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Sadism Of Winter Olympic Games Equals Farce Colonial Claims

posted by zaina19 on October, 2007 as Imperialism

From: MSN NicknameEagle_wng  (Original Message)    Sent: 10/2/2007 2:03 AM

Sadism Of Winter Olympic Games Equals Farce Colonial Claims

Only sensible Human Beings would look at matters and facts in a way that respects dignity and admires values which should be endured by all live-conscious people and individuals, without yielding or quitting, while positively presenting their action with objective reality. It is obvious though that self-deceived people and/or individuals always assume the lack of awareness, knowledge, education, cleverness, and intelligence of others.

The political games that managed to evolve and derive the immoral announcement of selecting Sochi to host the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, with the patronage, acknowledgement, and presence of the present Russian President Vladimir Putin, and he was presented to the audience and described by assumingly to be a member of the Olympic Committee, who said in his presentation that “Sochi could not be where it is now, without support, vision, and passion of one man, President Vladimir Putin”!.

The overstatement resulted in making Putin to take the stage and to give a speech on the occasion; but this time in English language which is a rare or even the only time ever, that  Putin gave a televised public speech in English Language, to give him the opportunity to thank in public all those who participated in bringing this event to reality, the presenting of the bid of Sochi to host the Olympic Winter Games in 2014, then he pledged his promises that Russia would make its utmost that the games would be “safe, enjoyable and memorable experience” to all. He also mentioned that Russia is ready to follow the ignored moral principles of the civilized World of the 21st Century.

What is going on in the occupied North Caucasus Region such as Chechnya, Abkhazia, Ossetia,  Ingushetia, Dagestan, Kabardino-Balkaria and other parts proves that the region is unstable, while the location of the games is located close to the troubled areas, makes it impossible to guarantee safety.

The financial and materialistic advantages acquired would be the main issue for those who orchestrated the whole deal in all what that means, which eventually led to reach the decision of choosing Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, beside the gains that will be acquired of publicity, promotions, and attractive attentions.

Gazprom, in addition to other government owned and influenced companies and establishments are implementing the role of  “multi-contamination projects” executers on lands and sites in different locations in the so-called Russian Federation, such as Saint Petersburg by building skyscrapers and other structures, and the site that was chosen in Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games which all of them are considered as “protected federal lands” and also considered by the UNESCO as protected World Heritage Sites.

As per wide spreading rumors, Gazprom alone had contributed to the International Olympic Committee (IOC), one billion dollars of easy money collected from the high oil prices that benefited those who were unable to pay the amount of the interests’ value of the total state debts!

People got legitimate and fair questions to ask and the ones who are involved in the suspicious events, (even though that they got no guilt conscious), are obliged to provide the correct and straight answers. There are important issues that need verification, such as murdering journalists, killing and detaining political opponents, waging wars and ethnic cleansing against the tens of colonized nations in the Caucasus and beyond, beside demolishing democratic, and freedom values and deeds.

In a usual twisted and playing dummy attitude, Vladimir Putin mentioned in his speech, that the “ancient Greeks had lived around Sochi lots of Centuries ago”, while trying to forget the historic facts which indicate that Circassians had lived there for more than 5000 years. The Russian greed insisted on hosting the winter Olympic Games, and the International Olympic Committee went along that way, while the infrastructure, construction, and the games will be presented and will take place on the “Land of Genocide”, and the area where the ethnic cleansing had taken place against Circassians in the 19th Century where the ugly crimes of the Russian Tsars had created mass-cemeteries that are full of the remains of the heroes and victims, who were attacked in their own homeland by the criminal colonial imperialists, with the same policies are still followed and implemented in the 21st Century with the support of the so-called civilized world without paying attention to the brutal crimes and their consequences against the grand children of those who perished while defending themselves against the savage conquerors, while IOC and the present Russian administration are in the process of allocating more than 12 Billion Dollars for that purpose.

A way of deception assuming the ignorance of others, as the usual Russian methods of ignoring the documented facts (including the official Russian archives), and realities of Russian Genocide against Circassians and North Caucasians, that the same tyrants came up with the big lie of the so-called 450 years of voluntary association with Russia, and bluntly bluffing all involved towards pushing and forcing the grand children of the victims to celebrate a farce anniversary that had never neither happened, nor mentioned by the qualified, trustworthy and dependable historians.

If the case was voluntary association with Russia as the Tsarists’ followers are claiming, then why there was a war that extended 101 years and was ended in May, 21, 1864, by the fall of Circassia and the North Caucasus in the hands of the occupying Russian military forces, which followed by the building and erecting of thousands of monuments and statues that commemorate occupation, colonization, and imperialism, to observe their so-called victory against the peoples and nations of the North Caucasus, that proved the nature of the occupation by force, which resulted in Russian colonialism and disastrous results in regard to the total population that were subjected to mass-genocide, ethnic cleansing, slaughter, displacement, and mass-forced deportation away from homeland with the help and suspicious conspiracies that many sides were major parts in executing what was planned against Circassia and the North Caucasus, while mentioning here an example of one of those parties who pretended to help, but in fact they got the advantage of hosting those who had to leave homeland to help the host state in straightening out their dismantled aged imperial state especially in the Balkans and Arabia?

The positive conclusion about those latest developments had created a wake-up call that made Circassians and North Caucasians to come to realize the effects of the imperial state that is still occupying their beloved Motherland, which made them to participate in protests against the imperial lies and the attempt of disregarding colonial military occupation, with all the associated consequences. Henry Brooks Adams had said: “It is impossible to underrate human intelligence-beginning with one’s own”.



Justice For North Caucasus Group

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