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JULY 2011

Circassian Genocide Memorial To Be Built In Anaklia

posted by eagle on July, 2011 as Genocide Crime

Circassian Genocide Memorial to Be Built in Anaklia

Published: 29 Jul 2011 16:54

A monument commemorating the Circassian genocide will be erected May 21, 2012 in the Georgian coastal town of Anaklia, Georgian Minister of Diaspora Issues Papuna Davitaia said July 29.

He said that the competition for the best memorial project will be opened September 10, with the participation of Georgian and foreign sculptors.

Davitaia said that the date of May 21 has been chosen because it is the day when the Circassian people themselves commemorate the genocide. It was earlier reported that a Circassian Cultural Center would be opened in Georgia.

On May 20, the Georgian parliament accepted a resolution recognizing the genocide of the Circassian people at the hands of the Russian Empire.

The resolution stated that the Georgian Parliament recognizes as an act of genocide the mass murder and forced exodus of the Circassian people (also known as Cherkess or Adygh) from their ...

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The International Association Of Genocide Scholars

posted by eagle on as Genocide Crime

The International Association of Genocide Scholars

Ninth Biennial Conference

July 19th-22nd, 2011.

Buenos Aires, Argentina.

July 22nd, 2001. (1:45PM)

Speech by Iyad Youghar addressing IASG Executive Board proposing a resolution to recognize the Circassian Genocide:

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to address the Executive Board.

My name is Iyad Youghar, I am a new member in the association. I’m a Circassian from New Jersey, USA. I am the Chairman of the Circassian International Council and the Circassian Cultural Institute.

Circassians are the indigenous people of Circassia in the Northwest Caucasus Mountains. We have been subject to one of the worst Genocides in human history which started in the 19th century. 90% of our population has been forcibly exiled. More than 65% of us were slaughtered or perished as a result of the exile. All were unarmed civilians.

The effect and facts of the Genocide are still living with Circassians till today. 90% of our nation ...

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NatPress: Circassian Group "Youth of May 21" Jordan Against Holding The Olympics In Sochi

posted by eagle on as Genocide Crime

Circassian group "Youth of May 21" Jordan against holding the Olympics in Sochi

  • 8 июля 2011 | 
  • 22:07

  • According to a representative of the Circassian group "Youth of May 21," Dr. Nart Kahun, the site published that on June 30 the delegation of the group met with the Vice President of the Jordan Olympic Committee, Sari Hamdan.

    At the meeting, the delegation expressed its disagreement with the holding of the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi in 2014. To the Vice-President of the Olympic Committee of Jordan there was presented historical information about the city's history of genocide and eviction of Circassians in Sochi and from their homeland Circassia in general. The delegation stressed that there is a need to pursue all means to eliminate these games on the bones of their ancestors and their pure blood that was spilled in defense of the homeland and its dignity.

    Sari Hamdan had promised the delegation that their ...

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TREND: Georgian Parliament Considers Building Monument For Circassian Genocide Victims

posted by eagle on as Genocide Crime

Georgian Parliament Considers Building Monument For Circassian Genocide Victims

[30.06.2011 10:11]

Georgia , Tbilisi, June 30 / Trend, N. Kirtskhalia /

The Georgian Parliamentary Committee for Compatriots and Caucasus will discuss the draft resolution "on retaining the memory of the Russian Empire’s Circassian genocide victims” on Thursday.

As the committee chairman Nugzar Tsiklauri told journalists, the resolution envisages opening a Circassian cultural center and the memorial to Genocide Victims in Georgia. He said that based on Circassian traditions, the Memorial will be built somewhere along the Black Sea coast, though the location of the cultural center’s opening has yet to be decided.

A draft resolution will be submitted for approval at a special meeting of the parliament on July 1.

Georgian parliament recognized the Circassian Genocide on March 20.

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