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Circassian Genocide By Russia As Seen By The Posts And Comments Of "Topix"

posted by eagle on July, 2008 as Genocide Crime

From: Eagle_wng  (Original Message) Sent: 7/23/2008 12:19 PM
Circassian Genocide by Russia as seen by the posts and comments of the Russian site, "Topix"
The following was a "comment reply" post that was posted on Russian Internet site that is called "Topix", which was in regard to a forum topic in the title of  "Circassian Genocide by Russia" in which, a person in the name/title of "A Russian Genocide Victim", had replied to another participant in the name of "Mr Because", concerning points mentioned:

"Mr Because" wrote:
<quoted text>
You see how different world is.
So you better do not get into others countrys affairs.
Chechnya wasnt ever recognised as a sovereign state. Therefore it remained our land.
Peace is something unknown in caucasus.
People living there are "abrecks" they were goin to mountains to atack others for centuries.
Many of these peoples were livin by robbing others and fighting, also they trades slaves until Russia came to that region. Then safety and order was imposed.
Chechens had their freedom, they are themseves the only one to blame to have lost this freedom.
They shouldnt have blown up buildings in Moscow and make explosions on streets.
They shouldnt have killed Russian population there and shouldnt have intruded in Dagestan to impose Sharia and a Talib movement.
They associate freedom with killin and robbin thats why should be under control.


The reply of "A Russian Genocide Victim":
The world was never different, but difference is the different mentality upon people, which gets to the eternal struggle between good and bad.
Logic and events had always proven that Russian imperialism had always stuck its nose in the affairs of others to the extent that they were they always committed aggressions against all their neighbors, which resulted in ethnic cleansing and genocide, the way was committed against the Circassians.
Chechens, like more than 100 other occupied nations by Russian colonialism, got their own language and origin, and were never part of Russia as such, while it got a history of more than 5000 years; but Russia, and even the Russian language are less than 900 years old! If a colonial power is pushed by its greed to occupy the land of others, that does not mean in any way that they are legal and genuine, and So, who is who? Who is more legitimate?
Any nation is entitled by law to defend its right of survival, by any way possible. They are the genuine inhabitants, while Russian imperialists had always brought mercenaries with their savage forces such as the Cossacks to work as criminals who are devoted to commit crimes of all kinds and intense.
The blown up buildings in the Russian cities which killed and injured ordinary Russian citizens were fixed and orchestrated by FSB - It is possible to refer to “Blowing up Russia: Terror from within” .
The Russian imperialists have intruded and imposed themselves on other nations of different origins and religions, and one day imperialism and colonialism will be stopped in accordance with the civilized values of human beings who understand that imperialism is slavery, and that must be stopped by anyway possible.
Many crimes committed in the Caucasus were committed by FSB agents and spies.
The “Russists” who are considered the portion of the Russian people that are interested in confiscating other peoples and nations rights are the ones who try always to widen the gap between the Russians and the other nations, and it must be asserted that the colonized nations of the North Caucasus had never invaded Moscow, while the authorities in Moscow in the recent hundreds of years had invaded the North Caucasus and other nations and regions.
I am sure that wise Russians would give up colonialism, imperialism, and authoritarian sadism, because all of that is considered a double edge weapon that might hurt those who held it against others.

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