervision of Russian officials headed by Russian Prime Minister Putin and his associate President Medvedev that one day it would answer lots of un-answered questions.


Prince Feisal who assumes the responsibility of observing the Jordan Armed Forces, mainly the air-force had the tendency to interfere in Jordan’s economy and sports’ issues, especially in respect to financial matters where he was involved in transferring tens of millions of dollars between the accounts of the institutions and structures that are supervised and controlled by him whether directly or indirectly, in addition to civil aviation affairs in regard to the establishment of airlines, aviation services companies and operational aspects of equipment and installations in the Jordanian airports.


Being a "playboy”, after more than 25 years of marriage with four children to a lady of Syrian origin in the name of Alia Al-Tabbaa, a daughter of a businessman, he recently got involved with his work associate (nearly his daughter’s age) in the name of Sara Qabbani (a Lebanese related to Lebanese Sunni Mufti Mohammad Rashid Qabbani), who happened to be part of the generations for peace project, then got engaged in May, 2010, and eventually got married in September, 2010.


"Peace Through Sport” was announced to be established in the year 2008, then later announced a new title "Generations For Peace”, and in 2, June, 2008, "the founder and the chairman of the global initiative Peace Through Sport, had announced that the organization’s development plans will begin with an immediate change of name to: Generations For Peace”. On 11the of June, 2008, Sheikh Hamden bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State For Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates has become the first Founding Partner of the global Generations For Peace initiative!


Contradictions of Authorities, Titles and Performance


Even the King, Prince Feisal’s brother has shown warmer relations with the Russian Federation. It is not secret that the good relationship between the Jordanian Monarch and Vladimir Putin had developed since Putin assumed power as a Russian president and since then many announced and unannounced visits to Russia were recorded and had taken place by King Abdullah II, while Putin had visited Jordan once in February, 2007.


In 24 / 8 / 2008 Medvedev had said: "Russia is interested in the further development of trade and economic ties with Jordan, and said on Sunday after talks with King Abdullah II”, which was till then the third (official) meeting between the two in an advertised visit. "He added that the two countries had healthy economic relations and that there were good prospects for further cooperation in the "coming months and years." Medvedev’s wife visited Jordan in recent months for few days in an unannounced visit!


During the king’s visit, discussions had focused on military-technical cooperation between Jordan and Russia, rather than on Middle East issues. "Our relations are making good headway, this is our third meeting in six months and that points to the intensity of our contacts and good-neighbor relations," the president said, opening the discussion. "Trade between our countries grows steadily, although both countries would like to see it develop more quickly," Medvedev said. RIA Novosti continued that "Jordan lives up to these words. In recent years it has bought from Russia two Il-76MF military transport planes worth a combined $100 million, and six light multi-role Ka-226 helicopters (at an estimated cost of $25 million), which will be assembled in Jordan under license. The two countries have even set up a joint venture, Oboronprom Middle East, to assemble 15 to 20 Ka helicopters a year. In fact, Jordan should be happy being away from such neighbor, otherwise the whole country would have had been swallowed by then! If not sure, check it out with all countries and regions that border the Russian state…


There is a joint venture project for producing RPG-32 Hashim multi-caliber grenade launchers. The launcher was developed by the Bazalt Moscow State Research and Production Enterprise was proposed by the Jordanian monarch himself. "It is designed to engage armored vehicles and defended gun posts from a distance of up to 700 meters with 72mm and 105mm grenades.” Cooperation in nuclear field was also discussed and agreement was signed, and memorandum of understanding was signed for the exploitation of Jordan’s oil shale to produce oil surface mining.


In 2008, Putin announced at a meeting of the Prime Ministry Council in Moscow about considering proposals on the ratification of the conventions signed between Russia, Qatar and Jordan on the promotion and protection of mutual investment, which was one of the topics discussed in a cabinet meeting. Russia got in close contact with the Jordanian weapons industry main producer, King Abdullah Design and Development Bureau (KADDB), and Russia is a permanent participant in Special Operations Forces Exhibition (SOFEX) Exhibition which is headed by Prince Feisal himself.


In March 2010, came the 10th (official) visit of King Abdullah II to Russia since he had been enthroned in January of 1999. During the visit the situation in the Middle East was discussed, and presidential press service said in a statement: "Russia and Jordan take as a premise that in the situation when a dangerous pause in Palestinian-Israeli talks has protracted for more than a year, it is important to not allow the destabilization in the region and to find a way towards the resumption of a full-fledged dialogue between the sides," the statement said. What about the situation in the Caucasus, Circassia and Sochi?

The King of Jordan’s visit to Sochi, the land of the Circassian Genocide, had commenced in August, 2010, and during the visit he said: "The relations between Russia and Jordan were important for the entire Middle East. He added that the two countries had healthy economic relations, and that there were good prospects for further cooperation in the "coming months and years." Going to Sochi shows the potential of business and projects that are related to Sochi Games, so he will get a share of the "Russian/Olympic pie”!


The Consequences of the Intimate Rapprochement between Russia and Jordan


Jordan’s lack of freedom is reaching and even going beyond the Russian FSB standard. The potential tendency is to move towards joining the Russian authorities to sustain and enhance the current situation of acquisition of the Circassian homeland with the help of Arab Jordanian individuals and semi-official institutions, and this time, depending on people who are as if employed by the high classified Russian policy makers to implement certain agendas that would guarantee Russian propaganda and provocation to reach the level that would satisfy the Russian authorities’ Federal Security Service guidelines.


Making the world absent of the facts about the Circassian genocide that was committed by Tsarist Russia, and to make the task easier on building Olympic facilities in the Krasnaya Palyana or Palana area, over the remains of the Circassians who perished while heroically defending their homeland in the face of mass Russian Forces’ invasion, which Prince Feisal can find out what has happened to Circassians from the Circassian minority that presently resides in Jordan since the Circassians had to leave their homeland in the 19th Century.


The main core of the Russian intentions is to prolong the bitter reality of "policy of fait accompli” to keep occupying the Circassian homeland despite protests carried out by Circassians, while promoting the city of Sochi as a Russian city and resort that will host the Winter Olympic Games of the year 2014, and at the same time to divert attention from Circassian protests against holding the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi in order to demand restoring their confiscated rights.


Circumventing the world and not to stand even for a moment in front of the results of the realities and consequences of the Russian/Caucasian War, which ended in 21, May, 1864 with its well-known disastrous results. Having a second thought, the Prince would be reminded that the Circassians in Jordan were originated and came from the "mouth of the fire” that Russia had sparked which contributed in killing half of the population by committing genocidal acts and 90% of the other half were dispersed and deported to compulsory exile, while "Generations for Peace” camping will take place in the occupied territories and the usurped homeland.


The Circassians’ arrival to Jordan and to other hosting places wasn’t an optional desire to stay, and their presence in Jordan had endeavored positively in receiving Prince Feisal’s grandfather who arrived to "Trans Jordan” at the time and they managed to assist him to strengthen his rule in Jordan and to build a modern state. Isn’t there a word of shy thank-you to those people who were a positive asset to develop Jordan to be a kingdom and they continued since then to stay strong supporters and loyalists to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.


The Circassian honor Guard had always been the loyalist protectors of King Abdullah, the grandfather of Late King Hussein who used to be the bright star that guided the way in the darkness of the night, in adversity and difficulties, that Circassians and all Jordanians with no exception have missed. This senseless and reckless conduct is a betrayal of the ancestors and non-fulfillment of the Covenant.

This attending and performing so-called "Generations for Peace” suspicious task in Sochi, the soil of the Circassian genocide is  most probably entrusted to you by Putin, and to meet Russian leadership and elite by intoxicating in front of the TV cameras and the Media in order to monitor and examine how far that Russians had reached in creating and preparing space and tone for the Winter Olympic Games, in order to send provocative message to Circassians who suppose to be composing part of the Jordanian people.


Such confrontational hostile that Prince Feisal is trying to relay to "whom it may concern” would hit the members of the Circassian nation in the heart, due to the fact that approximately seven million of them who reside world wide (10% of them in the Caucasus, occupied by Russia, and 90% percent dispersed in Turkey, Syria, Jordan and tens of countries around the world) and deprived of their very basic legitimate rights of living in homeland and enjoying self-determination. It seems that the Prince has not or he didn’t want to know about Russian atrocities, brutalities, destruction, blood-baths, torture, deportation and genocide which were not ever committed in history in the sense and barbaric methods pursued by Russian Tsarists and their mercenaries.


Jordan has made also a lousy decision and the Chechen minority of Jordan upset and displeased when committed a coordinated Russian plot when on 5, August, 2010,  it was announced that a park and a street in the Jordanian capital, Amman, will be named after the late Chechen President Akhmad Kadyrov and his son, the currently appointed (President) Ramzan Kadyrov in return for naming one of the streets of the Chechen capital, Grozny after the late Jordanian King Hussein bin Talal, and another street to be named in the name of the current Jordanian king. 

Being as claimed "the world’s only peace through sport initiatives to be officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the organization is seeking to cross new frontiers in its mission to bring sustainable peace to communities blighted by conflict through its unique Generations For Peace Pioneers Certification Program”. The description is meaningless because having the connection to be recognized by the (IOC) the way the (IOC) had chosen Sochi to be the host for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games without investigating the issue and the damage expected, which is indicated to reflect the main purpose as a political motivation of the Russian political leadership, because the facts point out that there are other sport establishments and groups which the (IOC) doesn’t bother to look into their status without discrimination, which made it possible for the so-called "Generations for Peace” camp in Sochi project to receive strong backing from the Russian government and a high-profile official delegations is likely to be among the list of influential attendees. If the intention was good, priority to hold such expensive events should be given to go to places as close as Syria, Iraq, Israel, the Palestinian Territories in the West Bank and Gaza, Saudi Arabia, and even to reach Yemen and Lebanon.


In fact you need such peaceful initiative to be held in Jordan to create a harmony of good relations between the Jordanian tribes who are fighting among each other all over Jordan, and the effects have reached to government buildings, the dissolved parliament, the Armed Forces and Security Services, neighborhoods, schools, universities, hospitals, the Jordanian cities and towns and the streets of the capital city of Amman. That would be done if there is sincerity of intention and objectives.


Human Rights and Freedom of Opinion in Jordan


Even though the United States of America is providing real protection to the existence of the Jordanian state, and at the same time it protects the Jordanian financial situation through having a fixed exchange rate for the Jordanian Dinar against the U. S. Dollar, in addition to economical and military support for the Jordanian budget by taking care of the deficit, which costs the U. S. more than 550 Million dollars a year, the fragile ruling regime in Jordan has appeared in recent years in its weakest status ever! Tribal fights have erupted between the different tribes in the country which is supported and fueled some times by the authorities. EURO-MIDITERANEAN HUMAN RIGHTS NETWORK, had published in July, 2010: "Recommendation on Human Rights in Jordan for the new ENP action plan”, which shows the need for improving human rights situation in the kingdom. There are people who are prevented from traveling, have their passports confiscated or people who got their citizenship withdrawn and cancelled with no alternatives. This can be expressed as "generations for pain and agony”!


Poverty and economical situation in Jordan as per the Jordanian media which have deteriorated to alarming levels, and instead of taking care of the Jordanian people and helping in achieving peace within the Jordanian society, expenses are paid in a nonsense way, and the money is paid to some opportunists who plan to spend a camping trip to the land of Circassian genocide with wanton attitude and without guilt conscious.


306 Jordanian figures have signed a statement addressed in Arabic Language as it stated, to the masses of the Jordanian people about the general crisis affecting the country at all political, economic, social and democratic levels and mentioned the denial of the successive governments of a crisis presence, and the extent of it, which treated them lightly with the political forces and civil society critical of their performance and policies, the decline in the level of public freedoms, to keep legalizing the martial laws, and thus breaching and flouting the rule of law and the principle of legality. Many groups from the Jordanian society upon them are the retired Jordanian Armed Forces officers have addressed similar statements to the Jordanian public. All that made the ruling establishment to be in need for better protection, therefore, the policy is to pay attention to all the needs of the members of the armed forces and the security services in actual service, but at the expense of the other categories of the Jordanian society.


The General Intelligence Department that got a secret but a budget of hundreds of millions of dollars, is another story of series of scandals, which proved that the most important official establishment after the Royal Palace in the country is sunk in corruption and illegal business, which shows trade deals are implemented, and since King Hussein had passed away who properly controlled the country at the time, six (the sixth is still in office) different persons had assumed the post as head of department, with most of them are full of dishonesty and illegal deals, that the disputed amounts of suspicious money had reached hundreds of millions of dollars! Those heads and senior retired "General Intelligence” officers have acquired free hand and green light to work after retirement in all fields of business especially forming security firms on international level…


Arabic CNN has published in 13, September, 2010, an article on its Website in the title of: Are the Information laws in Jordan seeking to crack down on freedoms? It mentioned that in the opinion of the Jordanian journalist Mohammed Ayesh, a resident in the British capital London, the new Crimes Act of the information systems "is intended to news, political, and interactive sites on the Internet, which formed an outlet for many Jordanians." Another site, "Arab Press Network” has published an article in the title of: "International Concern Over New Laws Regulating Online Content in Jordan”, which mentioned that "The law follows on from the government blocking of independent news websites at the beginning of August under the pretext that too many public workers were "wasting time and resources" accessing content (Excuse Uglier Than Sin). It was described by another Website: "Government Undoing a Decade of Reform”. Also the Guardian had published a comment by Kamel Labidi in the title of: "Is Jordan the latest enemy of press freedom online?


Even though the Turkish English Language newspaper, Daily News has published an article in 3rd of September, 2010, in the title of "Jordanian gov't yields to protests and modifies cyber crimes law”, which stated: "However, as the law still grants Jordanian authorities arbitrary restrictive powers and because of its vague wording, the group called for its complete removal.” In that regard, "Actions Speak Louder than Words”. Mideast Youth site posted an article in the title of: "The Jordanian Regime’s Hostility toward Free Speech: Mr. Salah Momani is one Example”. The writer had said: "When it comes to some monarchies, especially in the Middle East, all reason and self-restraint are abrogated, according to a Jordanian writer in a Reporters Without Borders report on free expression in Jordan. He was commenting on the multiple charges of "lese majeste” injury or insult to King Abdullah – which were brought against a Jordanian writer. In Jordan, speaking negatively or critically about the king is viewed as a serious crime – tantamount to endangering national security...”


Human Rights Watch has published in 3rd of September, 2010, the following article in the title of: "Jordan: A Poetic Security Threat? About a "university student  who was arrested on July 25, 2010, and charged on July 28 with insulting King Abdullah (lese majeste) and "causing national strife," over a poem he denies writing that criticized the king. The military prosecutor has since renewed orders for al-Shuli's detention and denied his petitions for bail.”! Also, Amnesty International Report 2010 – Jordan has mentioned: "Torture and other ill-treatment were reported and at least two men were alleged to have died as a result of police beatings. Thousands of people were held without charge or prospect of trial. Trials before the State Security Court (SSC) continued to breach international standards of fair trial.”

An unknown author had said: ‘Never miss an opportunity to make others happy, even if you have to leave them alone in order to do it.” Also wisdom illustrates: "People Who Live In Glass Houses Should Not Throw Stones”


A Researcher / Human Rights

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