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There Is No Permanent Friendship, But Permanent Interests

posted by eagle on June, 2010 as Imperialism

There Is No Permanent Friendship, But Permanent Interests

Life is not only a school that teaches lessons, instructions, and text books, but an enormous practical experience space that materializes facts of life and the eternal antagonism between truth, justice, and honesty versus lying, unfairness, and deceit.

Experience is defined by some analysts as a number of failures are made during the past, while the "Free Dictionary" defines it as: "Active participation in events or activities, leading to the accumulation of knowledge or skill”, which gives more optimistic room for those who are more hopeful; but actualities reveal the truth that cannot be condoned, which is there are no lasting allies, and no permanent friends, but only permanent interests, that is a formula that illustrates which quite often describes the nations’ conduct in certain situations. Events and history have offered lessons that can be utilized.

Not to forget the silence that accompanied the assassination of the former president of Chechnya the Late Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev in February, 2004 in Doha, Qatar, by the "Russian special security services” agents being in Qatar under-cover as diplomats and business-men,  while in March, 2005, Russians had assassinated the elected Chechen President Aslan Maskhadov, who in February 2005, had once again offered to talk peace in order to stop the bloody war, and in June, 2006, President Abdul-Halim Saydullayev was assassinated in the Chechen city of Argun by the Russian and Chechen puppet forces, that lead to more radical leaders on the ground looking for possibilities they foresee to continue their struggle with probably more drastic measures and possibilities to keep their continuity and persistence in the resistance to the occupiers.

It is no surprise to see what the U.S. government is saying or doing, even without having such statement that was released late Wednesday describing Mr. Doku Umarov "as being part of a radical jihadist movement that poses a threat to the United States as well”, which seems as if this stand has erupted when the Russian president and his delegation were expected to be hosted by their U. S. counterparts, but facts indicate that this had been the U.S. declared policy for years.

Consequently Russians on Thursday have hailed the decision by the United States to designate the so-called Caucasian Emirate’s leader Doku Umarov a terrorist, a reward granted to Russia on the eve of President Dmitri Medvedev’s short visit to the White House.

Apparently, it is not a sudden change of policy which erupted all at a sudden by using the wording that came in the statement and it doesn’t show any change in the U. S. policy in regard to "terrorism” as such, even though it came in different tuning, but it has repeated the same official position that is customary by all; but it has repeated the description of the title that had tossed and stamped other insurgency leaders in the past such as Shamil Basayev. The coordinator of counterterrorism Department has said that Mr. Umarov’s recent attacks on targets in Russia "illustrate the global nature of the terrorist problem we fight today”, pointing out attacks he was responsible to carry out, such as suicide bombings on Moscow’s subway, bombing a luxury train, and an attack on the life of Russian appointed president of Ingushetia.

The U. S. being the greatest power nowadays has played here the role of a manager who would appear earlier or later than his subordinates by taking such an initiative in order to make other credible achievements and successes in subjects that are more important and more crucial to the American vital interests. Definitely such offers and initiatives wouldn’t buy friends, but it can get a better class of enemy.

Medvedev’s representative on so-called terrorism, Anatoly Safonov has said, "the State Department's designation would help Russia in its efforts to stamp out the insurgency, by imposing international sanctions on anyone who aids Mr. Umarov or his associates". His remarks about decision to designate Doku Umarov as a "terrorist” didn’t come as a total surprise for a basic description as such; but diplomat makes you go to hell in a way that makes you hurry for the trip! The devil is always in the details!!

The Russian officials celebrated the cheerful news, with the Foreign Ministry calling it "an important acceptance of the indivisible and universal nature of international terrorist threats”. Also Ramzan Kaderov the Russian puppet, who was appointed president of Chechnya, bragged and said the decision should have come earlier, when Mr. Umarov had commanded a powerful force. "There remain just a few individuals in the forest — most have found a way back into peaceful life,” he said. "Umarov is a sick, toothless, pitiful being”! There they think that they have gotten everything…

Although, according to news sources, the U. S. had taken more advanced and more aggressive actions during the Clinton Administration era against freedom fighters who were defending their homeland against the Russian re-invasion to Chechnya in helping the Russian government to locate President Johar Dudayev through a signal of his Cellular-phone that was located by the U. S. intelligence satellites, that guided the Russian jet fighters to aim their missiles to his position when he was negotiating a deal to end up the Russian aggression against Chechnya in April, 1996.

The subject here is not a memorial service for people that didn’t pass away yet, nor would it bring back the victims of individuals, peoples and nations that the Russian consecutive authorities and governments are responsible for murdering, killing, genociding, deported and completely and constituently eliminated. All that happened for oppressed human beings who believed: "Life means that one day you will die”.

It is known to the oppressed peoples and nations living under the Russian occupation that "A ship in port is safe, but that not what ships are built for” with all what that would mean, because they have known and discovered what their enemy fears most by observing the means he uses to frighten and abolish them.

After the fall of the Soviet Union in the early 1990’s, Russian crimes and the return of the KGB and/or its successor the FSB as an evil tool in many aspects of controlling the authorities of the Russian state had become the way business done, such as poisoning an ex-agent and spy of the KGB, Alexander Litvinenko, few years after he had defected to London, UK, and because he uncovered the FSB involvement in the Russian cities bombing campaign in the year 1999, that contributed in firing the first bullet of the second Chechen war that was used as a direct reason for starting the war. The prime suspect, Andrei Lugovoi, another ex-KGB/FSB agent had managed to get away with facing justice in the UK, and he is a member in the Russian Doma at the present time.

Ali Bin-Abi Talib had said: "He who has a thousand friends has not a friend to spare, and he who has one enemy will meet him everywhere”.

Quotations have shown: "True friendship is so rare”, and "The lips that praise you today may curse you tomorrow. The heart that is full of love now may become full of jealousy later”.



Justice For North Caucasus Group

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