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Access To Warm Waters Across Blood Tinged Sea

posted by eagle on August, 2010 as Imperialism

Access to Warm Waters Across Blood Tinged Sea

By: Eagle

Nations and peoples have every right to live decently in their own homeland, freely and without interference or custody of anyone, and in accordance with the supreme humanitarian principles; but from time to time greedy foreign powers emerge in order to impose control over the oppressed nations and peoples, as well as to occupy the homelands of others, by killing and displacing of the vast majority of peaceful citizens through bloodshed of the innocent, without a sway of scruples or deterrent of moral, and without showing the least of pettiness or mercy towards the victims who got the sanctity of their homelands, honors, homes and their privacy violated. 

That one wonders of conspiratorial desperate attempts that are intended finishing point of an important Caucasian subject, as well as finishing the rest of the components and symbols of a nation that had lost a lot of natives and elements of its very survival as a nation that have gotten a highly significance  of respect, recognition for courage and continuity in the defense of entity and to distinguish through them tenderness, construction and defense of the right and human  principles, even in homelands that have been compulsorily deported to, against their well, in addition to a reputable civilized status in terms of its contribution to the development of civilization through the ages which have been and remained an important core for international relations in the Caucasus region since the Middle Centuries, which observed wars and conflicts between different states and powers topped by the Russian colonial ambitions and the contest with other greedy countries that are geographically of nearby and distant for influence and control over the most important strategic location on the shores of the Black Sea, a rich area in natural resources and magnificent beauty, and limitless marine beaches, where the Russian imperialism held its determination to gain access to warm waters and its ports on the shores of the Black Sea, and to make it a strategic sea access to the ancient world in the Mediterranean region towards the European, African and  Asian ports, through occupation and control of a country and nation that  has no link with whatsoever,  no matter how long it takes or whatever the price would be, and so, emerged their dirty wars by the use of all terrorist, aggressive and criminal means!

Methods of Russian colonial domination methods have materialized, that are expressed with bragging  and arrogance through the barbaric and evil fierce war known by its brutality, cruelty and the satanic multiple ways and means followed in the conduct of military operations and the fierce battles against people who do not have the means of typical defensive fighting that are equivalent of mass destruction weapons used by the large armies equipped with lots of tools and supported by numbers of mercenaries of criminal intruder Cossacks, but equipped, prepared and mobilized against fragmented groups of honest citizens and is spread across the "Circassian Homeland”, which has been engaged for hundreds of years to defend their very existence, but they believed in a sacred cause, namely, to defend and the honor, the homeland and the human, civilized and cultural achievements whatever the coast was.

That Russian terrorist genocidal war is considered an attempt of a deliberate assassination and with premeditation, against a struggling nation for survival and to defend the human achievements earned over thousands of years of history anointed with the blood of the loyal sons, that is a genocide committed against the "Circassian Nation” and other nations in the North Caucasus, which their results and implications are known to everyone, which are  murder, intimidation, displacement, destruction, occupation, and change of the characters of homeland, titles, structure, and demographic configuration by bringing numbers and herds of the nationalities that have chosen themselves to be a colonial executive device in the hands of the occupational tools  in order to uproot the indigenous people from their homeland, assassination, and expulsion, in addition to forcibly deporting them, who are overwhelming majority of the ancient "Circassian Nation”, that remained alive after the murder and extermination of more than half of them during the attempts to subjugate the "Circassian Nation” and looting of its gains. 

The presence of 90% of the absolute majority of the stricken and bereaved "Circassian Nation” as a result of the persistence of Russian crimes and their effects, as scattered outside of Motherland, as if they came out of homeland without anxiety or apprehension, to be considered an indication of the magnitude of the Catastrophe and the impact the worst tragedy in its entire history, or the history of any nation that suffered of the quality of enemies’ trauma and the maliciousness of their intentions. 

And the existence of 10% of the members of the nation in the occupied homeland, distributed in six regions that are under the yoke of restrictions imposed on them by authoritarian central government authorities which inherited the colonial legacy in all its particulars and it is still applying repressive slavery and filthy repressive practices and policies that are uttered by old-fashioned attitude, especially in the twenty-first century.  

It should be noted that a short review to the ferocious monster, represented by imperial Russia, in contrast over the "Circassian Nation” and the Caucasus nations had to recall that the age of this renegade State, in which its structure was built on crime, looting of the rights, genocide of peoples and  the elimination of some of them to total extermination, violation of honor, sanctities , laws, norms, and the occupation of homelands, is not older than one thousand years, and even its language that was hybridized, formulated, and fabricated from many languages which is not an ancient and authentic language such as the ancient and authentic Caucasian languages! 

The unified "Circassian Nation”, being not delightful with humiliation and shame,  should wake up from its stumble and to be aspired to restore the violated and confiscated rights by peaceful means and through the optimal use of international law and human rights principles and to follow the civilized ways and means and that in itself should be the framework to be followed in order to address the civilized world until such time resources are facilitated to convey the Circassian Question to the international forums and all the concerned in friendly countries to be able to explain the dimensions of the case fully in details, in order to obtain human justice through the application of relevant international laws regarding the right to self-determination for the "Circassian Nation” on the land of our fathers and grandfathers in order to issue binding international laws to liquidate colonialism and its repercussions…

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