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Farce "Cirkccisiad" Reveals Itself

posted by eagle on February, 2010 as CIRCASSIA ADIGA

The visit of Messrs. Alexei Bekshokov and Sufian Jamoukha to the Circassian community in Jordan on 13/1/2010 had proven to be the visit of "truth", because it put an end to a ridiculous and constant series of lies, deception, suspicious movements and non-understandable, which got first and last objective is to place a rift in the ranks of Circassians; The way that used for presenting Circassiad draft was questionable, since it is natural that there are different views that may be conflicting, but what was strange is the method and the way to broach the subject by Mr. Sufian, which relied on the method of "transfer of speech" in incorrect way, fabricating problems, the promotion of lies, and eventually underestimating the Circassian brain, although Mr. Sufian is described as a historian (on the grounds that his "PhD" certificate in history is genuine).

Last chapters of the silly series that is dispersing the Circassian unity, was in an article published on the interview of Mr. Sufian Jamoukha on 29/1/2010 on the NatPress news Website, quoting (Caucasian.kont) news Website entitled "Second Ciccisiada Games will be Held in Jordan", the link to the story was but miraculously the title of the article and the link of the article were changed to the "Circassian of Jordan support Circcisiada 2012"! The article contained false information without any basis of truth, as the article suggested the approval of the majority of the Circassian community in Jordan on the Circassia draft and there are only a small minority have opposed it, and that there were signed agreements between the two parties, where this article reveals through his own words that being overwhelmed by the falsification and misleading of the fact of Mr. Sufian’s draft, and allowed to show a set of confirmed facts by "evidence" and not just with words, as follows: 

Firstly: After Mr. Sufian’s visit had ended to the United States, he published an article in the same manner on the NatPress news Website articulating the consent of the Circassian community in the United States, including the Circassian Cultural Institute Council on his project, but as of 13/1/2010 the President of the Circassian Cultural Institute Mr. Zak
 Bersik, had sent a message to the people of the Circassian community in Jordan, announcing the rejection of the institute to the project being as a bridge to Sochi, the land of the Circassian genocide; here we note the strange approach based on the transfer of incorrect news and information between the Circassians in homeland and abroad, and in a way that causes problems and unrest among them, as NatPress had published Mr. Sufian’s article which was taken aback by Mr. Zach Bersik’s letter that was in controversy to the statements of Mr. Sufian, where there was a contradiction in the information transfer, taking advantage of poor communication and coordination between the Circassian organizations in the world; then this is the first lie, why do you lie Sufian, and for whose interest?! 

Secondly: In his article that is referred to in the above, reference was made to signing a memorandum of understanding between the Circassian Charity Association in Jordan, and Mr. Sufian, but after contact with one of the members of the Board of Administration of the association, to ask solicit for a copy of this memorandum, he ascertained that there are no such memos have been signed, and
 if in case the initial signature on such subjects had taken place, they must be presented to the administrative body in the association as a start, and then to vote on whether or not to be signed, and when asked about the possibility of the "inspired leader", Chairman of the Association had signed the memo unilaterally, he said that this is "impossible and unacceptable” from the legal point of view, and for preventing embarrassment, he requested to mention his name,  but noted the possibility for anyone interested to visit the Association’s building and to make sure of that matter himself!

The truth is that the Circassian Charity Association represented by its Chairman is responsible for participating in this play failed, because the association had hosted Mr. Sufian on the orders of the International Circassian Association, and presented him to the people and the various bodies, and allowed him to reflect his ideas, but it did not respect the plurality of views in the Circassian community,  thus led to a situation of rivalry, and rather than a tool for unifying,  the  Association should work according to the principle (the wise would contain it, but  the ignorant would give it a torch), the Circassian Charity Association has played here the role of the ignorant, which has not issued any statement or a declaration for indicating its explicit stand about the subject, but by chance,
 it was found out why no such declaration or statement was given, that can assure pure-cut fact instead of doubt, and could have put an end to "gossip", where it was noted the unexplained absence of of the Heads of the other branches of the Association, which are the Circassian Association’s branches in each of  Wadi El Sir, Naour, Jerash, Rusaifa, Zerqa, and Sweileh, and it showed that they were not invited by the Chairman of the Main Association, for any meeting or any lecture in regard to "Circassiad", even the majority members of the Main Associations’ Administration did not attend the meeting, and here we wonder about the real suspicious role, that unfortunately, the Circassian Charity Association had played in stirring up and inciting prejudices of the same society, as it was necessary to respect heads of branches and to be invited to attend and not be labeled, as "they are not interested" in the matter, and if so, by what right and law, a memorandum of understanding would be signed with a foreign party (according to the text of the Jordanian law) without even being informed?! 

Supposing that if one of them comes out now and he rejected Circassiad, what would be the position of the Main Association and its chairman, "the inspired leader”!!?? That is why the fear of the strong reaction and opposition to the so-called "Circassiad”, there was a firm plan to keep the members of the Circassian community as much as possible to attend, and to select some of the programmed characters in advance

So, there is something vague and unclear, in the actions of the Circassian Charity Association, which is called upon today to interpret un-understood actions, such as: Why Sufian was hosted all at a sudden, and was presented to the people, then left the country without a statement being issued clarifying the position of the Association, which led to a state of confusion and discontent
  among members of the Circassian community in Jordan, and who is the cause of all that?! Association is supposed to unite the floor, accept the other opinion and to unite the ethos and cooperation among all.

Note that the Circassian Charity Association is not allowed to legally play any roles of a political nature or collect any money to foreign parties without a official formal approval, noting that this issue was the continuous argument of the Association for refusing to establish a national Circassian fund for the financing of projects of national character, such as the Return to Homeland!
 Glory to God, to raise money for the eyes of Mr. Sufian is becoming an allowed action, while raising money to restore a single Circassian family to the Caucasus will be considered a violation to the rules and regulations!!!! Are the Olympics more important than the issue of the whole homeland??! 

Conclusion that there is no memorandum was signed between the parties!
 Then this is the second lie,  why do you lie Sufian, and for whose interest?!

Thirdly: There is a selective and lack of objectivity in presenting the subject, as Mr. Sufian has mentioned His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Khair Mamser, who is a present Member of the Jordanian Senate, and his speech at the meeting of Al-Ahli Club, but he ignored many of the other speeches/comments and wonder why he did that?!
 The answer is that Mr. Sufian had selected speeches that came in his interest, and he marginalized and ignored the large number of comments which had criticized the project. Here I appeal to His Excellency the present Member of Jordanian Senate, the holder of PhD, to overcome his own interest for the sake of the community interest, even for once in his life, and to refer to the United Nations records on births to make sure that women are still giving birth and that "eulogist himself a liar," and his initiative on the day of Mr. Sufian’s lecture to speak in Circassian language, and suddenly he stopped all at a sudden to speak in Arabic language to inform the audience that he holds a medal, that is not carried elsewhere in the Arab world, which was conclusive evidence that the "superego" is still dominating his thoughts, and there was no speech, interview or conversation to His Excellency without devoid to praise himself, and he forgets, and keeps forgetting that fool Who said I knew !!.

As for the Circassian youth, here we note that Mr. Sufian and during his previous visits to (Turkey, the United States and others) did not touch on the opinion of the youth sector directly, but this time he touched the subject  while compelled to do so, because most of the young people present, were dissatisfied with his project, so he chose the comments of only  two of the youth, and frankly speaking, they were not properly understood, and he ignored other comments like the comment of young man, Emad Shabsough, who rejected Mr. Sufian, when he asked why we do not hold the Olympics after the return of Circassia, that made Mr. Sufian answering him and I quote: "When do you think ‘this’ Circassia will return”?!
 When the young man replied: By joint action of the Circassians, the hall burst into applause for the answer to the youth, while Mr. Sufian’s face turned into red, yellow, green and blue, not out of shame or modesty, which those descriptions are not attributed to him, but because he is certain that the young Circassians are not on his side in this suspicious project!!

Conclusion, there was no objectivity or impartiality in presenting the views, and we will not be talking here about the honesty that is at the core of Circassians’ morality, to avoid hurting ourselves, for the actuality that Mr. Sufian does not follow honesty (while he is considered on us as a Circassian) at all, then this is the third lie, why do you lie Sufian, and for whose interest?!
Fourthly: Any person that communicates with the Nart Satellite TV Channel would make sure of the absence of any agreement stipulates that the channel will be the partner and official sponsor for the "Circassiad” project; it is a lie that cannot understand how Mr. Sufian managed to formulate, and for information, Mr. Mustafa Naghoj (which Mr. Sufian said that he was the one that agreement was reached with, being the director of the Satellite channel, in his doubtful article) is Member of the Board in the Circassian Charity Association and not the Chairman or Director of Nart Satellite Channel at all, and it is possible to be ascertained of that from Mr. Naghoj personally or from Nart Satellite Channel, then this is the fourth lie, why do you lie Sufian, and for whose interest?!

Fifthly: As for the signing between Mr. Sufian and Al-Ahli Club and his claim about  changing the name of Al-Ahli Club, to be (Al-Ahli Circassiad) ,this has been the focus of imagination, which the subject was tackled, but no signing had taken place on any intended agreement, and it can be ascertained from the Ahli-Club itself  on the validity of this information, and for information only,
 Mr. Sufian had mentioned that Al-Ahli club is currently one of  the powerful Jordanian clubs in the sports of Basketball and Rugby, for the attention of readers, there is no Basketball team in the Ahli Club at present time, it is currently only training age groups, and it is possible to refer to "Koura” sports Website, to make sure that the Jordanian Basketball League does not include the Ahli Club, as the basketball activity had been frozen for many years as a reason for a dispute between the club and the Jordanian Basketball League, and regarding the Rugby team, I believe that it was meant to be the Football team that spent the last six or seven years playing in the first class league after falling from the premier league which recently has returned to it, but does not compete for championship at all, and it is the weakest link which is unfortunately the truth.

As for the issue of the presence of Circassian athletes, playing in the Jordanian national teams, they are few in comparison with others, for example, the Jordanian national football team does not include any Circassian player in its ranks, while the national basketball team, comprises two players of Circassian origin, but they are playing with Zain sports Club, and not Al-Ahli Club, which remains alongside his management living only on the glories of the past, and the conclusion, that this is the fifth lie, why do you lie Sufian, and for whose interest?!

Sixthly: The Circassian Women's Branch and the visit of Mr. Sufian to the Headquarters of the location of the branch and meeting the Chairman of the section (according to Sufian’s claim), Member of the Jordanian Senate, Mrs. Janet Al-Mufti who showed her absolute support for the project, for information only, Mrs. Al-Mufti is a former Member of the Jordanian Senate. Why do you lie Sufian, and for whose interest?!

At the end of the article, Mr. Sufian recognizes clearly and without any pressure or coercion that the Circassiad project is linked to the Sochi Olympics, the land of the Circassian Genocide, which is the land that you prevent access to some of its areas, for Circassians.
 That is the truth, "O Circassians”, where Sochi is the land of Ubykh people, so where are they now?! The criminal Russians had slaughtered them, O Circassians, Imagine your brethrens have been subjected to genocide, where is the dignity?! Where is the Circassian honor?! How to celebrate over the graves of our ancestors?! Which economic benefit is equal to an atom of dignity or a single Circassian drop of blood?! Heck to the money of the whole world, we do not sell slogans in this respect, but we reject the policy of the Russians, of throwing the Circassian bones and they do not recognize Sochi as Circassian. Visit any Russian Internet Website, you will find that it does not mention that Sochi is a Circassian city; Sochi today is empty of Circassians, and if the Russians returned the Circassians to Sochi, and resurrected the Ubykh people, then that time to think about possible support of Circassiad, which is a Trojan horse to enter Sochi by the Russians? Don’t agree you Circassians to be that horse, but ride your horses as did your ancestors, and remind the Russians and others, that Sochi is a Circassian city, not a Russian one. Do not listen to the words of this impotent Sufian that the city of Sochi will be famous as a Circassian city! How will that happen? 

Your masters O Sufian even refuse to mention it as a city for us; we do not want them to say what took place in Sochi! We just want them to admit that it is Circassian, they even reject that; O silly Circassian leaders and chiefs who are imposed on us, for how long to bear this humiliation and abuse?! Until when we will remain with looted mind and will?!  God suffices and yes proxy on every ignorant conspirator and heretic that supports this suspicious project.

An the end, it must be reminded that the Circassiad draft could be presented for discussion, analysis and study, but to become a weapon to sabotage the Circassian solidarity, it is totally unacceptable, and who bears this responsibility as we mentioned earlier is the Circassian Charity Association in Jordan, represented by its Chairman, "the inspired leader", which allowed itself to host the named Sufian and his clique, and it is required to mend the rift that exposed many of the ethical and administrative excesses, and dispersed the unity in the Circassian community in Jordan, and why?!
 For the eyes of Sufian Jamoukha?!!!!!

Written By: Powerless Circassian from Jordanian Diaspora
2 - February - 2010

The above mentioned article had reached Circassia News Website, and due to our respect for freedom of Circassian opinion and the importance of subject that is dealing with, we are doing our part to publish it, as it reached us from its source.


Source: Circassia News

Translated By: Justice For North Caucasus Group

06 - February - 2010

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