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A request to recognize the Circassians genocide was sent to Poland on its Independence Day

posted by eagle on November, 2014 as Genocide Crime

On the Independence Day of Poland on November 11th, 2014 the Circassian activists from 10 countries sent a letter to the leaders of that country with a request to recognize the Circassian genocide that was committed by the Russian Empire during and after the war in 1763-1864. This document had 52 signatures of Russian Federation's citizens. Those are the people from historical Circassia, diasporas in Turkey, Jordan, Germany, France and other countries.

It was the international organization called "Patriots of Circassia" who were the initiator of the appeal, headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey. The appeal was composed on two languages – Polish and Circassian, translated into Turkish, English and Russian. Those texts were not shown publicly anywhere on the website or in any of social networks to attract more support, the collection of signatures was possible only from personal correspondence.

According to the organizers of the appeal there is another action that is scheduled - a handling of Circassians to Poland. A conference is planned to take place on 16th of November, in the Turkish settlement Polonezköy, that is close to Istanbul. Its purpose is to articulate the Circassian problem one more time. There will be also disscussed the appeals that the Circassians will prepare to the countries that are able to hear.

It should be noted that the settlement of the press-conference is chosen not by chance. Polonezköy was founded after the Russian-Circassian war by Polish military, that were the part of separate devision and participated in the battles for the independence of Circassia equally with its native inhabitants.


His Excellency Bronisław Komorowski, the President of Poland

His Excellency Radosław Sikorski, the President of Sejm of Poland

His Excellency Bogdan Borusewicz, the President of Senate of Poland

Her Excellency Ewa Kopacz,Prime Minister of Poland

Subject of Appeal : A Request for Recognizing the Circassian Genocide committed by the Tsarist Russian Empire

In 18th and 19th centuries, genocide against the Circassian people had taken place where significant majority of Circassians were exterminated by the Russian Empire to take over our country, the Circassian homeland. The ones who survived were forced to leave their homeland and were deported and exiled as a whole, and as the Russian Empire planned, hundreds of thousands of people died during the exile process. According to a motto belonged to Russian generals and Russian authorities, Russian Empire needed "the land that belonged to Circassians, not the Circassians themselves”. 

Exile continued also after 1864 with different excuses and different disguises, all kinds of pressure was implemented to make a handful of Circassians left behind by some means to leave their homeland as well. Relevant documents are in the archives besides published documents by eyewitnesses in propria persona. 

Today, only one tenth of the Circassian population, around 700,000 people; is living in a piece of land that can be delineated as a small piece of historical Circassia, scattered and divided around. Circassian People, although they are one nation, have been condemned by the Soviet administration and by its successor, the administration of the Russian Federation, to live disconnected from each other, in different political enclaves, with different names as if they are different nationalities and isolated from each other. .

At the present time, and due to the Circassian Genocide and Exile, 90% of the Circassian population has been forced to live outside of their homeland, scattered in more than fifty countries around the world. "Indigenous population’s right to be in contact with its own country” as a basic human right for Circassians in exile is restricted almost as much as nonexistence. The Russian Federation refuses to allow Circassians in exile to return to their Circassian homeland even if it is for urgent humanitarian purposes. The Request of Circassians in Syria who are caught in the fire of the civil unrest between the two sides in ongoing intestine war and still going through all the pains of the conflict to return back to their own homeland due to risk of death is not even taken into consideration by the Russian Federation. 

Besides, activists who expressed their thoughts about the "Circassian Problem” through totally democratic, legal and peaceful ways and means have been detained, harassed and have been put under pressure by open and undercover threats. This situation in issue is still continuing in different forms.

Russian Federation’s units, Kabardino-Balkarian Republic Parliament on its 7, February, 1992 dated and (№977–XII-B) numbered decision and the Adygea Republic Parliament’s 29, April, 1996 dated and 64-1 numbered decision, have both recognized the Genocide committed against the Circassians, which took place during the Russian-Circassian War that lasted for 101 years and they have condemned it. And they requested from the Russian Federation to recognize the Circassian Genocide. 

Georgia, on 20 M, 2011, with the decision it reached in its parliament upon the request of the Circassian People, was the first country as member of the United Nations to recognize Circassian Genocide.

According to that decision reached by the Georgian Parliament, the Russian Empire, during the war that took place between 1763-1864 years, had also performed Ethnic Cleansing against the Circassians and were replaced by other ethnic group (Russian population) on the homeland of Circassians by means of state policy. By embarking into military activities aiming to punish the civilians, it completely annihilated a huge part of the Circassian population according to independent observers. Artificial famine was created and infectious diseases were spread amongst the civil population.

The Georgian Parliament, in accordance with the 18 October 1907 dated IV numbered Hague Agreement and 1948 dated Prevention and Punishment of Genocide Crime Agreement, announced that the actions committed against Circassians were genocide. 

The Circassian civil rights defenders and activists from around the world have applied to the Government of Ukraine on 06/21/2014 to recognize the Circassian Genocide. The Ukrainian Government responded to this application whereupon His Excellency Petro Poroshenko, the Ukrainian President instructed the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to investigate the issue. In their reply brief dated 07/07/2014, the representatives of the Ministry expressed the instruction of Mr. Poroshenko and stated that the congressman Oleg Lyashko has submitted a legislative proposal No. 4203 to the Supreme Rada of Ukraine for "discussing and recognizing the Circassian Genocide”. The purpose of the proposal is stated to be "initiating a political and legal process regarding recognition of the genocide of the Circassian (Adygean) nation caused by the colonization policy of the Russian Empire between 1763 and 1864 and supporting the process by scientific and historical data”.

The administrative units Wayne, Prospect Park and Haledon of New Jersey, USA have recognized the Circassian Genocide on May 21, 2014, July 19, 2014 and July 17, 2014, respectively on concrete grounds.

The Circassian Problem is a problem that had occurred as a result of the Circassian Genocide and Exile, and the country that is obligated to solve this problem is the Russian Federation. It became obvious that the Russian Federation, acting with the same arguments as the Russian Empire about the Circassian Problem even in the 21st century, is acting in the same manner in all subjects with its occupation of Crimea which is a land located within the territorial integrity of Ukraine and by groundlessly pleading suppression towards Russian speakers living in Eastern Ukraine in reality, aiming to occupy the whole Ukraine and right after by open threatening towards Poland and Eastern Europe. An old world practice "land-conquest growing by occupation” thought to be an old world way of thinking has been moved to the modern world by the Russian Federation, with furthermore leaving the whole world in astonishment. 

It should be noted here that the Circassian People attach ultimate importance on the solidarity existing between the Circassian Nation and the Polish State with the Polish Nation which takes its roots from history and common traditions. 

Poland was invaded twice, first in 1795 and then in 1939 to blot it out of history. During the times of the Russian invasion, Poland had raised the flag of independence against the Russian despotism twice in 1830 and 1863. And Circassia was fighting against the same foe in the meanwhile. A number of Polish patriots had fled from the Russian troops or the states where they were exiled to fight in the Circassia’s Independence War. They did not only join the armed forces of Circassia but also made considerable contributions in its modernization. Most of them learned the Circassian language and established lines of descent with the Circassian people by way of marriage.

Besides those who fought against the common foe, a great number of Polish patriots exerted political efforts and provided moral and material support to substantiate the Circassia’s Independence War. One of those patriots, whose name is commemorated in the history of Circassia, is Adam Czartoryski. We also, herewith, reverently preserve the memories of Polish volunteers and their commander, Teofil Lapinski, who effectively participated to the Circassian War of Independence. This valuable heritage and the close "comrade” relationship between the two nations remain fresh on the mind of the Circassian people. 

Marshall Józef Pilsudski was an outstanding leader with a wide vision on the importance of cooperation with the states who were doomed to Russia/the Soviet Union. Within this scope, Poland was the home to the Prometheus action in the 1920s and 1930s. 

Upon the rebirth of the Prometheus spirit in 1989, Poland has helped the Central and Eastern European states to join the EU and NATO and made great contributions in the transformation of Ukraine and Georgia into modern European states. 

On November 22, 2007, the Prometheus Monument was unveiled in Tbilisi in a ceremony attended by the now deceased former President Lech Kaczyński. The spirit of Prometheus was still alive in Caucasia. The state of Georgia that erected the Prometheus Monument in its capital city has recognized the Circassian Genocide. We believe that the monuments of Prometheus will one day adorn the capital city of Circassia, too. We also believe in the importance of the Prometheus action for making the voice of the Circassian people, some exiled all around the World and those who stayed in their homeland but have fallen apart with each other under the pressure of the Kremlin, heard in the western world.

We, the undersigned, respectfully submit our request for the recognition of the Circassian Genocide to your Highness for "our independence and yours (Za nasza i wasza wolnosc)”. 

1. HAPI CEVDET YILDIZ- BANDIRMA/TURKEY, Historian, Researcher, Author of website.
2. MAHMUT BI-BURSA/TURKEY, Historian, Researcher-, Author of website.
3. KHUADE ADNAN- MAYKOP/CIRCASSSIA, Tradesman, Representative to Patriots of Circassia in Circassia.
4. ADEL BASHQAWI -JORDAN, Circassian Activist, the Circassian Diaspora.
5. IYAD YOUGHAR-USA, the President of the International Circassian Council.
8. KUBE NURHAN FIDAN - ISTANBUL/TURKEY, author of website, Correspondent Spokesman to Patriots of Circassia.
9. SHALAXHO RAGIP METE - SAKARYA/TURKEY, Teacher, Correspondent Spokesman to Patriots of Circassia.
10. KABARD ANZOR, MOSCOW/RUSSIA,Circassian Activist.
14. HABRACHO MURAT ÖZDEN- ISTANBUL/TURKEY, President of Maltepe Circassian Association. 
15. HUST SEMIH AKGUN – ISTANBUL/TURKEY, Author of website, Activist.
16. Ph.D. OMER AYTEK KURMEL -ISTANBUL/TURKEY, Researcher – Author of website.
17. ZOHER THAWCHO -ISRAEL/KFAR KAMA, The Circassian Heritage Center.
18. Ph.D. KARDEN MURAT YILDIRIM – ISTANBUL/TURKEY, Attorney at Law, Correspondent Spokesman to Patriots of Circassia.
19. JADE WUMAR DENIZ - SAKARYA/TURKEY, Editor of website.
21. CHUSHA WUMAR- IZMIR/TURKEY, Philologist, Author of website.
22. YESHI MUSTAFA SAADET,ISTANBUL/TURKEY,Deputy Chairman of Pluralist Democracy Party
23. BALKAR SELCUK- VAN/TURKEY, Academic – Author.
24. GINA HABOUKH-USA, a Circassian Activist, the Circassian Diaspora.
25. THATL SACIT TUNC- ISTANBUL/TURKEY, Maltepe Circassian Association, Member of the Board of Directors.
26. HATX YALCIN KARABULUT- ISTANBUL/TURKEY, Maltepe Circassian Association, Member of the Board of Directors.
29. THAGUSHE EMRE AKCAN – SAKARYA/TURKEY, Patriots of Circassia, Activist.
30. KALEKUTE ENVER SAGLAM - ISTANBUL/TURKEY, Author, Adige Khase- Circassian Association, Member of the Board of Directors.
31. MIQOD NAHIDE DEMIR AYBAT – KONYA/TURKEY, President of Konya Circassian Association.
33. TSEY YILMAZ DONMEZ- AMASYA/TURKEY, Vice President of Adygea Language Association.
35. MELGOSH İLHAMI DEMIR- TOKAT/TURKEY,President of Kozlu Caucasus Association.
39. GOGO DJANER- KAYSERİ/TURKEY,Activist ,Patriots of Circassia.
41. SHEWDJEN OMER ERKAN- MUNIH/GERMANY, Tscherkessische Institut München, Member of Board.
42. YEKHUASH YUKSEL NIDA- MANISA/TURKEY,Manisa Circassian Association,Member of Board.
46. ISHAQ MOLA- AMMAN/JORDAN, Circassian Activist.
47. PSHIKHUSE TEKNUR BASOK- ISTANBUL/TURKEY, Activist ,Patriots of Circassia.
48. MAUSHE HUSEYIN ULAMLI-YOZGAT/TURKEY, Activist ,Patriots of Circassia.
49. MERZEY EROL-KAYSERİ/TURKEY, Activist ,Patriots of Circassia.
50. UFUK ALI BAYSAN- PARIS/FRANCE, Circassian Activist.
51. ZEYNEP PIHAVA- PARIS/FRANCE, Circassian Activist.
52. HAXHU KOCHAS- ISRAEL/KFAR KAMA, President of Free Circassians.


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