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CHECHENPRESS: Who Is To Gain From The Provocation Under The Name Of...

posted by FerrasB on November, 2007 as NORTH CAUCASUS

From: MSN NicknameEagle_wng  (Original Message)    Sent: 11/1/2007 11:11 PM
November 2, 2007

Who is to gain from the provocation under the name of ‘The Caucasus Emirate’


SIA CHECHENPRESS October 31, 2007

This text written for the CRI President Dokka Umarov arrived by post at the editorial offices of the According to the senders of this text the anti-Caucasus coup was to coincide with the EU-Russia Summit. The authors of the text are Movladi Udugov and his brother Isa Umarov. We leave it to the readers to judge who could benefit from the provocation entitled the Caucasus Emirate.

In the name of Allah, Gracious and Merciful.

Assalamu Aleikum Varakhmatu Llakhi Vabarakatukhu!

We, the mujahadeen, have come out to fight Infidels not for the sake of the fight, but in order to restore Allah’s Sharia on this earth. Allah says that He does not change human condition until people themselves want to change it.. Today, as ever, the condition can only be changed by way of armed struggle. If it were possible to establish Allah’s religion on earth by different means, our Prophet (may Allah bless and welcome him) would not have taken part in 27 battles. There is no power or might other than Allah, and at the same time Allah says that we should, as much as possible, create reasons for and prepare forces to wage a war. As much as possible does not mean as much as Caffres have. At this point in time this is not possible but let no one be misled and remember: Muslims will celebrate their victory, Insh’Allah, not because of the numbers of their warriors or abundance of their weapons but because of their fear of God. And this fear of God is a condition of a Muslim’s soul and his behaviour when he dares not to overstep the mark of what is permitted and what is forbidden, as determined by Allah. The main ban is contained in the very formula of faith: La Ilaha ILlah . It is easy and simple to keep repeating these great words, as the majority of Muslims do, but to put them into practice is not easy and it is not simple because it is not easy or simple to conquer paradise.

Allah the Almighty warns in Quran that he would not forgive shirk – the setting up partners in worship with Allah, but can forgive everything lesser than shirk, if he wishes so. Muslims must fear this always, during their entire life. This is why we, the mujahadeen, renounce any law, rule or institution which does not come from Allah. The jihad against Russian Caffres which had never ended was resumed sixteen years ago in Chechenistan when according to Allah’s will Djokhar Dudaev (let Allah be merciful to him) was put forward to be the leader of the Chechen people. Since then several leaders have come and gone. We are asking Allah to bless their gazavat, and all the brothers who came before us.

Whatever political slogans have been launched since then or words used to cover up deeds - all those who went to fight Russian Caffres have only spoken about their jihad and death on the way to Allah. All will be rewarded according to their intent, insh’Allah.

Every jihadi leader has always spoken and acted in accordance with his own understanding of religion and situation. We, Insh’Allah, do not criticise or condemn them, but ask Allah to show mercy to them and over them.

According to Allah’s will, praise be to He the Almighty, it has become my destiny to lead the jihad. The Almighty knows that I did not seek nor aspire to this responsibility and never thought that I would have to shoulder this burden. But as it was predetermined that I should do this, I shall lead and organize the jihad in accordance with the understanding of it, instilled in me by the Almighty Allah.

I declare before all Muslims that I am waging a war with Infidels under the banners of La Ilaha ILlah. This means that I, the Emir of the Caucasus mujahadeen, reject everything that has anything to do with tagut. I reject all the Caffres’laws which have been established in the World. I reject all laws and systems which Infidels have installed on the Caucasus soil. I reject and outlaw all the names which are used by Infidels to split Muslims. I outlaw all ethnic, territorial and colonial areas bearing the name of the North Caucasus Republics, South Caucasus Republics etc. I pronounce all the Caucasus lands where the mujahadeen who have given me the bajat, are fighting their jihad, the velayats of the Caucasus Emirate. The Dagestan Velayat, the Nokhchij Cho Velayat, the ГIалгIай чо??? Velayat, the Iriston Velayat, the Nogajskaya Step Velayat, the United Velayat of the Kabardy Bulkar va Karachaj.

I do not consider it necessary to outline the borders of the Caucasus Emirate. Firstly, because the Caucasus are occupied by Caffres and renegades and is a Dar-ul-Kharb – a territory of war, so our task is to turn the Caucasus into a Dar-ul-Salam, by establishing Sharia on its soil and by driving out the Caffres. Secondly, even after the Caffres have been expelled, we need to win back all the historic Muslim lands, which stretch beyond the borders of the Caucasus.

I forsee objections by all the learned and not so learned hypocrites who would state that we are creating an abstract, virtual state. I would like to say Insh’Allah, that the Caucasus Emirate is more real as an entity than all the existing artificial colonial areas. We shall promote and strengthen, scrupulously and methodically, step by step, Sharia order on our soil. The establishment of Sharia is the elevation of Allah’s word, is the essence of jihad.

Those who have tried to stay away and avoid jihad have had various excuses. Some of them are the democratic terms which we have left without change as a result of our misapprehension and paid no attention to. I accept this argument and we shall forgo all the democratic names and terms. The time has come to harmonise our intentions, our words and our deeds. On the terrible day we come before our Creator I don’t wish to have accusations against me nor do I wish to offer excuses. I fear Allah’s punishment. I therefore remind you about the banners we have come out to jihad with. We have come out in order to create Allah’s Sharia. We shall try our best while on this path, but the results will depend on Allah.

I said it earlier and I repeat it once again. We are an intrinsic part of Muslim Ummah. It upsets me to see the position of those Muslims for whom only those Caffres who have attacked them directly are considered their enemies. While all along they look for support and understanding from other Caffres, forgetting that all Infidels are but one nation.. Today our brothers fight in Afganistan and Iraq, Somalia and Palestine. All those who attack Musims wherever they are. Our enemies include besides Russia, the United States, England and Israel – all those who are fighting a war against Islam and against Muslims. They are our enemies, first and foremost, because they are Allah’s enemies. I forsee once again a condemnation of my position by hypocrites and a panic among weak Muslims, unsteady Muslims. Their typical arguments in such a case is that this is an unwise policy, that we shall alienate the whole world. Subhanallah! As if the whole world of Infidels and renegades was not already fighting against Muslims. As for policies I want to tell all our opponents: realistic and wise policies are policies based on Quran and Sunnah. Whereas unwise policies are those which are based on empty expectations, unclear fantasies and fear of the apparent force.

I remind all the mujahadeen fighting along Allah’s way as well as all the downtrodden and debased Muslims that as the Emir of the Caucasus mujahadeen, I am the only lawful authority on all the territories where the mujahadeen have sworn allegiance to me as the leader of jihad.

It is the duty of all Muslims to help the mujahadeen as best they can. I remind you that Caffres and renegades among the local henchmen are the objects/targets for destruction and not the subjects of power.

Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!

Assalamu Aleikum Varahmatu, Llahi Vabarakatuhu!

The Emir of the Caucasus Emirates
Dokka Umarov

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