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APRIL 2009

Jerusalem Post: From The Caucusus To The Galilee

posted by eagle on April, 2009 as CIRCASSIA ADIGA

From the Caucusus to the Galilee

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Window On Eurasia: Is Official Ankara Distancing Itself From The Circassians?

posted by eagle on as CIRCASSIA ADIGA

MONDAY, APRIL 20, 2009

Window on Eurasia: Is Official Ankara Distancing Itself from the Circassians?

Paul Goble

Vienna, April 20 – Turkish government officials at the last moment announced that they would not participate in a long-scheduled conference on relations between Turkey and the Caucasus, a decision that suggests Ankara may have decided to lower its public profile in this area as part of its effort to expand its cooperation with Moscow in the Caucasus.
But if Ankara has indeed decided to do so – and Russian pressure on Turkey has been strong, especially given Moscow’s sensitivities about the Sochi Olympics whose convention many Circassians oppose – Turkish officials are certain to come under increasing pressure from the more than five million Turkish citizens of Circassian descent to reverse this course.
Officials of the Khase Circassian Federation of Turkey (KAFFED) said they were “extremely surprised” that Turkish government officials who earlier had agreed to come ...

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North Caucasus Weekly: Youth Activists Unravel Kremlin Status-Quo In The Circassian Heartland: “The Wind Of Freedom Is Approaching!”

posted by eagle on as CIRCASSIA ADIGA

Youth Activists Unravel Kremlin Status-Quo in the Circassian Heartland: “The Wind of Freedom is Approaching!”

Publication: North Caucasus Weekly 
April 17, 2009 06:35 PM 

Circassian flag

Is the conflict between youth and elders in the Circassian national movements just a generational dispute or is it the beginning of a revolutionary change in the Circassian regions of the North Caucasus? The generational conflict between these groups is now becoming quite obvious, as is the rising distrust on the part of Circassian youth toward anyone or anything that can be associated with the Russian state.

The chain of events in historical Circassia over the past six months strongly indicates that the political landscape in the Circassian region of the North Caucasus is dramatically changing. Political activity in the republics of the North Caucasus where Circassian ethnic groups are present is no longer following its historical pattern: although the pro-Russian rhetoric that is traditional for this region ...

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CK: Nemtsov: Sochi Olympiad Is A Catastrophic Threat For The City

posted by eagle on as CIRCASSIA ADIGA

Nemtsov: Sochi Olympiad is a catastrophic threat for the city

apr 14 2009, 23:40

The Olympiad in Sochi can bring a catastrophe to this city; it should be either decentralized or rejected - this is the conclusion of the report published yesterday, on April 13, by Boris Nemtsov, a candidate for Sochi Mayor, and economist Vladimir Milov.

The authors of the report, who are members of the United Democratic Movement "Solidarity", emphasize that they stand for "successful 2014 Winter Olympic Games to be held in Russia." However, in their opinion, "today, the Olympic dream is rapidly escaping out of the hands of Sochi residents, and the whole Russia is at risk to lose both the 2014 Olympic Games and the seaside resort."

The Sochi's intricate mountain relief causes the need to build plenty of mountain tunnels and bridges within its transport infrastructure. It is very expensive, and, the main thing, very long: for example, ...

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posted by eagle on as CIRCASSIA ADIGA

21.02.2009 19:14 
The Reports and the Testimonies About Russian - Circassian War and the Circassian Genocide

Grand Duke Michael
: “We wouldn’t leave our duties thinking that Mountaineers are not surrendering. To wipe out the half, the other half needed to be destroyed.”

Caucasia Armies General Staff Head Milyutin: “We should send the Mountaineers by force to the places we want. If we need, we should deport/exile them to Don region. Our main goal is to settle Russians in the regions on the skirts of Caucasian Mountains. But we shouldn’t let the Mountaineers know about this.”

In the letter Earl Yevdokimov sent to the Ministry of War in October 1863 he said: “Now we have to clean the coastal strip as part of our plan for the conquest of West Caucasia” (from the State History Archives).

Russian Historian Sulujiyen: “We wouldn’t abandon our ...

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