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Theme: Black Sea Region. Who Will Be The Governor Of 84-th Of The Region?

posted by eagle on May, 2010 as Imperialism

Theme: Black Sea Region. Who will be the governor of 84-th of the region?

Wednesday: Political experts

Tags: Problem-2014

Publication on our web site bill creating a new entity consisting of the RF - the Black Sea region - are actively discussed in various regional media as the most Sochi, designed to become the capital of the new region, in other cities - Tuapse, Temryuk, Gelendzhik ... At the same time the people of Sochi are looking at creating region is very optimistic, offering even begin collecting signatures for the corresponding address to the President and Chairman of the Government. While in some localities of the potential 84-th region of Russia, economically and administratively more strongly linked to Krasnodar, such as Novorossiysk, the idea of creating the Black Sea region include the famous skepticism. In particular, one of the publications "Novorossiysk working" noted that the project "Moscow political scientists' calls for return to the XIX century, during the existence of such political subdivision is under the Romanovs.

Responding to questions about the alleged "archive" status of the idea of the Black Sea region, we must note completely artificial existence of the current borders of Krasnodar region in the 1955-2010 period. Transfer of Nikita Khrushchev Sochi and other localities under the Krasnodar - is part of the administrative-territorial reform southern Russia, under which part of the Ukrainian SSR was transferred to the Crimea. These, in their time had rational grounds, Moscow's actions have become a time bomb in relations between Ukraine and Russia in the late XX - early XXI century. Problems of the Russian Black Sea coast, was evident also after 1991, thus, were in the shadow of the new geopolitical conflicts.

Moscow, however, especially after Sochi won the right to host the Winter Olympics in 2014, leaves the idea of solving the administrative and territorial problems of the south. These include not only security issues but also economic development. Some of these solutions is carried out by the Kremlin in life. In particular, the decree of President Dmitry Medvedev on Jan. 19 was a new North Caucasus federal district. The question of what further changes are necessary control systems south of the country and what kind of shots to deal with chronic problems and new, just emerging - constantly on the agenda of power.

As it became known Liberty.Ru, the selection of Sochi and the surrounding areas in the independent federal entities are currently being discussed at the highest level. The idea of creating a new region was discussed by experts Liberty.Ru in the spring of 2009. Then we were able to bring to the creation of the Act, as well as other documents to support the project, a large group of experts, regionalist, sociologists, jurists. In the expert debate different views, up to the transfer of the capital of Krasnodar region directly to Sochi. But the victory of the idea of splitting the region into two apparently incompatible to ethnic and national unity and economic structure. One of our sources close to the presidential administration, said that "top" has long studied the pros and cons of splitting the Krasnodar Territory. Government entities experiencing problems with the implementation of the Olympic projects, are also very interested in this idea.

Source Liberty.Ru said that the reason for the consolidated interest of the central authorities to establish a new region is a major disappointment of Moscow in the managerial abilities of the Krasnodar elite. Strategic miscalculations, window dressing, tactical mistakes in decision making, continuous scandals - all this is accompanied by construction of the Sochi Olympics. The confusion and irresponsibility are born, including, and in view of the excessive number of bodies exercising control and supervisory functions. At the same time, local elites consider the project "Sochi-2014" primarily as a means of self-enrichment, ignoring the fact that "the Olympics - is not only expensive building, but also the foundation for a great modernization of the region" - as indicated by our source.

The Kremlin attaches great importance to the sports festival. The Olympics is intended not only to decorate the new presidency. According to the concept of Kremlin officials, it should be one of the main showcases progress of modernization in Russia. Most restructuring Sochi is considered on a par with such projects as "Silicon Valley" in Skolkovo-2, Northern and Southern streams, etc. But, unlike oil and gas and information projects at the center here will be to develop new standards of public administration and system infrastructure. "In foreign visitors who come to Sochi, should not be left in no doubt that Russia soon will be no inferior in quality control of what is called in the West, good governance, from the best specimens" - says the source. The plan of the Centre is in the fact that Sochi and the surrounding area should be not only a city with a super-modern infrastructure - tourism, trade, transportation and sports - but also modern power. According to the plan in Moscow, Sochi branch can turn in an experiment on the cultivation and training of new regional elites. Sochi will become a kind of incubator responsible officials of Western-style and new to Russian government technology. "The Black Sea region, or whatever it is called - can be a subject of the Russian Federation, but he managed to be the best Western standards. The administration of President obsessed with improving the quality of governance in the region and wants to start with Sochi," - said the source.

A special place is the question of who can become governor of the region's future. We discussed several "consensus" candidates who could arrange most of the elite groups that have influence on power and their own economic interests in the south. The source said that the main criterion is that the candidate was "a modern man, ready to operate not as yet been adopted in the Russian regions.

According to information received, at the moment one of the major potential bidders is Sergei Sobyanin - one of the most skilled and senior executive officials. In favor of Sobyanin expressed several reasons: the high level of personal trust's top officials, experience in managing the region - up to 2005 C. Sobyanin headed Tyumen region. But the most important thing is that Sobyanin clearly outgrown his current post - to be headed by the Government Office and to be focused on solving the "paper" problems - not to such an effective manager as a practitioner as Sobyanin.

Among other candidates naming sources oligarch Mikhail Prokhorov. It affects more similar to other "effective young manager" - Alexander Khloponin, who became a trustee of the Kremlin in the Caucasus. Nevertheless, Prokhorov heads one of the most promising, ie "medaleemkih, winter sports federations, which gives him some bargaining chips for appointment.

Until recently from the same "sporting" reasons and offered the candidacy of Alexander Zhukov. However, Zhukov decided to "throw" the Olympic Committee, which is probably the appointment of such a senior official will become far more hardware and economic weight than the "lost" the ROC favorite Yeltsin Leonid Tyagachev. In connection with the "sport" known as the interests of some and the figure head manager of President Vladimir Kozhin, senior vice president of R & D, responsible for all winter sports. However, much more likely candidacy of Dmitry Kozak, who are familiar with the south of the country firsthand.

Option, in which the head of newly formed region can become a "young and energetic" politician, it is theoretically possible. Experience the appointment of the Governor of the Kirov region Nikita White (born 1975) is recognized authority on the whole successful. However, to guide the new region, besides the obvious in an atmosphere of pressure from both the "Kuban Cossacks" and other "businesses", administrative experience and hardware credibility are crucial. As financial independence Person governor. That's why there are versions to connect to the Sochi project in a role of Roman Abramovich or his people, and even Yuri Luzhkov, for which, according to a source, Sochi could become less honorable retirement as a challenge and a new leap in your career. Moreover, Sochi is a zone of interests of its construction empire. However, this scenario can be possible after the Olympic and Paralympic Games will become available to sports history. Until the summer of 2014-the first chance of direct participation in the management of Luzhkov's new region is unlikely, whereas stimulation of the federal government to its frank rebelliousness Moscow mayor calls right now.

If the figure of a strong manager and will not be found, not excluded the option "regency". Compromise figure may be found in the dialogue between Moscow and Krasnodar, until, until "grow" a new governor or not released for new pursuits someone from the old personnel holder. Until then, direct control from Moscow could be implemented and not the most powerful official. These could belong to and the current mayor of Sochi, Anatoly Pakhomov. However, this solution largely obessmyslivalo would create a new region, and the positive impact of translating ambitious ideas to life would have to wait much longer.

At the end of the conversation, our source close to the presidential administration, joked: "And why, at least on an experimental basis, not to hold a new election of the head region? And what, democratic and modernization ..."


Liberty. ru

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