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NatPress: Arambiy Hapay: "In Adygeya Sports Growth Always Proceeded"

posted by FerrasB on November, 2007 as ADYGEA

From: Eagle_wng

Arambiy Hapay: "In Adygeya sports growth always proceeded"

The interview prepared in connection to the past re-elections in the Sambo-wrestling Federation of the republic and writing of the article "Sports Was and Will Be Adygeya’s Pride" in the newspaper "Soviet Adygeya" from August 11, 2007, the main editor of the newspaper Valeriy Kondratenko refused to publish.

Yusuf Djarimok, the vice-president of the sport committee, ex- (till 2002) chief of this republican committee in the interview in the article "Sports Was and Will Be Adygeya’s Pride" approved that during his absence, when he worked in Krasnodar, the sports of Adygeya "lowered its revolutions".

The public assistant of the senator from Adygeya Aslan Hashir, president of the Sambo-wrestling Federation of the republic, the deserved trainer of the USSR and Russian Federation Arambiy Hapay stated the other opinion: the growth in the sports always proceeded. And recently they made immeasurably more, than during the previous 10 years.

During the time of sambo existence in Adygeya the sportsmen had won 22 times the championship of the world, as much – of Europe, won 16 cups of the world; 8 sportsmen became the deserved sports masters of the USSR and Russian Federation, more than 10 – the deserved trainers of the USSR and Russian Federation. As to term since 2002, the sambo-wrestlers won 5 times the championship of the world, three times became the winners of the championship of Europe.

After his refusal in the article’s publication the main editor offered his own variant of it. Though the author of the interview signed that in the material, he prepared he "is responsible for each word".

In connection with that refusal Arambiy Hapay addressed to the Committee of Adygeya Republic on nationalities, communications with compatriots and mass-media, as well as to the other state structures – up to the Adygeya president. The main editor of the newspaper, returning the article, referred to that "Soviet Adygeya" is a printed organ of the government and the parliament of the republic.

All the chiefs, to whom the interviewer had talked, as he said, said that they did not see the reasons for refusal in publication of that article. But even after the meeting with the Adygeya president Aslan Tkhakushinov the main editor of the newspaper said: "I shall not publish it, even if the president takes me off from my present post".

"So, whose is newspaper "Soviet Adygeya": the readers’, the bodies’ of authority or Valeriy Kondratenko’s", - Arambiy Hapay asked himself.

- I had some claims to the work of Gumer Kostokov, who had been heading the sport committee for the last 5 years. But he practically always solved problems of sambo positively. And it was besides, that he was considerably more limited in his official opportunities, than his predecessor.

As there was not constructed any good sports hall for the last 10 years, and the material base for these 5 years was not improved, unfortunately. We are compelled to work in the conditions, which leave to wish best. But one only fact that several sportsmen from Adygeya apply for participation in the Peking Olympiad in the next year, speaks about much. There was not anything like that for all the history of Adygeya.

I am categorically against to accuse the ex-authorities. We should have criticized them, while they operated. Why should you abuse them, when they are in the past now? Wouldn’t it be better to speak about the good they made?

But when I read the article like this, I involuntarily ask a question: if in the republic there was so bad without you, why have not you stood beside us to do your best to change tat the situation for better?

And now, in my opinion, nothing entitles to speak that allocated then from the fund of the president of Adygeya Republic more than 6 million rubles were "too few". It was a great help to our sport school.

Not the secret that I was the constant opponent of the president Khazret Sovmen. But I can not allow anybody to say this, because the republican sambo feels this help so far. That was a perfect bus, which drives the sportsmen to their competitions. That was habitation, the guys received. That, eventually, also meant carpets, jackets, wrestling wear and other sport supply. Recently we had no opportunity to get that.

- You said, that the sports of Adygeya for the last 5 years have not lost its stage-by-stage development. But it simultaneously means that such development took place in the previous 10 years. How can you explain it?

- At the first president of the republic Aslan Djarimov, who understood the problems of the sports it was rather easy to solve them. I do not want to speak about other kinds of sports, but in relation to the problems of sambo-wrestling in that time our hero was only a technical executor. Quite the other thing is that the questions of sports can be never solved easily.

One of the main problems of the republican sambo is that we have no opportunity to prepare sambo-wrestling trainers. But this problem appeared and developed in that decade, during ruling of that chief of the republican sports committee. And nothing is done to solve this situation.

The next problem is that we can not keep in our republic the high-classed sportsmen, members of the modular team of the country. And those who prefer to leave Adygeya can not be condemned if to take into account, what salaries we have here. Three thousand rubles a month is just a shame to offer to the champions of the world or of Europe. As the same situation is around the grants to the sportsmen. I even do not speak about giving out of apartments, as it was always solved hardly. We have the deserved master of sports of Russian Federation, the father of three children, who remains without a habitation so far.

In general the sports achievements outstripped the activities of the management of the republican sports committee at least for ten years.

It is a shame to speak about it, but when sambo was separated from the School of supreme sports skill into a specialized sports school, it got absolutely smallest financing. Even our sambo-wrestling carpet was withdrawn. The judo-wrestlers, naturally, had taken away their carpet. It was good that we still had carpet, which we had been presented by the brothers Hamhokovs, living in St.-Petersburg. And that was till 2002, too.

For all the time, while Yusuf Djarimok was the chairman of the sports committee, practically 100 percents of all the questions on habitation, entering of the sportsmen into high schools and so on were solved by then the president of the sambo federation Aslan Tsey.

I am grateful Asia Kushu, the ex-secretary of the area committee of the communist party, Michael Chernichenko, then Maykop mayor, Kim Mamiek, head of Adygheysk town, Nickolai Demchuk, once the head of Takhtamukaysky area, Kim Nehay, chief of the enterprise, which in that time helped the needed sportsmen with allocation of habitation. I am also grateful to the ex-president Aslan Djarimov, who solved the problem of purchase of carpets and sports uniform, too.

And the management of the sports committee of that time had no any relation to that. These and other moments I can confirm documentary. And as a whole at such approach sambo, like other kinds of sports should not have given any today's results. All this is achieved due to the talented trainers, sportsmen, which put in their work their souls.

- How many people are engaged in sambo in our republic now?

- About 200 in Maykop, and totally in the republic - about 700 men.

- Today the Adygeya sports committee is headed by the 11-multiple world champion on sambo-wrestling Murat Hasanov. Is it possible, in your opinion, to hope for cardinal improvement of the situation?

- In April of this year in our federation the report-elective conference passed. Aslan Tsey, who has made very much good for development of sambo as an independent sports school, submitted to resignation from his post of the working president. By unanimous voting of the participants of the conference he was elected the honourable president of the federation. On the vacant post they elected me. We agreed that if we find more suitable nominee, we shall return to the voting. And we are searching now.

As to our plans, we want in the nearest years to increase quantity of the republican sambo-wrestlers up to 1500 men.

Today the sports committee is headed by the expert deeply knowing the problems of Adygeya sports who is able to solve them. Each day I am convinced of it. Murat Hasanov solves already today the question of the trainer's rates, encouragement of the trainers and sportsmen, which was not earlier. But the main thing, he is engaged in increase of the sports budget of the republic. And if it is implemented, the tasks we lifted, will be realized in time and qualitatively.

Now we have strong positions in Maykop, Takhtamukaysky, Teuchezhsky areas and Adygheysk town, for example, it is pleasant that in Adygheysk the master of sambo sports Yuriy Ashinov, who had recently been trained, now as a young trainer began independently solving organizational and other questions.

The situation in Krasnogvardeysky area is appreciably improved. We have begun to extend there with the help of the area administration, which had tragically lost its head, Murat Kudaev, and today we are connected to this new head Viacheslav Tkhitlianov. The works are organized under ruling of Dovletuk Bahov, the vice-president of the sambo federation. In Krasnogvardeyskoye village, aul Adamiy and Uliap sambo sections were opened. In aul Hatukay the opening of the sambo section from the following academic year is planned.

In Maykopsky area we have also found common positions with the head of the area Evgieny Kovalev, by the way, a former sambo-wrestler. In Tulsky settlement the sambo sports school opens on the basis of the section - since the New Year. In Kamennomostsky settlement they are solving the problem of repairing the premise, and there is a hope that the section will be working in September of the next year. Besides, we plan to open a section in Krasnooktiabrsky settlement.

In Koshehablsky area the head of the area administration Nalby Tkharkahov assured us that the sambo sports school would begin working since September of the next year. The main hall will be in aul Koshehabl near the school. Its size is 26 in 17 meters. Everything necessary - sauna, changing room, bathrooms and other subsidiary premises are in the same building. The sections in auls Koshehabl, Egheruhay, Blechepsin, in Volnoye village are already working, and in the long term a section will also be in aul Hodz.

The situation in Shovgenovsky and Giaginsky areas is a little bit worse. With the chief of Shovgenovsky area Nalbiy Huazhev I had already spoke. The master of sports, he supported us. I have not met with the head of Giaginsky area administration yet, but, I think there will be no great problems in that area, too.

In relation to stanitsa Hanskaya we agreed with the head of Maykop town administration Nickolai Pivovarov. In this village district there are about 14 thousand inhabitants, and there is no sports hall. Now they are solving the problem of preparation project-budget documentation for the next year which would cost approximately 1 million rubles.

Besides, we help in opening of sambo schools outside of Adygeya. In Kabardino-Balkaria, in Karachaevo-Circassia, in Belorechensk town and in Belorechensky area, as well as in aul Konakovsky of Uspensky area of Krasnodar Region.

- We may think that financing of these projects will be provided by the municipal budgets?

- The areas, certainly, decide much. But thus we are helped by the inhabitants of these areas and towns, comers from them. That is, all the possible reserves will be involved.

You see the market relations also concern sports. The successful kinds of sports survive. And if it to consider that correct, I can say that for the last time the popularity of sambo-wrestling in our republic grows again. Basically for many parents of there is no special difference, what kind of sports their child would be engaged in. If only he was in reliable hands. I think they believe us, therefore they come to us.

In this connection the recent performance of the Adygeya sambo-wrestling during the championship of Russian Federation among the sportsmen of the younger age in Saratov was indicative. They won the second place in competitions, in which the sportsmen from 61 regions participated.

In this circuit, I want to note, as it is very important that the financial base of the republican sports school has been increased. It is especially necessary, when the new section are opened.

As a whole, in development of the sambo school the complex approach is carried out.

- And how are you going to approach the problem, you’ve mentioned - preparation of the trainers?

- In this question it is necessary to address with gratitude to the Adygeya president Aslan Tkhakushinov, the minister of education and science Ramazan Bedanokov and the chairman of the sports committee Murat Hasanov. They had supported the idea of founding the sambo-wrestling federation on the base of the faculty of physical training in the Maykop state technological university. Its rector Khazret Bliagoz assured that after resolution of the accompanying problems they will embody it.

- Please tell us, is it was real – the judo team of Adygeya won the Japanese team? Your opponent in the interview speaks about that.

- It was a half of the truth, which I consider worse then a lie. The literal citation from the article: "In middle of the 70s the team of Japan on judo, having won with solid overweight the team of the USSR in Baku, arrived to us in Maykop for sports fighting meeting with the Adygeya team. And our judo-wrestlers on eyes of the admired Maykop citizens defeated the ancestors of this kind of sports struggle".

The USSR team of those years, when the Japanese team came to Maykop, in Baku did not struggle “wall to wall" neither in sambo, nor in judo".

In Baku then they really organized the international sambo-wrestling competitions, in which the Japanese participated. And the team of Japan was conditionally called the team of that country. But, naturally, it was not an official team. Besides the competitions were personal and were a preparatory stage to the championship of Europe and the world. The purpose of participation in the competitions was to allow the sportsmen to achieve the ranks of the masters of sports of the international class, the members of the team - in the weight categories they passed checks, in which they had problems and so on.

Japan exposed a strong team only once: in 1972 at the open championship of Europe on sambo-wrestling in Riga. Then from the ten weight categories the Japanese won two gold medals. In Adygeya with the golden medal Vladimir Nevzorov returned.

As to the meeting in Maykop with the team of Adygeya that "modular" team of Japan - not of the first staff had struggled. Probably, our team also would have looked adequately in rivalry with the real Japanese modular team. But, unfortunately, such meeting did not take place.

As a whole this episode demonstrates, how the myths can be born. An official gives out such "fact" by virtue of his ignorance or in order to show, how good it was, when he was "ruling". And the "fact" is published, it becomes public, and then – a part of the history. And some time later they organize magnificent festivals concerning "event" not having any relation to reality.


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