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Justice And Legitimate Rights Are Needed…

posted by zaina19 on December, 2007 as Imperialism

From: MSN NicknameEagle_wng  (Original Message)    Sent: 10/29/2007 9:36 AM

Justice And Legitimate Rights Are Needed…

It is worth reminding whoever would even think that it is possible to foul others, that it would be a voluntary admittance of swimming against the stream of equity and truth, when meeting or satisfying certain suspicious agendas.

So many media establishments and nowadays many Websites were established to deal with people's problems, worries, common interests and wellbeing of Mankind. Most of them were founded for the purpose of justice, fairness, truth, obtaining legitimate rights and highlighting all issues and questions concerning direct and indirect dangers, effects and capabilities.

Circassians and other nations of the North Caucasus Region that are controlled by the Russian state, got no way out yet from the situation that the Russian colonial and occupational authorities had cornered and encircled them with. Those nations  got no one to defend them except some Human Rights organizations or individuals in a very limited pattern.

Basic and legitimate human rights are barely recognized in Russia, and they are not met by any magnitude, standard or scale, in the so-called autonomous republics that contain what remained of occupied Circassia, after the alterations, divisions and annexations. All of those occurrences go alongside with the Russian imperial policies that are followed and adopted in the other North Caucasian Republics of Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetia, and North Ossetia, which are consisting and not limiting for totally consuming any thing that the brutal and evil colonial arms can reach. The Russian occupation, besides occupying the land of others, they had and still committing all kinds of genocidal actions, man-slaughter, brutal harassment, torture, displacement, confiscating the rights and the land of the indigenous people, bringing & settling different inhabitants from different nationalities to change the contents of the whole region, destroying the heritage of the governed nations, continuously building of their victory monuments until this day,  and exercise maximum brutality and barbarism when dealing with the occupied nations, while directing the affairs, policies, and the already destroyed economy of all the nations and the whole region alik.

Human Rights organizations, United Nations, and the entire civilized world are urged to wake up for their legal, lawful, and legitimate responsibilities in preventing oppression, and to make it capable of happening for attaining the sacred self-determination and the right to choose own destiny and fate, for all the harshly and cruelly dominated individuals, peoples and nations in the so-called Russian Federation. The occupation is a direct reason, and the source of worry, stress, and trouble for all the citizens who are living there and they barely can maintain a standard of life which keeps them physically alive, while other rights are forfeited, seized and confiscated.

The news that are coming out of that part of the world indicate that the people are fed up with the KGB/FSB policies, which are, daily practiced and followed by the security branches and organs. The degraded democracy and freedom that were pretended to be prevailing after the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union had been withdrawn by the authorities that are ruled and controlled by the Security Services Agency (FSB), and the well-known policies of oppression and domination, that the Soviet Communist Regime had adopted in the former Soviet Union, and in the former Soviet controlled and dominated "Eastern European Block". Since the time that the present regime that is ruling the so-called Federal Republic of Russia had the opportunity to ride on the wave of "anti-terrorism campaign", to suit and to satisfy the needs, self-esteem and ego, there were new rules that were structured, and brought up to deal with people in a way that newly invented phrases and expressions, became the elements that were used to prosecute and punish all people for any reason that the security forces might see or decide suitable for keeping people living in horror, fear, and stress. The established and adopted expressions are used within their laws of oppression such as the newly used expression "terrorism".

What a co-incidence that the terrorism procedures and new laws, that are created in the West, which are nowadays adopted and approved laws against real terrorism that deals with offenses against civilians and illegitimate targets, had taken their way to the opportunist imperial policies' power and security organs, to have better grab and grasp on all the nations that are ruled under a police state methods and outlines.

There are few questions that need to be answered:

When is it possible that the world would listen to the distress calls, cries, and signals that are originating from the peoples and nations that are still dominated by the embedded Russian imperialism?

Is it a farce show, while the world would accept the subjugation against the victims of a military conquest to be under oppression by the use of the laws that are adopted in other countries for different purposes and reasons?

What a comic play in which so-called authority, order, and morality are at risk and ordinary people are trapped in extraordinary circumstances?



Justice For North Caucasus Group

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