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JULY 2010

Window On Eurasia: Chechen Violence, Kadyrov’s Stance Leading More Russians To Support Radical Russian Nationalists

posted by eagle on July, 2010 as Imperialism

FRIDAY, JULY 30, 2010

Window on Eurasia: Chechen Violence, Kadyrov’s Stance Leading More Russians to Support Radical Russian Nationalists

Paul Goble

Staunton, July 30 – The most dangerous result of this week’s clashes in the youth camp in Tuapse and of violence by Chechen migrants in Russian cities is the growth of support among many formerly apolitical Russians for extremist Russian nationalist groups, a trend exacerbated by Ramzan Kadyrov’s demand that Moscow give a clear political assessment of these events.
In an article in today’s "Vremya novostei,” Ivan Sukhov argues that this is the case for two reasons. On the one hand, such "’domestic’ conflicts,’” a term officials use to describe these events no longer has much credibility because such increasingly frequent clashes involve members of particular ethnic groups (
And on the other, Kadyrov and other Chechen leaders want to have it both ways. Immediately after the Tuapse clashes, they blamed Russians for attacking ...

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Window On Eurasia: Both Aspects Of Russia’s ‘Nationality Problem’ Remain Unsolved, Moscow Analyst Says

posted by eagle on as Imperialism


Window on Eurasia: Both Aspects of Russia’s ‘Nationality Problem’ Remain Unsolved, Moscow Analyst Says

Paul Goble

Staunton, July 28 – Both aspects of Russia’s "nationality problem” – the country’s relationship with the outside world and the relations among ethnic communities within its borders – remain unsolved and remain defining factors of Moscow’s policies, according to a leading Russian commentator.
In an essay posted on the portal yesterday, Yevgeny Ikhlov argues that the first, often not considered "a nationality problem” may be the more important. Indeed, he says, "the dilemma of the last five centuries of Russian statehood” has been about the choice between two very different definitions of the country (
On the one hand, Russia can be "a universal messianic empire” pursuing "a special path.” Or the other hand, Russia can become "an equal partner with other former parts of the Russian empire and a junior partner and student ...

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KC: Mass Beating Of Chechen Children In Krasnodar Territory

posted by eagle on as Imperialism

Mass beating of Chechen children in Krasnodar territory

Last update: 26 July 2010, 23:46 
Publication time: 26 July 2010, 18:04 

Mass beating of Chechen children occurred in the children's camp in the Krasnodar territory, where 300 schoolchildren aged 7-14 years from Chechnya were having a rest. 


As human rights defenders claim, the children were beaten by nearly 400 men from the local community. Camp's director and his two sons participated in the attack. 


9 children with severe injuries were hospitalized as a result.


Mass beating in the camp of "Don" in a village of Novomikhailovka-2, in the Tuapse region of Kuban, occurred in the night of 24 July. 


According to tutors and victims, a deputy director of the Don Recreation Camp, Boris Usoltsev, being drunk, approached three teenagers from Chechnya in the courtyard in evening of 24 July and began to beat them, shouting foul curses. 


При этом Усольцев кричал - «Я вас давил в Чечне и здесь буду ...

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Window On Eurasia: Three-Fourths Of Russia’s Regions Maintain Representations In Moscow

posted by eagle on as Imperialism


Window on Eurasia: Three-Fourths of Russia’s Regions Maintain Representations in Moscow

Paul Goble

Staunton, July 17 – More than 60 of the 83 federal subjects currently maintain representative offices in the Russian capital to lobby on their behalf and boost their own prestige, but at least some regional governments now view these "permanent representations” as expensive luxuries and are taking steps to reduce their size or even close them altogether.
These institutions, which trace their origins to the early post-revolutionary period when communication between the capital and outlying areas was often difficult, rarely attract any attention in the media except when they organize meetings for students in the capital from their regions or stage cultural events.
But now there is another reason they are attracting attention: some regional leaders especially if they are newly installed are talking about reducing the size or even questioning the utility of such structures in order ...

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Jamestown Foundation: Khloponin’s Innovative Approach To The North Caucasus Faces Uphill Struggle

posted by eagle on as Imperialism

Khloponin’s Innovative Approach to the North Caucasus Faces Uphill Struggle

Publication: North Caucasus Analysis 
July 16, 2010 06:17 PM 

On July 2, the newspaper Vedomosti unveiled Aleksandr Khloponin’s long-promised ambitious plan to develop the North Caucasus Federal District. The three possible scenarios in the North Caucasus are described as inertial, basic and optimal, with the last being favored the most. The optimal scenario is designed to overcome the hallmarks of the North Caucasus as seen from Moscow –the influence of clans, corruption, primitive economic forms, ethnic separatism, religious radicalism, the degradation of skilled labor force and the inclination among part of population to depend excessively on state handouts (Vedomosti, July 2).

Moscow’s decreasing ability to finance the North Caucasus, pressures connected to the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014 and the unending violence in the region may be behind Moscow’s attempt to change its strategy in the North Caucasus.

The North Caucasus Federal District, which ...

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