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JUNE 2008

WOE: Medvedev Appointments In Russian Security Services No Indication Of...

posted by FerrasB on June, 2008 as IMPOSED POLICY

From: Eagle_Wng

Wednesday, June 25, 2008
Window on Eurasia: Medvedev Appointments in Russian Security Services No Indication of Liberalization, Soldatov Says
Paul Goble

Vienna, June 25 –Dmitry Medvedev’s personnel changes at the Federal Security Service (FSB) and the Federal Narcotics Control Service (FSKN) do not point to any liberalization in the Kremlin’s approach, however much some in both Moscow and the West have invoked them as an indication that the new Russian president plans to change Putin’s policies in ...
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NatPress: 6 Men Wounded After Grenade’s Explosion In KBR

posted by zaina19 on as KABARDINO-BALKAR

From: Eagle_wng
In Kabardino-Balkaria 6 men wounded after grenade’s explosion

In Elbrussky area of Kabardino-Balkaria unknown persons attacked with guns an apartment in the inhabited 5-storied building, in which there were three militia employees of, one officer of the Federal narcocontrol service and two local inhabitants.

The previous attack the militiamen in the republic had taken place on June 8 in Tyrnyauz. Then unknown criminal fired an employee of the criminal search of Elbrussky area department ...
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وكالة نوفوستي: رئيس التتار يوجه تحذيرا إلى ميدفيديف

posted by eagle on as قسم اللغةالعربية

26 يونيو، 2008

وكالة نوفوستي: رئيس التتار يوجه تحذيرا إلى ميدفيديف

رئيس التتار يوجه تحذيرا إلى ميدفيديف

2008 / 06 / 26

تحفل خريطة روسيا الإدارية بما يدعو إلى الاستغراب خاصة أن بعض الوحدات الإدارية المحلية تصنف كجمهوريات مثل جمهورية الشيشان أو جمهورية التتار (تتارستان). وقد يجد غير اللبيب أن جمهورية تتارستان، مثلا، كيان مستقل عن روسيا التي تسمى بجمهورية روسيا أو روسيا الاتحادية في حين أن جمهورية تتارستان ليست إلا إحدى الوحدات ...

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Russia Today: Abkhazian President- Russian Peacekeepers Are Our Choice

posted by FerrasB on as ABKHAZIA

From: MSN Nicknamepsychoteddybear24  (Original Message)    Sent: 6/27/2008 2:04 PM
June 26, 2008, 15:38
Abkhazian President: Russian peacekeepers are our choice
The Georgian-Abkhazian conflict can only be resolved with Russia’s help, Abkhazian President Sergey Bagapsh said after a meeting with President Medvedev in Moscow on Thursday. He also said Abkhazia does not see an alternative to the Russian peacekeepers and there can be no other peacekeeping forces in Abkhazia.

Bagapsh stressed that Abkhazia rejects any attempt to oust Russia from ...
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DeepikaGlobal: Medvedev Promises To Probe Attacks On Journalists

posted by FerrasB on as FREEDOM & FEAR

From: MSN NicknameEagle_wng  (Original Message)    Sent: 6/6/2008 12:13 AM
Medvedev promises to probe attacks on journalists
BERLIN, Jun 5 (Reuters) Russian President Dmitry Medvedev promised today that all attempts to harm, hinder or kill journalists in Russia would be investigated.

''All instances related to attempts on the life and health of journalists in our country will be investigated and prosecuted to the end, regardless of when they occurred,'' Medvedev told a gathering of political and business leaders in ...
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Islamic Committee Demands To Stop Oppressing Moslems In N.C.

posted by FerrasB on as NORTH CAUCASUS

From: MSN NicknameEagle_wng  (Original Message)    Sent: 6/26/2008 11:12 PM

Islamic Committee demands from Kremlin to stop oppressing Moslems in Northern Caucasus

The Islamic Committee of Russia has put forward five requirements to the country's leadership: admit Moslems to formation of home and foreign policy of the country; ensure free elections to power bodies in the republics "with the indigenous Muslim population", first of all in Northern Caucasus; admit Moslems to mass media; reconsider politically-motivated ...
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KC: National Security Of Caucasus Emirate Interested In Z. Abukhanov's Interview

posted by FerrasB on as NORTH CAUCASUS

From: MSN NicknameEagle_wng  (Original Message)    Sent: 6/26/2008 11:36 PM
National security of Caucasus Emirate interested in Z. Abukhanov's interview
Publication time: 25 June 2008, 21:00
Kavkaz Center's source in the Intelligence Service of the Caucasus Emirate, Mukhabarat, reported that Caucasus national security got interested in the interview by Zakhar Abukhanov, former companion and friend of Ahmed Zakayev.

Kavkaz Center's source reported that National Security of the Caucasus Emirate got concerned with Abukhanov's testimony that Zakayev tried to mastermind a ...
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Caucasian Knot:Supreme Court Of Dagestan Acquits Dibirov Accused Of Ties With...

posted by FerrasB on as DAGESTAN

From: Eagle_wng


Supreme Court of Dagestan acquits Dibirov accused of ties with militants

On June 24, it became known that on June 19, 2008, the board of jurymen of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Dagestan acquitted Ilyas Abutalibovich Dibirov, born in 1983, on all indictment points and released him right in the courtroom.

We remind you that last December the public organization "Mothers of Dagestan for Human Rights" addressed the prosecutor's office ...
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Agency Caucasus: Nalchik Ranks As Third Finest Built-Up City Of Russia

posted by zaina19 on as KABARDINO-BALKAR

From: Eagle_wng

Nalchik/Agency Caucasus - Nalchik, the capital city of Kabardino-Balkaria, is ranked as the third most beautifully built-up city of Russia.

Ninety-five cities from 49 republics in the Russian Federation were rated in three groups largely for how beautifully built-up they were, according to information received from the Municipality of Nalchik. The first group included the capital cities of such republics as Kabardino-Balkaria; in the second group were there the cities with a population of over ...
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