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Oleg Smirnov/Chechenpress: Drunk

posted by FerrasB on October, 2005 as Imperialism

November, 1, 2005


It does not pass even the single day without the arriving information about inroad of Russian armoured machinary onto the peace citizens from the Chechen Republic. Either an armored troop-carrier or BMP drives into the pedestrian, rams civil easymen. One of the last announcements: on a highway Grozno - argun the BMP has crushed a minibus. The result - three victims, including two women. Certainly, passengers of the minibus have suffered exclusively. From the text of a communique it follows, that "collision has taken place during the accomplishment by driver of BMP the maneuver of the left turn on a crossroads leading from Khankali on highway".

One of these days one federal telechannel has risked to show the truthful reportage rare for the Russian TV. It was the shooting describing the detention by Chechen "policemen" the BMP crew which crushed in streets of Grozno a young Chechen student girl. On the screen is the group "in duel" of drunk federals in the appropriate regimentals. Driver of BMP is looking in the camera with a drowsy look, hardly keeping himself on legs. It seems, he not only does not understand, what has happened, but also absolutely is far from comprehension of reality. By his condition, he "pressed in" himself no less than one and a half bottles of vodka. Certainly, after such doze you can't see the difference between passing part and side of the road.

Employees of "Memorial", more than once having visied in the Chechen Republic, testify, that universal drunkenness hardly ever became the visiting card of the Russian militarians in the Chechen Republic. Tey drink in Khankal, drink before stripping, drink after stripping, drink for health and for the peace, drink for the task and without, drink for KPP, drivers drink, contracters and urgenters drink, subordinates and their commanders drink, drink in the afternoon and at night. Vodka and spirit go among militarians on a level with money. As hard currency.

What does the drunkard in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication - everyone knowns. And if at rubbish at which the mind from everyday drunkenness also the automatic weapon on shoulders for a long time has grown dull? With a full holder of cartridges? And if this rubbish both on a citizen, and on service constantly repeated, that "chechens - are not people"? What, the pier, there is no peace Chechens, there are only hidden enemies?

Svetlana Gannushkina from "Memorial" tells, that during one of the trips to the Chechen Republic the car of right protectors was detained by the Russian military patrol. Having glanced at documents, federals started up the nearby political reasonings, more and more get burning hot. The essence of their chatter was reduced to that, say, "we here are protecting Russia, and you there are sitting in warm Moscow". Svetlana Gannushkina has paid attention, that talkers with automatic weapons are absolutely drunk and almost do not realize what is happening. Also a barrel of their automatic weapons are directed to her direction, and their fingers are resting on cocks. It is easy job like a spit for such fellows to shoot anyone, either Chechen, or Russian. And especially Russian who supported the protection of Chechen people's right.

From the sources close to the Ministry of Defence of Russia, it is known, that command intentionally shuts eyes before the problem of universal drunkenness among military men in the Chechen Republic. It is considered privately, that without such kind of "rest" the majority of federals simply will not sustain inhuman conditions of service in republic. It is Moreover, that alcoholic drinks is authorized, so he is also on-line delivered in Khankal. The Georgian militarians recently have become that direct witnesses. They have detained a caravan of the Russian lorries which among other cargoes were carrying to the Chechen Republic tens of boxes with the beer, destined for federals. There are also data that almost each contracter, going in the Chechen Republic, carries with himself one - two canisters with spirit. And no check is terrible for him! And to military patrols, on a recognition of many hardworkers, the instruction is given militia to not touch and not to search such "eagles".

The result is available. Drunk drivers of the Russian fighting cars will drive about on Grozno and to other settlements of the Chechen Republic, as on a wild field. Him all at all. After all the Chechen, as he was taught, "this is not human" so it means to drive onto him, that a tree to bring down. However each medal has also the return side. Even more often deep drunkenness of "emancipators" of the Chechen Republic plays malicious jokes with them. Practically weekly, the independent military experts drunk federals assert perish from the weapon. One because of casual handling of him, others in drunk quarrels among themselves. Has reached the present war between contracters and urgenters. The first, under laws dedovshina, try to place in the service of themselves on the second. In the meantime, the weapon and vodka are both at those, and at others. Bloody fights among the Russian military men in the Chechen Republic became the usual phenomenon. About any patriotism here there is no even speeches. Among federals reigns one law - the law of jungle. Survives the strongest. They are united only then when together leave to plunder and kill Chechens. As the variant to demand at them vodka, spirit, or money to alcoholic drinks.

Command more often and on it blinks and opens them only then when details of any tragedy become known for a miracle of the public. As a rule, casually. As in affairs Ulman or Budanov. To a word, Budanov - a real illustration of results without exception alcoholization of federal troops in the Chechen Republic with all consequences following from this fact. If the colonel gets drunk up to diminished responsibility what to speak about ordinary subordinates?! The right protectors assert, that the Russian militarians in a state of intoxication make in the Chechen Republic of hundred, if not thousand, crimes per year. However the responsibility for it was carried till now with only read out units. And this is also one of the indicative elements of the Russian policy in the Chechen Republic.

Oleg Smirnov, Chechenpress, 01.11.05

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