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MAY 2008


posted by eagle on May, 2008 as CIRCASSIA ADIGA



Presented By: Mr. Haci Bayram Polat

Date: 13-April-2008

William Paterson University, New Jersey, USA.


First of all, I’d like to thank to the organizers of this event; William Paterson University’s Department of Languages and Cultures and Circassian Cultural Institute, and hail you with estimation.

Today, I’m going to illuminate International Circassian Association (ICA) that claims representing Circassians around the world. How it was established and the point it has reached…

Solely, it’s necessary to cognize the background on which the Association was reared and the conjuncture of its foundation period in order to analyze its roadmap and founding philosophy properly. Therefore, we’ve to go 15 years back from the foundation date of ICA.

In the second half of 1970s – the Soviet era, some idealist Circassian youngsters were circulating various texts which had been refusing the official history, and making furtive readings. These exhilarating texts had been dealing with cultural, social and political cases like functionalizing Circassian language, together with episodes from the true history.

Following the impacts of Glasnost and Perestroika policies, legal organization notion came to the agenda; the cultural organization Ashemez was established by those youngsters. People likened the Ashemez to the historical public assemblages and named it as ‘Khase’.

The mission of Ashemez involved with cultural activities and communal awakening. During the biweekly gatherings, respected and specialist individuals had been narrating on issues like native language, the return of the Diaspora, true aspects of the Caucasian Wars, sustainability of the culture. On 21 May 1989 – 125th anniversary of Russian-Caucasian Wars’ end, a public commemoration event has been arranged for the first time in the building of Kabardian Public Theater. It was uttered again here for the first time that genocide has been implemented on Highlanders and those wars were the national liberation struggle of Caucasians. In other Republics (Karachay-Cherkes and Adygeya) where Circassians live in, 21st of May Commemoration Events were started to be organized following this date (21 May 1989). On the under work set by Ashemez – in 1989, the Assembly of Caucasian Peoples was established without fulfilling any lawful procedure. The Assembly was renamed in 1991 as Caucasian Peoples’ Confederation. As is known, Caucasian Peoples’ Organization was the structure that had turned the fortune of an-Georgian War started on 14 August 1992 by forwarding voluntary forces against Georgian troops.

As an effective movement, Ashemez had effectuated to send Zaur NALOYEV, Muazin KHECHETLOV and Mahamad SHEVKUYEV as its Deputies to the People’s Assembly of Kabardino-Balkaria Republic in 1990. Those Deputies had undersigned many important decisions process.

Soviet Union was in a process of break-down. Circassian communities were in need of a pioneering organization which would make a move for the determination of the future of Circassian communities and unify the Diaspora and the Homeland. Based on this conception, a meeting was hosted by the Circassian Association in the Netherlands between 04 and 06 May 1990. 61 representatives attended to this meeting from associations in Turkey and Germany with Ashemez and Rodina associations from Kabardino-Balkaria Republic. The resolution of that meeting was as the following:

To establish a worldwide Circassian organization that would be located in the city of Nalchik.

With the scheduled meeting in Nalchik between 19-20 May 1991 hosted by Ashemez and Rodina, International Circassian Association has been established and held its first congress. Prof. Dr. Yuri KALMUKOV was elected as the 1st Chairman.

In 1993, the founder member Ashemez has renamed itself as Adyga Khase by vitally achieving a political nature. Zaur NALOYEV was elected as the Chairman of the new societal – political movement Adyga Khase. All of the national movements and initiatives in the Caucasus were inspired by the Adyga Khase of Kabardino-Balkaria that was following a consistent way. Caucasian Peoples’ Assembly (Caucasian Peoples’ Confederation) and International Circassian Association were established in the milieu constituted by Adyga Khase.

The Founders of ICA had declared their objectives as below:

"We’re concurrent on the opinion of the necessity of people’s own decision making in order to exist as a nation, and it’s an ineluctable task to assist the children of compatriots who were exiled from their homeland forcibly”.

Except the objectives and working areas declared in the Statute, it’s possible to abstract some conclusions adopted in various congresses and administrative boards as below:

·     Adoption of a  single Circassian alphabet and literary language,

·     Increasing the level of learning native language in schools,

·     Increasing the usage of languages with official status,

·     Providing the recognition of the Circassian Genocide and the deportation by Russia with the assistance of international organizations,

·     Obtaining the right of dual citizenship,

·     Establishing strong radio and television stations and a satellite channel,

You could easily predict that an organization with such crucial demands would not be left "free”. As a matter of fact, fellows of the Russian intelligence agency were involved in the formation since the beginning. Well intentioned people had to work together with those who were disguising their malevolence. While well intentioned people were endeavoring to do something, the malevolent always put on brake by ‘acting according to the events’. Eventually, ICA could not move along; got behind the assertive promises declared in congresses and meetings.

The period mentioned above includes the phases below:

·     1991-93 – the Chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Yuri KALMUKOV

·     1993-96 – the Chairmanship of Abu SKHALAKHOV

·     1996-97 – the 2nd Chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Yuri KALMUKOV

·     1997-2000 – the Chairmanship of Boris AKBASHEV (following the death of Yuri KALMUKOV)

In this period, the Executives were not able to do anything serious because of the Leak-outs. Anyway, the actions below were succeeded:

·     Corporate support for Abkhazians,

·     The short lived newspaper called Nart,

·     The magazine called Circassian World,

·     A parliamentary assembly congregating the Deputies from the parliaments of 3 Republics (Adygeya, Karachay-Cherkes and Kabardino-Balkaria),

·     Membership to UNPO (Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization),

If We bethink some of the tasks fulfilled by Kabardino-Balkaria Adyga Khase as below, We can easily conceive how ICA was "amateur”:

A Declaration of Sovereignty by Kabardino-Balkaria Parliament with the initiative of Adyga Khase,

Making of a law concerning the equal and equivalent rights of compatriots living in the Diaspora with Circassians living in the Homeland,

Adoption of returning of Circassian Diaspora as a governmental task,

Increase of the amount of lectures at schools for Circassian language to %70 with Adyga Khase leadership,

Promotion of expansive usage of the native language together with dissemination of new published books,

Adoption of Circassian as an official language of Kabardino-Balkaria Republic in 1993,

Attempts for intercessory negotiations between Dzhokhar DUDAYEV’S administration and Russian Federation in order to prevent the Russian-Chechen War that started in 11 December 1994,

Demonstrations and rallies against the War,

A Declaration in order to stop the War with the signatures of Duma Members more than 300 in 1995,

Litigation to the Constitutional Court (RF) with the justification that a war is in violation of the Constitution (RF),

Running a weekly newspaper called Khase and issuing a diary for the War in Chechnya,

Applying to the Government with 10.000 signatures in 1998 with a draft bill concerning the definition of ethnic Adygas on all of the official documents as Circassian (in Russian) and Adyga (in Circassian) (Unfortunately, then speaker of the parliament Zaurbiy NEKHUSH who became the Chair man of ICA in 2000 and the President (K-B) Valerie KOKOV have removed this draft bill from the agenda).

Leading to the transformation of street and avenue names into local languages and removal of symbols and monuments derived from the Communist Era,

These endeavors "nationalizing the Republic(s)” had deranged Kremlin and its collaborationists that great oppression were started to be implemented after 1998 on those who had realized these activities.

Adyga Khase activists had been facing oppressions like sacking from job and school, financial suppression, harming relatives, arrogation of properties and threatening with a view to block Adyga Khase.

In 1999, the Minister of Justice of Kabardino-Balkaria Republic has taken judicial proceedings in order to forbid Adyga Khase from dealing with political issues. The Court has rejected this appeal. Opposition of Adyga Khase (the founder member) executives to the efforts in order to make Valerie KOKOV the Chairman of ICA which is the highest representative body of Circassians internationally was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

At this, they attempted to ‘buy’ the executives of Adyga Khase. According to Russian media, employment at the Ministry of Sports and Tourism was offered to the members of the executive board of Adyga Khase in return of the ruler ship of Adyga Khase.

Despite the oppressions, Adyga Khase executives have stood firm.

In this period, fundamental changes had been occurring in the central administration of Russian Federation. KGB trained Vladimir PUTIN became the President of Russian Federation in 1999 as procurer and in 2000 as acting. Nimble fingered Vladimir PUTIN has positioned all of His old colleagues from KGB as key executives in federal bodies. After that, He started an operation which can be called as a ‘counter-revolution’ when considered the rights obtained in 1990s. He muzzled media and pres and shut opposing businessmen in prison, counteracted the Parliament, renationalized the energy sources, etc. Vladimir PUTIN, who abolished all of His dissidents, centralized the power. In parallel with those operations, NGOs were started to be under pacification under the control of the regime.

Although He had no right for the post of Presidency of Kabardino-Balkaria Republic for 3rd time, Valerie KOKOV was nominated as President again by Kremlin illegally. Valerie KOKOV had transformed the Republic into a police state and dominance the way of governance desired by Kremlin by means of Khachim SHOGENOV.

Adyga Khase resisting the regime of Valerie KOKOV had been suppressed with an inelegant operation.

Firstly, an extra-ordinary plenary meeting has been organized on behalf of Adyga Khase by FSB spies. However, according to the Statute, an extra-ordinary plenary meeting could only be organized in case of a demand from 2/3 of the executives.

By disregarding laws, the real powers of Adyga Khase were banished forcibly. Spies like Kosta EFENDIYEV, Hauti SOKHROKO and Mohammed KHAFITZE who have never been a member, had seized the authority of Adyga Khase in a despotic way. People’s representatives like Zaur NALOYEV had been humiliated.

New executives announced that Adyga Khase would hereafter deal with only cultural issues instead of political endeavors by disclaiming former activities.

New executives also designated the delegation of Adyga Khase which would participate in the elections of ICA.

Using similar methods, the General Assembly of ICA have been seized on 25 July 2000. The delegation from Turkey and other guests, who have been informed on the situation, required a commentary from Hauti SOKHROKO. But They were writhed under insults like the sayings of Hauti SOKHROKO: "Do not interlope..! Follow Us or go away..!”. Because of the apology of Hauti SOKHROKO for His blasphemy one night ago during the General Assembly session - the representatives of the member associations (including the delegation from Turkey) who promised the former executives of Adyga Khase that They would question the treatment They’ve faced one night ago, withdrew from that; by abandoning the people whom They promised to claim for natural rights. In this way, they suddenly connived at an illegal coup. Both the Speaker of the Parliament of Kabardino-Balkaria Republic and the regional head of the ruling United Russia Party – Zaurbiy NEKHUSH became the Chairman of ICA. Consequently, ICA became a "controlled” organization and began to be called by both public and media as "Agents Club”.

ICA deserves that name (Agents Club) with its permanent staff FSB (KGB) spies like Anatoly KADZOKOV, Mohammed KHAFITZEV, Vladimir NAKATSEV and BARASBIY BERAZGIYEV as executives.

By the way, we should not forget veteran Alexander OKTA who made a statement on July 2003 to RFERL from Prague as below:

"The statutes of Republics in the Caucasus ought to be eliminated and the peoples should confine themselves with making use of only cultural rights.”

This phrase proves how He’s loyal to Russian imperialism.

The operations of ‘nationalizing’ NGOs in Russian Federation have begun with ICA and Adyga Khase operations in 2000. Communist surplus Nomenclature has guaranteed their posts by the operations in Adyga Khase and ICA, and they have given the message below to ‘iron hand’ V. PUTIN:

"The NGOs both in the Diaspora and the Caucasus are under ‘control’..!”

ICA that could not perform crucial task has become thoroughly dysfunctional, discursive and flippant organization.

For instance, according to the work program dated with 17.08.2003, ICA does not deal with political activities;

"Today, it’s frankly predicated that ICA does not take place in political activities… If a member of ICA in any part of the world wants to enter politics, this ICA member should finish with his/her membership to ICA and establish a political party and then join political struggle”

It is pity and riveting that Zaurbiy NEKHUSH who has the signature under this document, was head of the regional section of the ruling United Russia Party.

This person – Zaurbiy NEKHUSH – had remained in power until the congress of Istanbul in 2006 for two periods, and he has become a Deputy in Duma from United Russia Party in return of his "services”.

At the ineffectual congress of Istanbul in 2006 where participants could not have understood each other, Dzemikh Kasbolet was nominated as the Chairman.

If you summarize activities of ICA since 1991, you encounter a big zero "0”.

Organizations of the people can be only blocked and their expectations be destroyed just like that.

After the distraction of Adyga Khase and ICA, all of the acquisitions gained in previous years have been mislaid; no challenging voice was heard from the greatest Circassian organization against these losses.

Here are the losses during the distraction of Adyga Khase and ICA:

·     Law relevant with the declaration of sovereignty,

·     Law on the condition for the President to be bilingual,

·     Law of Parity,

·     Law preventing outlander immigration to the Republic (K-B),

·     Law and regulations related to the promotion of Returning,

·     %70 diminished broadcasts in native language on TVs and radios,

·     Circassian became optional course at schools instead of compulsory instruction language,

·     By creating visa and passport problems, early returnees have been deporting,

·     The right of Republics to elect their administrative staff has been seized,

Moscow has begun to appoint all of the strategic chairs and posts like presidents, ministers of the interior, president judges, heads of security bodies, heads of tax offices, heads of central bank…

In Kabardino-Balkaria and other republics of the Caucasus, ministry of justice has been cancelled and its authorizations have been transferred to a committee in Rostov on Don,

Local authorities have lost their initiatives on governmental agencies to the advantage of Southern Federal Okrug – Rostov on Don,

Following the tragedy of Beslan in 2004, legal arrangements concerning the appointment of heads of federal units instead of election method,

During putting out a feeler about the integration of the Republic of Adygeya into Krasnodar Kray in the frame of the project on merging federal unites with eachother, ICA has failed with its passive attitude.

Vladimir PUTIN has made a new leap forward to the Caucasus. By falsifying the history, He has signed three distinct decrees under the topic "the 450 years Anniversary of Voluntary Unification with Russia” of three republics where Circassians live in; has led the administrations to organize celebration schedules by granting astronomical financing. Dzemikh Kasbolet – the Chairman of ICA – has approved this falsification by making written representations and ICA has become one of the supporters of the Project with "Forever with Russia..!” slogans.

Even though people perceive that as a distortion of the history and denial of horrific tragedies lived by Circassians, unfortunately they could not express their thoughts because of the lack of a NGO to voice their thoughts.

This process proves that ICA is a collaborationist organization with the task of "keeping communal demands under control”.

Could they curry favor? No, they could not..!

Russia still treats them as "blackheads”.

Last year, Cihan CANDEMIR – the Chairman of Kaf-Fed which combines 56 associations and represents Turkey at ICA – had been kept waiting in airport and two days later deported. Also, the Deputy Chairman of ICA Orhan OZMEN had met with a refusal for entry on the border. Yet, Cengiz GUL – the delegate of ICA and a businessman – was remanded from Rostov on Don Airport.

All of these prove that Russians claim our territories, not our people…


The macro plan of V. PUTIN and His fellows is to exchange the federal system of Russia that bases on ‘ethnic bases with territorial bases like in Germany (The Federal Republic of Germany) and USA. Thereby, a significant progress toward the assimilation of non-Russian ethnicities among Russian nation will be made. Consequently, ‘challenge of nationalities’ that is the continual big problem of Great Russia is going to be resolved. This is the fact behind the scenes of the theatre being planned to be played on the status of the Republic of Adygeya.

The mission adopted today by collaborationist organizations like Adyga Khase and ICA, is to hinder any probable communal opposing movement while Russia implementing its great plan, and to destroy it if any communal opposing movement arises. Today, ICA is very successful about that; they exploit the expectations and energy of the community and "bury” them.

IF Circassian nation cannot get rid of those collaborationist organizations and individuals who split the community and barricading it by noticing this game, shall not keep its hope to exist in the future alive anymore.

I’d like to thank you for your patience and salute you…

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