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The Circassian Mobility Between The North Caucasus And Diaspora

posted by eagle on June, 2009 as CIRCASSIA ADIGA

The following English Language script for Mr. Adel Bashqawi in the title of: "The Circassian Mobility in the North Caucasus & Diaspora", which is one of the participations in the forum that was held at the Jordanian Circassian Khasa on the 20th of May, 2009, in the title of: "The Circassian Question, Present & Future" as for the 145 years of commemoration of the 21st of May, 1864:

The Circassian Mobility between the North Caucasus and Diaspora

Presented By: Adel Bashqawi 
20 - May - 2009 
The unprecedented interest in the Circassian
Question at present time is not matched by any other interest since the end of the Russian / Circassian War, which is synonymous and parallel with what is known as the Russian / Caucasian War, one hundred and forty-five years ago, specifically in 21-5-1864, and that is reflected through the strong interest in the books, documents, publications, manuscripts, maps and information distributed around the world and the increase of demand on them, to the degree of the increase of their prices to the degree of fantasy, in addition to the proliferation of Web Sites that provided extensive information on all aspects of the elements that affected the course of events, which resulted from the war of genocide against the Circassians. New contributions had enriched the Circassian library, and from the writing and publication of academicians and the concerned of Circassians and others, and others. This interest must be followed or appeased by an appropriate program and a Circassian agenda that take into account all the important global transformations and its extensions and branches at all frames in all directions in order to preserve the legitimate rights within the framework of human values and international laws. Circassians have held during the recent few years important meetings and conferences in many places locations between the Motherland, Europe, the United States, Turkey, Syria, and Jordan and resulted of resolutions, recommendations, and positive echoes, where the Circassian Question has resurfaced the declaration of the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia the acceleration momentum has increased due to that. It came to the attention that the Internet has changed the face of the world, and it is the most important scientific methods in the use of usage of communications and information technology, as if the Internet was found for the Circassian Nation that is distributed around the world. Yakov Gordon, a famous Russian Historian and close to the current Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who described Circassia as the Atlantis of the Caucasus, and he demanded from Russians that they should admit their deeds of what they had committed against the Circassian Nation so as to bring harmony, and Atlantis is described by the Pharaohs and the ancient Greek philosopher Plato is the missing continent nor the missing island under the waters of the Atlantic Ocean! We must not forget also that the Circassian Charity Society in Jordan, in an unprecedented manner, and on behalf of Circassians, had sent a letter to the Former Russian President, who is the current Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, connected to the Circassian demands, concerning the Circassian justified demands and  the most important of all is the Right of Return, but has not announced until very recently whether any response had been received from the Russian Federation Presidency office to the letter, as well as the talks were held between the delegations of the Republics and Kabardino-Balkaria on one side and the Circassian Charity Association Of Jordan, on the spots that of interest to the Circassian Nation to cooperate to achieve, and no information had erupted about the results.

145 Years since the Circassian Catastrophe


One hundred and forty-five years have passed since the end of the war of genocide that has befallen on the Circassian Nation, due to the elapse of that period that is relatively short at the age of time and at the same time, long in terms of obsolete results for each of the tragedies, pains, calamities, injustice and the toughness of being away from the soil of Motherland, Circassia. When one is simulating the conscience through the live description that has been in the memory of the grief-stricken nation grief-stricken, the effects of deep sorrow appear, for the status of the nation that has reached to, when the Russian
/Caucasian War had ended, and victory consequences of the foe, publicly appear and the bleeding wounds ulcerate and the Homeland soil the curiosity to host the remains of the martyrs who defended their Homeland, and to show resentment for the deportation of the vast majority of its natives who of course did not go for a picnic or for relaxation and recreation, and not for an open tourist-journey that may reach all this time that has elapsed and will elapse before realization of righteousness and its return to its true legal legitimate concerned, and this is the real reason why the ancestors had accepted the transition to safer places until the proper time comes to return to Homeland and after the deletion of the causes of absence which inevitably will disappear one day, where those concerns and hopes were mentioned in dialogues, songs and poems of the "forcibly displaced migrants", and was perhaps the most important of all, what was presented by a group of scholar Circassian youths who were studying at the University of Sorbonne in the twenties of the twentieth century, amongst them was the Late Professor Aytak Nametuq, and Late Amin Samkough, when they presented a pleasant melodized poem that sang for the Homeland, and was called, “the Circassian national Anthem”, which Late Amin Samkough, when he was a school principle of a school for Circassians in the Golan Heights in the thirties of the Twentieth Century, had provided the space for students to sing the anthem in the morning of every new day, to keep the Caucasus and Circassia in the memory of the younger generation. 

Rape of the Land and Attempts of Rape of History and the Sequence of Events 

It is appropriate to mention in this vicinity that the Homeland that was robbed and raped by force and insidious at the unequal victory achieved by the colonial invading forces armed with the tight blockade and the superiority in figures and equipment depending on the conceit, haughtiness and arrogance, and utter disregard of all religious and human values, not to mention the complicity of the countries with the concerns, the aspirations, the colonial ambitions and selfish purposes; with the passage of time,  attempts here and there, the tryouts appear to rape culture, history and rights, including the right of return, and the right to self-determination, guaranteed by International Law, the Charter of the United Nations and Human Rights Regulations, after the land was raped and decimated crops & progeny, where malicious attempts had continued to develop the techniques of control of the minds by using the methods of  deporting the Circassian Homeland from the minds of its natives and children, through the acceptance of  the fait and to extend the period of the tourist leave granted to ninety percent of the Circassian people by the occupiers for an indefinite period! I can think of this aspect the queries of the famous Indian poet Tagore, about the misery of the people and the reason for their poverty, sorrow and pain and what to do in order to have peace prevails on the earth and he saw clearly that the tragic situation of his people was a result of the colonialism and slavery and due to torture, persecution and injustice, while he believed that there is no impossible, and no one who ever he is can put restrictions and handcuffs for his people or to stop the path of struggle towards victory, where he says: 
Let them strike iron fetters strongly
But we will get ahead them to destroy
Let them glance with their looks, that bleed blood and threat
But we will not fear them and will frown our Eyebrows 
They will not scoff at us for long 
Their flags will eventually fall on our soil

Circassian Rights and principles

After 145 years of the catastrophe, it is the intransigence and arrogance are the key factors in the equation of the relationship between Russia as the dominant side over the course of events in Circassia, and on Circassians who remained at Homeland, at the same time, the Circassians who were forcibly deported are the vast majority of the Circassian nation being 90 % of the total number, but there is a significant failure of the Circassian organizations at Homeland and Diaspora in regard to straighten things out  and to discuss matters of vital interest that pertain to present and the future to include genocide, ethnic cleansing and forced deportation to resolve all matters relating to the Circassian rights and to obtain the right of return through international institutions have the integrity, objectivity and of competence in methods and ways of dealing with such cases and situations. In the absence of the basic components of the adoption of the agenda of recovering Circassian rights as a result of the Circassian and the division, fragmentation and lack of clarity of vision would all of result in the weakness of national coherence and cohesion in a global melting pot, where the accountability should be here working to devote the tragic reality and make a mess of ideas and broadcast mean propaganda to keep the status quo as is; It is enough to depend on others to accept the dissemination of ideas, theories, and agendas that do not serve in any way, except in keeping the situation as is, and equally we need to re-mind to deal with a democratic system within the administrative structures responsible, as well as all who are interested in the groups and the Circassian communities who are extended between Motherland and Diaspora, where it is possible through the required attention to be logical to understand the necessary vocabulary and concepts for the implementation of the basic principles agreed upon, within renewed, improved, and specific definitions that are free from the burden of past experiences and mistakes, and a clear adoption must be carried out, of clear approach that does not attain defensive apologetic tone defects as a result of pressure or blackmail may be morally exercised by usually the same concerned part that could be called here the other party. Let us suppose that the Circassian nation was able to recover some of its fundamental rights in a phased manner in the process to restore all its rights over the medium and long term, so if we want to reach a comprehensive solution to the Circassian Question in the surrounding and available circumstances, more regular activity to raise awareness for the intention of change that will be coming by the overwhelming majority of the Circassian people and this majority, which is described the silent majority, it is deployed between Motherland and  the rest of the world.

Suspicious Warnings, and Rejected Artificial Taboos 

The real story which led to dispersal of the Circassian unity should be remembered, and it should not be allowed in any way to delete the Circassian memory, which will be part of it if it is executed, forgetting Circassia, the Homeland, the nation, and selflessness! But for reaching a political solution to the Circassian Question, in the shadow  of the existing specifics, that all different currents should participate to hurry for more regular activity for the defense of those meanings and to employ them for the required change, and confront the hostile penetration of the idea of uniting the efforts in order to recover the stolen rights, and to hold to the acknowledged documentary story about the occupation of the North Caucasus, for the protection of Circassian historical memory and its genuine symbols, but away from the containment by any side. Circassia, the Homeland will remain the eternal hope for the inhabitants and natives, even if matters and results came, non-integrated to the recovery of the rights on intervals within the limits of the historic Homeland. What happened during the years of the Tsarist Russian occupation and the Soviet era up to the federal rule at the present time, a rape of the Circassian Homeland, and the displacement and dispersal of its people! It is appropriate to cite in the present context, what was stated by Circassia News site, citing the Russian Novosti News Agency, that Russian young researcher Anastasia Ganich had published a book entitled "Circassians in Jordan, “Historical and Cultural Development Properties”. This scientific work deals with the history of the emergence and evolution of the Circassian communities (or in a broader sense the North Caucasian) in the countries of the Middle East with a focus on the history of Circassians – The Adighas in Jordan. The author comprised the contribution of Circassian community in the political and military life of the Jordanian state, paying attention to the special attention to the issues of the cultural adaptation of immigrants and their descendants with the circumstances of Jordanian society and the difference of customs and traditions and to preserve the image of their historic Homeland while they are at Diaspora, and the main trends of the links of the Diaspora people with the North Caucasus. The study covers the period from the late 18th century to the early 21st century. I have recently read that “any society is not free of unwanted behavioral practices such as behavioral lying, theft, stinginess, treason and cowardice, but they remain meanings and unacceptable negative values in the common cultural reference, and what includes of systems of meanings, concepts and values. Even who ever is implementing them, would not declare that, and does not boast of being doing that, so as not to be subject of the social stigma or lose membership in the social body, and in the worst circumstances, he will seek other interpretations and definitions that would be evolved from rejected socially accepted meanings, by calling cowardice for an example, wisdom and prudence or realistic and rational, stinginess, to be economical and orderly, and theft, a restoration of forbidden rights, and so on, so firth. This means that the community is still invoked to a system of uniting common values, even if some practical practices divert from its course”. The writer continues, "but the great disaster, if meanings turn to their opposite meanings: when lies, cowardice and treason turn to be acceptable values that do not disgrace its instigator or make him hideaway by doing that but even may brag for it. Then, the "sterilization" becomes a charge that those who are “tainted” with deserve the sentence of expulsion and exclusion. Didn’t Loa’s people in say in their prophet and those who are with him (Get them out of your village, they are people who are sterilized) Al-A’araf, verse 7. Only then comes the terrible conclusion, and the group becomes a “news story of the past”, and as if they had never been. The struggle on meanings of systems is at the end, a struggle for existence... Not fringes”. That reminds of the inalienable rights. 

Citizens of the Caucasus who did not Migrate and some who Accept the Call for Status Quo

In the following, some of the points that could be mentioned in that regard: 

* A quote of what the Circassian journalist and Human Rights activist, Fatima Tlisova had said in the lecture delivered at the Jamestown Foundation in Washington, DC, during the conference, “Circassia: Past, Present and Future”, which marked the memory of the Circassian Mourning on date, 21-5 - in 2007, when she talked extensively on the conditions experienced and still, the Caucasus in light in the shadow of difficult circumstances, “Unfortunately, there is no time to pin-point all areas of national life that the Circassians suffer from the pressure. I often speak with people who I may consider them as people of precautionary conviction who are cautious and they say: Come on, understand, things are not so bad, and the means that we are not now right now at a state of war with Russia, as well as they add that we must be friends with Russia. This kind of friendship in my personal opinion is like the friendship between a beef steak and the digestive system”. In another paragraph continues, that the Circassians are still targeted, "We are already swollen, but there is the problem of digesting us, however, the acid in the Russian politics means that the end is not far from Circassians. It is very important to understand that the reason for Russia's ability to maintain its position in the Caucasus is exclusively due to the use of force, intimidation and the threat of the use of force, and we Circassians, thanks to Russia, we stand on the brink of extinction”.

* There are many of Circassia’s natives who are planted there (at Homeland) had made different declarations, in which some were comparable with what Mrs. Tlisova had said, and some of which is consistent to get along with the official Russian policy, verdict comes from facts and results because work is measured through results, as there are indications to the presence of those who describe the deficit, yield, and defeat, as a historical inevitability that can not be avoided, and accordingly, the effect will be giving up the constants under the cover of peace that necessarily means to bow, surrender, loss, and failure to claim the rights that would not be lost with elapse of time, which is considered of course, “inalienable”, which at the same time guaranteed by international charters and laws.

* We ought to search and contemplate on what the writer in Russia and the Caucasus affairs Paul Goble, and the Circassian journalist Fatima Tlisova had published about what had happened in the city of Cherkessk, the capital of the Republic of Karachaevo-Cherkesiya,  according to the current Russian administrative divisions in the  North Caucasus, where an extraordinary conference for the Circassian People was held in November, 2008, as the date of the conference had been announced and re-programmed several times. Nearly 1500 Circassian youths from a number of Circassian republics came to the venue of the conference, where a separate and an organized forum was held by the youths, prior to the start of the conference. The attending young people entered the hall of the conference dressed with the Circassian national clothes, while carrying Circassian flags. After the ancestral tradition of blowing into a horn, which was usual tradition used in the past days, to call people to gather in times of imminent danger, which the youth leader’s speech was welcomed with warm standing ovation, when the Khasa or Council’s youths started the conference by doing so by the use of the horn. 

* In this regard, the Russian media, sometimes publishes sometimes, that there is a new policy in the Kremlin that works side by side with the leaders of the Circassian communities abroad (Diaspora) about the project of uniting Circassia. In particular, that was according to the Russian political news agency (
APN), the entire audience had unanimously agreed on one of the instantaneous demands, which is that the Circassian youths in the North Caucasus are directing an appeal to their nation (the Circassian Nation), that denounces the division of society in the early years of Soviet rule and in accordance with a decision from Moscow, when Circassian groups were assembled with different ethnic groups that differ substantially. 


* Russian Pravda newspaper on 13 – Jan, published an article for Alexander Born, entitled "Russia and the Circassians", in which the writer referred to Russian actions in the Caucasus in general and with the Circassians in particular, where he says in one of the paragraph: "In view of the potential of the Circassian capabilities in the world, there is no suspicions that the question of the recognition of the genocide will be deployed in all parts of the world, either with the assistance of Russia or without, Circassians, one day will return to their historic Homeland. The only difference is that, whether Russia will decide that or take a resolution in this issue, then it will be guaranteed that Circassians would remain within its structure (within Federal Republic of Russia), but if such return was implemented or supported by the international community, that means that Russia will get many complex problems".

* On the recent 6th of April, the well-known writer Paul Goble on his "Window on Eurasia” site, an article entitled
: “‘Unprecedented’ Russian Pressure on Circassians Radicalizing Young People”, about a forum held in Nalchik that was attended by Circassian Youth delegates as were described by one of the speakers that they came from “Kabarday, Circassia, Shapsoughi, Adygeya, Cherkessk, Abkhazia, and all locations that contain a significant Circassian inhabitants presence”, as the Forum, was preceded by an “unprecedented pressure” practiced by the Russian power structures against traditional Circassian organizations, which is justified by the officials in Moscow, by directing the charge that Circassians support the tendency of separatism, and to accuse some youths of extremism, who in turn say that they "no longer trust that the fate of people to be in the hands of ongoing social organizations such as the Adigha Khasa, “The International Circassian Association” "which operates based on instructions from the government", instead of reflecting the interests of the people. The youths also say they intend to establish a youth national movement in Kabardino-Balkaria, and to be named, (Dzhe mak), and they suggested that the group would be "the least marginalized among the various running parties, groups and organizations between the Circassians in the North Caucasus". The organizers mentioned that they were "repeatedly summoned to the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Kabardino - Balkaria and to the Office of the intelligence services (FSB) in the Republic". And "the Russian Regnum News Agency had carried out coverage of the meeting, but soon was forced to remove the coverage of its bulletins, with full coverage on Circassian Internet sites". The article said that, "one of the other speakers, Yury Shanibov, Professor, who has called for attention to the problems faced by the Circassians in their attempts to recover the land of their ancestors, but Moscow made presented the land to other peoples". But, Mazhid Otizh, a Circassian who returned to his original Homeland from Turkey, described the problems that he is still suffering and his alike of returnees, to resume their lives in the North Caucasus, and the problems that he said: "do not constitute only a violation of the provisions contained in the Russian constitution, but also of the international law". The article said that “events that were taking place outside the meeting room, were at least, as important as the ones going on inside the room”. 

* On the same subject also, the Circassian journalist and writer Fatima Tlisova wrote an article in the North Caucasus Weekly that is published by Jamestown Foundation, on 17 April, under the title of
(Youth Activists Unravel Kremlin Status-Quo in the Circassian Heartland: “The Wind of Freedom is Approaching”!), where she spoke in her article on a “new and non-traditional role that youth in contrast to what was known as the traditional agenda, and described the behavior of active young people (both politically and socially) that has changed, and they expressed their desire to act as an independent political force representing a new kind of social activity, and this is contrary to what was customary in the past rigid adherence to traditional systems, and reliance on the traditional hierarchy between Russia and the composition of the Old leaders, which was often relied upon to screen leaders and Circassian decision makers”. " In the same article she stated that “the Russian news agency Regnum published on its Internet Website an article entitled: “They want to label Circassian activists as separatists”, which spoke of a Circassian national forum, that was organized on the fourth of April in the capital of the Republic of Kabardino - Balkaria, but the article was deleted after about an hour of publication, but this “one hour” was sufficient to transfer the article to several Circassian sites and had been published widely on several Circassian Websites, and two days later, the article was re-published, but where the script was to delete details of which I spoke about the difficulties faced by young people who wished to attend the Forum, in which many of them were prevented by security forces on the ground (to maintain security and public order) and the article dealt with information published by the official news agencies, which has been characterized by extremely short and vague in order to cover up the great event”. 

* The Russian writer Avraam Shmulvich had published an article in the Russian language on the Seventh Channel Website, entitled “Circassia Government in Exile”, in which he talked about the Circassian Question of all of its aspects, and dealt in his article, with the sequence of events that led to the occupation of Circassia, the genocide, and the successive Russian governments to deal with Circassians, each in their own way, except that the common factor among them all is the continuation of dealing with the unsolved case, leading to the emergence of various armed groups, and the possibility of the development of issues to establish a Circassian government in exile. 

* In an interview conducted in the month of April, with Dr. Musa Shanib, known in Russian as Yury Shanibov, born in Nalchik in the month of May, 1935, considered that the Circassian World (which includes Circassians at Homeland and Diaspora), is distributed over a wide geographical area that includes fifty-three countries of the world, and talks about the start of the recall of the Circassian tragedy that took place by the end of the Russian/Caucasian War in the year 1961, and described that as a stimulation for Circassians after a century of compulsory silence, which has spread to all countries inhabited by the Circassians; that reminds of the Russian proverb: "
Nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”, and continues that the disaster, which distributed Circassians around the world, may turn into a positive trend by the consolidation of freedom and homeland, and when the Circassian Diaspora brings to Motherland the positive experience of advanced development from fifty different countries. 

The Meanings of Yeltsin’s Message 

It is necessary and useful to deeply understand the letter of former Russian President Boris Yeltsin that he sent to the Mountaineers as per his description, which means in this depiction the Circassians which must read and deeply understand what is between the lines, where Yeltsin says: "A call to the peoples of the North Caucasus on the elapse of 130 years of the end of the Russian/Caucasian War", "old events that bring us back to more than a century, to the years of strife for the Caucasus and the controversy between the interests of the Russian Empire, Britain, France, Iran and Turkey, which each and every one of them bear their respective share of moral responsibility for the suffering of the Mountaineer peoples (Circassian). The problems that we have reached us as a result of the Caucasus War,  particularly the problem of the return of descendants of Caucasian immigrants to the historic homeland, should be resolved at the international level by talks with the participation of all interested parties".  It means that the solution of the Circassian Question and "the return of the descendants of Caucasians" home is not the responsibility of Russia alone, but it is an international responsibility, and the other participating States in the conflict then, which he called in addition to Russia, Britain, France, Iran and Turkey, must be involved in the solution, and this is a disclaimer of responsibility in resolving the Circassian Question, and Russia is the occupying state in the eyes of international law and then to liquefying the whole issue at the involvement of other countries in a thorny issue is not do nothing to do with it, and three of them, are geographically distant from the Caucasus region, this is not to mention the fact that the Russian State did not make any attempt or initiative to end the unilateral measures taken in the North-Western Caucasus, as well as not opening the door of return to the homeland in a truthful way, without restrictions or broadcasting rumors that the conditions of there are not safe to intimidate people even think to have a tourist visit, how to return for permanent residence! He also confirmed the fact as well as the complexity and disharmony of interests in the Caucasus, pretending he had forgotten that only Russia had occupied the Caucasus, and still, that continues to dominate the potential, achievements and resources in addition to the control of its peoples after killing, wounding and the displacement of millions of its citizens. It is possible in this manner to consider this action to be negatively suitable with the principle which states that: “worse than implementing the erroneous principles, is the erroneous application of the true principles”.

Attempts to Address the Effects of Circassian Genocide 

The Russian State Duma and former Russian President Vladimir Putin, the current Prime Minister, were addressed by the Circassian Congress through written letters and documents in order to assess the right things and the recognition of genocide against the Circassian nation to resolve unsolved matters once and for all, and for Circassian rights to be restored amicably but to no avail, as Russians preferred stubbornness, and to ignore the Circassian rights, that made Circassians to turn with their fundamental demand to the European Parliament, as a letter was sent to the President of the European Parliament and signed by Circassian establishments and personalities in Motherland and Diaspora, which was attached by a compact disk containing copies of documents were obtained from the Russian archives and in the Russian language, which contains on the command line by the Russian military leaders to their to implement the orders issued in respect of the occupation of Circassian homeland and the war of genocide and ethnic cleansing against those who defended themselves with absolutely personal defensive weapons, while leaving the vast majority of the defenseless civilian population, including the elderly, women and children vulnerable to military attacks performed by organized, trained and well-equipped army with the latest weapons, which led to intimidation, murder, displacement, displacement of population and the destruction and burning of villages, towns and communities, properties and agricultural crops, grains, livestock and horses without mercy or pity or humanity. 

Circassia is one of the members of the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO), that is based in The Hague, the capital city of the Netherlands, where its members are of indigenous peoples and minorities which are not recognized in the occupied territories and that have joined together to protect and promote their human and cultural rights in this organization, and to preserve the environment and to find non-violent solutions to the conflicts that affect them. 
It must be noted here about the fact that Circassia and the rest of the nations of the North Caucasus, are integral part of Europe, the European Union got the responsibility in resolving this forgotten Question, but at the same time, humanitarian one with distinction because of its negative effects that had reached many.

Future Prospects and Points Relating to the Fair Circassian Demands from the International Community on the Rights of the Circassian Nation: 

The Circassian nation that is plundered of its fundamental rights should not be as Mikhail Naima had said: “Some people are like a ladder, people climb it up, and descend it down, but it doesn’t ascend or descend”, where many who are interested in Circassian affairs got to put the following points into account: 

1. Work on the revival of an integrated entity of Circassia. 
2. The right of return to homeland, and an organization should be formed to be able to recover the rights of victims from the occupying power, in cooperation with institutions and international bodies. 
3. Ensure the rights of Circassians, including attaining the legitimate rights to freedom, human dignity, freedom to choose, and right to self-rule, therefore it is essential that the Diaspora Circassians should move to take the necessary steps to give their nation, the strength and the necessary means to restore the confiscated rights, but the legitimate ones to self-determination. Some who are interested considered that the multiplicity of countries that Circassian communities reside at, would be a positive factor of factors that will affect the course of resolving the Circassian Question. 
4. Russian government must bear responsibility for the crimes committed against the Circassian people during the Tsarist and Soviet eras, and therefore do what is necessary in such situation. 
5. Dealing with the achievement of a just peace for the Circassian nation in accordance with the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights", and human high-quality examples of  freedom and equality, so that investigation should be carried out on the crimes of genocide and deportation exerted by Russia against the Circassian people. An organization or an institution should be formed for recovering the rights of victims along with the international institutions and bodies, or by their attentiveness. 
6. As a result, because all the people were subjected to genocide and forced deportation, where it seemed a terrible conspiracy at that period between Tsarist Russia and its partners at the time, according to the appeal of former President Yeltsin, in his appeal to the peoples of the North Caucasus on the elapse of 130 years of the end of the Russian / Caucasian war, and what Yeltsin had stated about the responsibility of the liability exposure of the total population of persecution, genocide, ethnic cleansing and forced deportation, where it seemed a terrible conspiracy between the occupying State and its partners in the plot at that time.
7. The discussion of the sanctity of the place of the location of the Olympic Winter Games in 2014 (the land and the graves of those who have been subjected to the genocide), that is going to be set up in Sochi. 
8. To address issues of genocide, ethnic cleansing and all sorts of war crimes committed against the Circassian people that led to the forced deportation to the compulsory exile, which includes Circassians forcibly deported from their Homeland and moreover, the claimant must establish the following: 

• The recognition of genocide. 
• Formal apology for the Circassian nation by the Russian state. 
• Fair compensation in accordance with the decisions taken by decision-makers in this area. 
• Emphasis on Circassian identity and the rights of the Circassian human being. 
• The right to return to Motherland.
• The exercise of the right to self-determination in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations. 

And the restoration of usurped and confiscated rights, are derived based on the International Law, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the Charter of the United Nations in addition to the resolutions of the Special Political and Decolonization Committee formed by the General Assembly of the United Nations, for the need to observe the legitimate rights to self-determination and the right of freedom of choice. 

Expression of Difference is not by Abuse and Conflict 

It is time to open a logical meaningful dialogue in the Circassian communities in all their presence in all locations,  not the stagnated controversy as the just Caliph Omar Ibn El Khattab had said: "If God wants worse for people, they will be given the controversy and will be prevented from work", so that every concerned one who is  interested in the Circassian worry, that people are not in school or "nursery and kindergarten for children" so they must all act according to established platform and orders and do not divert from, but the logic illustrates that they have the ability to think and get in dialogue, where all must act in a spirit of responsibility and democratic methods to interact in a positive meaningful way in the best interest concerning the present and future, as well as principles that can not be averted or avoided, including the Circassian rights, that are inalienable and non-concessional, not in elapse of time, personal relationships, naive temptations, simplistic offers, or unjustified squandering. Also Circassian specialized conferences must be held to discuss the conditions of Circassians in Diaspora and Homeland, and to compete to win global support for the fair Circassian Question. I would like to mention here what one of the writers had said: "A word of adorability or inspiration will never be lost by their originator, flowers leave some of its scent on the presenter’s hand", because “human behavior” is as described by Goethe: “the mirror, which shows every human’s image”. But the timing of the work of any one thing, and the selection of the appropriate time, as Paul Klodal had said: “I intended to run when I can, walk until my legs are not strong on the run, and crawl when my feet are unable to walk”.


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