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Alexander Litvinenko/Chechenpress: The Big Hatred Of A Small Fuehrer

posted by FerrasB on August, 2005 as Imperialism

August, 26, 2005

The Big Hatred of a Small Fuehrer

“Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind” (a national proverb).

Last week they beat the Polish diplomats and journalists in Russia . Khodorkovsky and Lebedev were sent to common cells of the Matrosskaya Tishina and then ill Lebedev was replaced also into a punishment cell. In the Astrakhan region for several days about three hundred Chechens and Kalmyks with exasperation were killing and crippling each other, burning houses and cars. In the Chechen Republic employees of the department “T” and so-called Chechen militiamen, probably, not having shared something, arranged firing among themselves: there are several people killed and раненых . At the Turkish and Egyptian resorts holiday-makers demanded to settle out from them tourists from Russia for their roughness, lack of respect for associates and open rudeness.

Why do I write about all these events, which at first sight seem to have nothing in common in one article? Also what relation can be between a security officer, beating a Polish diplomat in a Moscow gate, a Russian tourist, who is furiously clearing “the place under the sun” for himself somewhere on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Kalmyks, setting fire to the houses of the Chechen refugees, Lebedev , sitting in a punishment cell of the Matrosskaya Tishina, and the mercenaries shooting each other at the Chechen war. All these characters of the newest Russian history have only one thing in common - all of them have become victims of the HATRED. Of that petty, spiteful, senseless and bilious hatred, which we have inherited from the USSR and its leader, "great" Lenin.

In the Soviet Union , which all over the civilized world was named precisely the Empire of Evil, reproduction of hatred and hatred of mankind was promoted. The CPSU together with its “armed group” on behalf of the KGB brought up not one generation of “ardent Leninists” , ready to hate and liquidate anyone, who thought not the same, as the leader of the world proletariat bequeathed. For eighty years of the Soviet authority hatred practically overflowed the public consciousness and got unprecedented up to this day in the world scales. In the beginning a Soviet person was taught to hate everything foreign, then hatred of mankind found its application in a daily life too.

In the state of workers and peasants it was not approved to apologize, if you had casually pushed someone in a street. Rudeness, insults and obscene abuse were considered to be a norm. And if to think consistently, it is necessary to notice, that the disintegration of the USSR in many respects was promoted by the critical mass of that grown by the Soviet system hatred and rage between the fraternal people, occupying the one sixth part of the earth. And what happened to the Soviet Union was quite natural: any empire, which is constructed according to the rule “divide and dominate”, can not keep its boarders even for ten years without hatred and rage between peoples, which are a part of its structure.

For this reason Putin's security officers, getting down to restoration of the collapsed empire, drive into the consciousness of Russians rage and hatred to everything, what surrounds them in this world as the basic propaganda argument. And if the Soviet leaders concealed hatred for mankind with Marxist-Lenin's ideology and necessity of protection of "the interests of workers”, today's governors of Russia , as against communists, do everything openly and cynically. “To wet in a toilet” and “to cut off so, that nothing would grow up again”, “not to allow living even for three days to everyone, who is not with us”: this is to what Putin calls the citizens.

And Russians obey the small fuehrer . "Ours" and “not ours”, blown up houses, “northeasts” and “beslans”, hundred thousands of killed and mutilated, refugees and soldiers, special troops and special gases - all this has simply flooded the country and became a consequence of hatred and rage corroding human consciousness, which have got a material shape at Putin's regime , having become a norm of behavior in the society. During Putin's board Russia has come to an open Nazism, when in the streets of the cities they beat foreigners only because they are “not Russians”. It is difficult to imagine a more shameful state.

In order to become the president of the country, Putin, with a tacit consent of the society, unleashed the fierce long-term war in the Chechen Republic . Then this society turned into an alive force, “a gun meat”, necessary for waging of this war. Putin has severely deceived the people, who believed him, and now Russians need to show resistance to the criminal authority and to dump off the security officers' tyranny in order to get rid of him and his oprichniks, in order to return to the normal human condition and again to begin a civil society. And Putin's security officers divide and dominate, poisoning the consciousness of Russians with hatred and rage, which, finally, will destroy them, for the purpose not to have free people in Russia, able to get up from knees and to come out openly to defend their rights in order to doom the population of the country to slavery and half-poor condition, to doom people to life due to poor handouts from the Kremlin.

Hatred and rage separate people and peoples, they destroy states, and there is only one recipe for rescue from this evil - human COMPASSION. Only compassion and repentance for the committed evil deeds can return people into the normal human condition. And only after that the society can find rest and live in peace inside the country and with its neighbors. But before it takes place, in Russia blood will flow and people will perish, and flown into rage with hatred creatures will continue to destroy others, not sparing thus either women, or old men, or children, thus pleasing the security officers.

Alexander Litvinenko, London, for Chechenpress, 26.08.05.

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