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MAY 2010

In The Tragic Anniversary, The Circassian Homeland Remains Above All

posted by eagle on May, 2010 as CIRCASSIA ADIGA

In The Tragic Anniversary, The Circassian Homeland Remains Above All

The importance of a sense of any human-being that lives freely and decently on own historic homeland, is unmatched by any other consideration, but not in ways that are unacceptable and at any price, like those who demanded the random unorganized return and to obtain the nationality of a State that does not respect the rights or humanitarian standards applicable in the civilized world!

I turn on the anniversary of the Circassian Catastrophe to the youth, sons and daughters of the stricken nation, which got own homeland looted and its foundations destroyed by the forces of barbarism, that work to send to the currently occupied Caucasus, elements of the criminal Tsarist Empire, and these words are addressed to anyone who has jealousy for his most valuable, his homeland and the future of his family and the sons of the afflicted ...

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Radio Adiga: Regarding The Incident With Money Extortion From Repatriate From Israel

posted by eagle on as CIRCASSIA ADIGA

16 05 2010
About incident with money extortion from repatriate from Israel

Kudjan Gerhard, a student of the national faculty of the Adygeya state university, had been really attacked by a group of extortioners - students of the same faculty. NatPress director Ali Bghane that very day talked about the incident to the dean of the faculty Askhad Chirg, as well as with the attackers. 

Kurjan is familiarized for a long time with NatPress employees, as well as many youngsters is good with computers, helps the agency with what he can. In occasion of the incident he did not wish to make a noise. The question: "Why did not he beat the attackers?" he answered: "It is difficult to me to fight here, on the native land, with anybody. Especially with Adygs". 

Now the situation is such that the attacking students, most likely, would be excluded from the university. That decision was made ...

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Radio Adiga: Attempt On Compatriot From Israel

posted by eagle on as CIRCASSIA ADIGA

14 05 2010 
Attempt on compatriot from Israel

A student from Israel and a compatriot of Russia, Gerhard Kujan has been attacked by a group of extortionist. Two from Adygeya (Kabehov Rustam and Bzegejov Asker) and one from Karachayevo-Cherkessia (Baychorov Shamil). According to the victim they were attempting to take money from him and after a short quarrel one of the extortionist attacked the compatriot. The victim was brought to the Clinic Hospital of Adygeya in the capital Maykop with light wounds and hemorrhage in the face. 

According to the victim the attackers have extremist ideas against Circassians from abroad and repatriates. "I was heard one of them saying "why we need them here?” and the other said during the quarrel that "we will not let you alone even if you are a "guest” here”. 

The victim is stable but still suffers from lumps in the face. 

Radio Adiga

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NatPress: Statement Of “Adyghe Khasa” About Fral Shebzuhov’s Murder In Karachaevo-Circassia

posted by eagle on as CIRCASSIA ADIGA

Statement of "Adyghe Khasa” about Fral Shebzuhov’s murder in Karachaevo-Circassia

14 May 2010 - 20:45 - NatPress


Murder of the adviser of the Karachaevo-Circassian president Fral Shebzuhov caused a great indignation and categorical protest in our hearts. One of recognized both by people, and authority Circassian leader became the next victim of lawlessness. "Adyghe Khasa” of Adygeya brings the most sincere condolences to his natives, friends and all those to whom it was dear.

Blocking the nominee of Vyacheslav Derev for the post of the federal senator from KCR, interethnic incident of youth, recent murder of the active activist of Circassian youth "Adyghe Khasa” Aslan Zhukov, the present Karachaevo-Circassian governmental crisis - all this is a graphic evidence of that neither the republican authority, nor the federal structures in KCR do not control the situation for a long time.

Problems with the mountain pastures in Kabardino-Balkaria, attacks against Circassian leaders in Nalchik, interdiction of carrying out of Adyghe Djegu in Adygeya capital on ...

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NatPress: Who’s in Russia Stirred With Circassians’ Existence?..

posted by eagle on as CIRCASSIA ADIGA

Who’s in Russia stirred with Circassians’ existence?..

13 May 2010 - 22:05 - NatPress 
the Source: 

Attacks, arrests and murders of Circassian leaders is a new severe Russian reality.

Chronology of the events:

11/30/2009 - Nalchik. A group of the several criminals cruelly beat R.Keshev and E.Bora (1)

12/05/2009 - Nalchik. A group of 10 criminals severely beat I.Yaganov (2)

12/06/2009 - Maykop. Attempt at M.Berzegov's murder (3)

12/07/2009 - Nalchik. Attempt at Z.Shukhov's murder (4)

02/18/2010 - Krasnodar. A.Okhtov’s jailing for 6 years (5)

03/03/2010 - Nartan. Provocation against I.Yaganov's parents (6)

03/05/2010 - Nartan. A causeless search in the house of I.Yaganov’s parents (7)

03/04/2010 - Cherkessk. A.Zhukov's murder (8)

04/30/2010 - Nalchik. An attack against I.Yaganov (9)

05/12/2010 - Cherkessk. F.Shebzukhov's murder (10)

Also for this time the following happened:

- They rejected Adyghe Djegu in Adygeya.

- They give out all the disputable inter-settlement territories and pasturable lands to Balkarian municipal formations (having deprived Circassian municipal formations of all the rights for them).

– They divided the subjects of historical ...

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