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BBC NEWS: Russia Suspect Running To Be MP

posted by FerrasB on September, 2008 as IMPOSED POLICY

From: Eagle_wng

Russia suspect running to be MP
Andrei Lugovoi
If elected, Andrei Lugovoi would be granted immunity from prosecution
A Russian businessman wanted in Britain on suspicion of murdering Alexander Litvinenko says he will stand for election to the Russian parliament.

Andrei Lugovoi denies any involvement in former Russian agent Mr Litvinenko's death from poisoning in London in November 2006.

He has said he will run for the Liberal Democratic Party (LDPR) of the Russian nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

If elected in ...
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W/E: Three Out oO Four Dagestanis Say Their Republic Government Is Corrupt...

posted by FerrasB on as DAGESTAN

From: Eagle_wng

Tuesday, September 16, 2008
Window on Eurasia: Three Out of Four Dagestanis Say Their Republic Government is Corrupt, Ineffective
Paul Goble

Vienna, September 16 – The people of Dagestan, one of the North Caucasus republics that Moscow commentators ever more frequently are describing as “a hot spot,” overwhelmingly view officials there as corrupt, the legal and political system as ineffectual, and the role of clan ties rather than law as high.
Today, the All-Russian Center for the Study ...
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NatPress: Kendelen Settlement Inhabitants ( Kabardino-Balkaria) Stopped Horsemen

posted by zaina19 on as KABARDINO-BALKAR

From: Eagle_wng
Kendelen settlement Inhabitants ( Kabardino-Balkaria) stopped horsemen of the horse campaign

They started on September, 14th from Abkhazia’s square in the city of Nalchik the horse run, devoted to the 300th anniversary of the victory of Kabarda in Kanzhal battle and recognition of independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, in the morning on September, 15th was collided with an unexpected barrier. In 50 kilometers from Nalchik in the area of Balkarian settlement Kendelen ...
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BBC NEWS: Phone taps 'prove Georgia's case'

posted by FerrasB on as General

Phone taps 'prove Georgia's case'
A Russian armoured vehicle enters the Roki tunnel, 24/08/08
The Roki Tunnel is a key route between Russia and South Ossetia

The Georgian government has released what it says is phone tap evidence that proves its assault on South Ossetia was sparked by Russian troop reinforcement.

It has previously claimed that heavy armour crossed from Russia into the breakaway region by the Roki Tunnel.

It has now provided recordings of what it says is ...
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В Дагестане убиты милиционер и два боевика

posted by eagle on as Российская доски

From: Eagle_wng  (Original Message) Sent: 9/15/2008 7:29 AM


В Дагестане убиты милиционер и два боевика

Сегодня в Хасавюрте были убиты два боевика, расстрелявшие работника милиции Дагестана, скончавшегося на месте.

Сегодня утром возле селения Муцалаул Хасавюртовского района Дагестана двое неизвестных открыли автоматный огонь по автомашине сотрудника милиции.

Милиционер от полученных ранений скончался на месте. На звуки выстрелов выехал мобильный отряд милиции, ...

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ПЦ "Мемориал": на Северном Кавказе похищения и обстрелы продолжаются практически

posted by eagle on as Российская доски

From: Eagle_wng  (Original Message) Sent: 9/15/2008 7:20 AM


ПЦ "Мемориал": на Северном Кавказе похищения и обстрелы продолжаются практически ежедневно

Правозащитный Центр "Мемориал" подготовил новый выпуск информационного материала "Хроника насилия" за август 2008 года, связанного с вооруженным конфликтом на Северном Кавказе. По данным правозащитников, похищения, нападения неизвестных, обстрелы, убийства продолжаются в зоне конфликта практически ежедневно.

1 августа в Юго-Западном округе г. Назрань ...

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Moscow Times: Knife, Munich, Putin On State TV

posted by FerrasB on as FREEDOM & FEAR

Knife, Munich, Putin on State TV

15 September 2008By Natalya Krainova / Staff WriterSo rare is it to hear anything but fawning praise for Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on national television that the mere mention of his name in a less-than-flattering context can put television hosts and producers on the edge of a nervous breakdown.

Such was the case on a recent evening on state-owned Rossia television, one of the Kremlin's more servile media outlets.

In a live ...
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Caucasian Knot: Russia's MNRE Calls President Of Adygea To Protect World...

posted by FerrasB on as ADYGEA

From: Eagle-wng


Russia's MNRE calls President of Adygea to protect World Natural Heritage

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology (MNRE) of the Russian Federation tries to urge the government of the Republic of Adygea (RA) to take measures for supporting safety of the object of the World Natural Heritage named "Western Caucasus" situated in the territory of this republic. The official letter was sent by the MNRE on August 7, however until now, ...
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Agency Caucasus: Kanokov Hails Year 2007 As Successful

posted by zaina19 on as KABARDINO-BALKAR

Nalchik/Agency Caucasus - President Arsen Kanokov of Kabardino-Balkaria said last week in his annual address in Parliament that the republic benefited greatly in all fiels of activities from the year 2007.

The government, Parliament, non-governmental organizations and the private sector have all worked jointly to enable the nation to develop continuously, said Kanokov: "Although a serious management of the taxation, along with a better adjustment of the balance between expenditure and income, has greatly contributed to ...
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