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Window On Eurasia: Russian Government’s Proposed Redefinition Of Treason Would Restore ‘Stalinist Norms,’ Rights Activists Say

posted by eagle on December, 2008 as FREEDOM & FEAR

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Window on Eurasia: Russian Government’s Proposed Redefinition of Treason Would Restore ‘Stalinist Norms,’ Rights Activists Say

Paul Goble

Vienna, December 16 – The Russian government is seeking to have the Duma broaden the legal definitions of treason and espionage in ways that, if as expected the legislators go along, could lead to “the restoration of the norms of Stalinist times when anti-Soviet activity was considered a criminal act,” according to ...

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Caucasian Knot: Experts Claim Dagestan Newspaper "Time Of Actions" As Extremist

posted by eagle on as FREEDOM & FEAR



Experts claim Dagestan newspaper "Time of Actions" as extremist

The Department of the Russian Committee for Supervision over Communications ("Rossvyazkomnadzor") has finished the revision of the observance by the newspaper "Time of Actions", published in the Dagestan city of Derbent, of the legislation on mass media. According to the Department's conclusion, the paper had published articles with appeals to extremist activities.

The conclusion states ...

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McGill Tribune: EDITORIAL: Preserving Freedom Of The Press In Russia

posted by eagle on November, 2008 as FREEDOM & FEAR

EDITORIAL: Preserving freedom of the press in Russia


Posted: 11/25/08

In October of 2006, Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya was shot and killed in Moscow. A harsh critic of the Russian government's human rights record, many believed that Politkovskaya's murder was politically motivated. This October, the trial of three men accused of plotting her murder began. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that the trial will reach a satisfactory conclusion.

Last Thursday, Judge Yengeny Zubov ordered ...

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The Other Russia: New Documentary Chronicles The Struggle Of The Russian Opposition

posted by eagle on as FREEDOM & FEAR

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PRIMA-News: Director Of The ‘Collective Action’ Institute Carine Clement Assaulted

posted by eagle on as FREEDOM & FEAR

14.11.2008 23:19 MSK
Director of the ‘Collective Action’ Institute Carine Clement assaulted
Carine Clement
Carine Clement
RUSSIA, Moscow. On 13 November Carine Clement, sociologist and director of the ‘Collective Action’ Institute, was attacked in the centre of Moscow. The incident occurred at around 11:00am not far from the ‘Bilingva’ club, when she was on her way to a ‘round table’ on the crisis.

According to the victim, ...

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PRIMA-News: Chief Editor Of ‘Khimkinskaia Pravda’ Mikhail Beketov Assaulted

posted by eagle on as FREEDOM & FEAR

14.11.2008 23:09 MSK
Chief editor of ‘Khimkinskaia Pravda’ Mikhail Beketov assaulted
Mikhail Beketov
Mikhail Beketov
RUSSIA, Starbeyevo village, Khimkinskii district, Moscow region. Mikhail Beketov, editor-in-chief of ‘Khimkinskaia Pravda’, who has harshly criticised local authorities, was found severely beaten in the courtyard of his home in the village of Starbeyevo on the morning of 13 November, the popular movement ‘Ecological Defence of the Moscow Region’ has reported.

Mikhail ...

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Caucasian Knot: "Chernovik" Journalist Attacked In Dagestan

posted by eagle on as FREEDOM & FEAR



"Chernovik" journalist attacked in Dagestan

Alexander Polyakov, sports correspondent of the "Chernovik" (Blueprint) newspaper, was beaten in the doorway of the apartment block where he lives in Makhachkala in the afternoon on November 9, at about 4 p.m. According to the victim, when he went up the stairs to his apartment, two unknown persons were coming down; they started beating him with no words. ...

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Novaya Gazeta: Awards To Journalists And Heroes

posted by eagle on October, 2008 as FREEDOM & FEAR

Awards To Journalists And Heroes

The 8th Award After Artem Borovik to be presented

RIA Novosti

27 October the 8th ceremony of awarding the prize after Artem Borovik titled “Honor. Courage. Mastery” was held at the Moscow theater Et Cetera. This annual award is given for best investigations and contribution into development of independent journalism in Russia.  

The laureates of this year are Taisia Belousova ...

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Caucasian Knot: "Caucasian Knot" Receives "Black Mark" From Chechnya's...

posted by FerrasB on as FREEDOM & FEAR

From: MSN NicknameEagle_wng  (Original Message)    Sent: 10/26/2008 5:32 PM

"Caucasian Knot" receives "black mark" from Chechnya's authorities

The "Caucasian Knot" was involved into participation in the action entitled "President of the Chechen Republic as Mirrored by Media" and was awarded the "Black Galosh", having failed to score enough "positive materials on the activities of the leadership of the Chechen Republic."

The action was intended "to draw the attention of leading Russian periodicals to the positive ...
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