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posted by FerrasB on October, 2005 as Imperialism

November, 1, 2005

"The happiness of wars - worthy enemy"

For those who have been familiar with a situation in the Chechen Republic for more than 10 years, the information and propaganda courses of Moscow after the events in Nalchik, are not a secret. The screenplay is always the same. At first the Russian side demonstrates absent-mindedness and panic, then when mojaheds finish the operation, the following type of announcement "the puff of smoke is rising above defended units" smoothly turn to fairy-tales that everything was planned in that way and, generally it was, the next phase, the ordinary phase of special action on final dispersion, persecution and destruction.

All in all, the similar action reminded me the game "guess the melody" in the Chechen Republic . The rules are such. At first the questions of the hiding heads are heard in a local radio-ether to their subordinate on advanced who each time asks: "have they gone?". If the answer is received: "yes they have gone" - the heads from different departments appear on television screens and as in the game "guess the melody", competing among themselves, put the tasks, determine the terms and boundaries, and, having launched vassal journalists, begin to create a television victory.

At due professionalism, for example in the Chechen Republic, they could "assault" empty village for a week, thus attack for each next block making in releases of news by news number 1. Or in the same spirit "with fight to force the river Hul-Hulau" which even the child could get across it, without wetting ankles. And what an authority the general , commander of similar performances has obtained, there is nothing to say: after such "victories" the direct way to governors, plenipotentiary or, at the worst, deputies would be opened for them. However let us leave these "deeds" for memoirists. Their present value can be determined on the that fact, that the war has been continuing for almost already 11 years, and the real battlefield has been extending all over the Caucasus.

Events in Nalchik have once again provoked the theme about the Russian necrophilic law on conferment of corpses. It would be interesting to hear, how the supporters of this law prove their decision not to give out corpses to their relatives, however to search the distinct explanation on the part of Russian to this phenomenon is useless. Such explanation can not exist, because it is sitting in depths of their ill souls. A corpse cannot be punished nothing of the kind, and on Islamic norms, the soul of died cannot be damiged by manipulations with his body: as one mojahed has told, "Let Putin guzzle these corpses!". The only desire of pursued by Russian necrophils - is to annoy with relatives of victims.

For all known history of the wars which were taking place with participation of representatives of three monotheistic religions, the attitude to corpses of killed enemies was unequivocal: even hostile armies after battles used to declare an armistice, and on the same field used to gather and give the corpses of the lost opponents each other so that those might bury them according to the customs. Exceptions - are several tribes of cannibals for whom human flesh was food, moreover Russia. Even in the Caucasian war of XIX century Russian took on arms these, only pagan, traditions in spite of the fact that name itself christians. Therefrom there is a practice of capture by Russian of hostages ("amanats"), mainly children, and refusal to give out for a burial place the bodies of victims of miurids.

However the original attitude of Russians surprises not only to the died opponents on war, but also to corpses of their own soldiers. To mark this originality Chechens have started even during New Year's storm in Grozno 1994 - 95 years. Then Russian refused an armistice offered by Chechens only because that the Russian militarians could take away the corpses of the their soldiers eaten by dogs and rats in streets of Grozno. Chechens have saying: "TIeman irs - sii dol mostagI" which can be translated so: "the happiness of wars - worthy enemy". But this saying obviously does not concern to Russian.

As it appeared, the only sacred corpse for them - is mummy of Lenin, cherished and preserved by them in the heart of their country as devilish power. And it on a background of millions till now not buried soldiers of the Second world war and today's, many thousand dead relatives of corpses of "title nationality" which are kept by years in the Rostov refrigerators, or lay in one holes with cattle in Factory area of the Chechen capital. Therefore, everything else is easily explained, and it is not necessary to be surprised by their cannibal displays concerning corpses, even at a level Duma law creation.

For moslems it - is the parameter, first of all, weakness of ideology of their enemies of the pagans feeling the inferiority even in questions of the attitude to dead men, and not disdaining to vex the enemies even in such way.

Mansur Mazaev, Chechenpress, 01.11.05

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