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Compromising the Circassian Homeland, Once More!!!

posted by eagle on September, 2013 as CIRCASSIA ADIGA

Compromising the Circassian Homeland, Once More!!!

Adel Bashqawi

22, September, 2013

The importance of homeland and its fate was never for Circassians a form of political essay or a subject of bargaining, but it has always been and will persist, the most precious asset that a Circassian human being owns, and it is redeemed by hearts and souls, which is considered an identity, affiliation, soil, sky, air and safety; and that dedicate Winston Churchill’s words: "Homeland is a good tree which doesn’t grow except in the soil of sacrifices and will be watered with sweat and blood”. Circassians also believe in what Voltaire had said: "the homeland’s bread is better than cake of alienation”.

Various, multiple and strange parties have persevered through following intrusive, opportunist, despicable and sometimes frantic methods and means, to jump on human and national rights that pertain to the Circassian nation which do not tolerate trading, evasiveness or flattering, and considering that the causes for the Circassian national catastrophe is the interference of greedy countries from all directions which had meddled in the affairs of the Circassian nation in a blatant and arrogant means, what led to determine the fate of a nation that endured bitterness as a result of a fierce war that destroyed everything, which effected and contributed in exposing the reality and the future of Circassia, the historic homeland of a long-standing and deeply rooted nation in the history of the Caucasus Region for more than six thousand years, in the midst of rare bitter defense, to the consequences of ripping off the homeland and to expose its people to murder and extermination as an inevitable result of the bloodshed and loss of innocent lives in "end justifies means” attitude, by assassination, treacherous, slaughter, burning , drowning, foreign occupation and forced deportation, which led to the loss of the homeland for some time for the benefit of the colonialists’ greediness and acquisition; but "falseness lasts an hour, and truth lasts till Judgment Day”.

While most of the Circassians were deported away, and deprived from their right to live freely in their own homeland for the last 150 years, the rest had to endure occupation, while watching the Circassian homeland with their own eyes being exposed to rupture, division, fragmentation and change of identity, in different periods of various successive Russian regimes since the Tsarist obnoxious rule. The partition was described as for administrative measures, which placed Circassians under the circumstances of a bitter de facto imposed on them, to live in scattered locations developed and described as autonomous areas and/or republics in different parts of the homeland of origin, with the assertion that not all those so-called administrative regions are connected with each other!

The Russian authorities have ignored and neglected until the present time, the serious thought to find a reasonable and acceptable solution for the Circassian Question in accordance with the legal, legitimate international and humanitarian fundamentals, in addition, authorities play blindfold about the case and all the consequences that have resulted which need essential solutions. Underestimating tragedies that befell on an ancient nation that is deep-rooted in the history of the Caucasus, even though it had reached the extent of genocide, ethnic cleansing and forced deportation that led to the elimination of half of the Circassian nation during the Russian unjust war waged throughout the 101 years, which Circassians had strived to defend the homeland by the available limited capabilities until  the war had reached to an end on 21, May, 1864, when numbers prevailed over courage. Circassia and other Caucasus nations had suffered as a result of the war which ended with the occupation of the entire North Caucasus in the nineteenth century, as the effects of that are still lie in front of us until today; but there is an important difference between what happened to the Circassian nation and what happened to the other nations! The result is that other nations such as Chechnya, Dagestan and even Abkhazia in addition to others, still exist and can be confirmed through the accessible maps; however Circassia was obliterated and even deleted from the map! Why all this injustice, oppression, the intended abuse and the persistence of denial of rights as configured no statute of limitations, which a combination of all those mentioned, means disregard of the Circassian Question altogether?

In another matter, various media have published recently news about the Saudi Prince Bandar Bin Sultan, Head of Saudi Arabian intelligence during a visit to the Russian Federation and his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, he presented attractive offers for the Russian leadership in the form of a deal that included generous offers worth tens of billions of dollars poured like rain, which included for example, but not limited to, political, military economic and security matters that relate in a process of barter of positions and interests in order to obtain mutual concessions that include Syria, Iran, Egypt and other interests. According to the mentioned media, the talks that took place in one of Putin’s houses on the outskirts of the Russian capital city addressed topics including terrorism, the situation in Egypt, deals of sale of Russian weapons between the two sides, joint investment and economical cooperation, which includes oil and gas "in the fields of the establishment of refineries and petrochemical industries” (


The Russian President’s response, the proposals presented or other details on the margin of the meeting will not be repeated in this context, but what matters the circumstance of this article is the part that concerns the Caucasus, where the same source reported, that the Saudi prince said in overall what he told Putin: " on the Black Sea next year. The Chechen groups that threaten the security of the games are under our control which did not move towards the Syrian territories, except in coordination with us. These groups do not scare us. We use them it in the face of the Syrian regime and will not have any role or influence in the political future of Syria>.”!!! How a guarantee to protect the Olympic Games in Sochi is granted, when it is the last capital of Free Circassia before its occupation by Czarist Russia, which will be held in February of next year? What would Chechnya have to do with a Circassian subject, and why shuffling cards as such? That seems like offering property of others that necessarily lead to entanglement and loss of rights by misplacing them! We will not complete here to the end of the pledge (protection), submitted to Putin, that because the Syrian affairs overall, are not of a Circassian concern. Hence, neither Circassians nor logic would accept that bargains on Circassia are offered in the absence of the prerogative of indigenous owners, and "withhold the truth will never be possible”.

In a related subject and in the midst of the rush of oil-producing countries to invest in Russia, it can be noted that agreements in the field of investment, where investors from the United Arab Emirates, specifically Dubai, had signed agreements in Sochi on the Black Sea to attract $ 800 million of investments from the United Arab Emirates and were signed during the month of September of 2010, and to focus on the importance of that, Putin personally attended the signing ceremony when he was a prime minister (, another example was investing $ 300 million by Damac of Dubai (,, and what was recently announced in the Kremlin that "Abu Dhabi expects to deposit five billion dollars in a joint investment fund with the Russian authorities in order to finance infrastructure projects in Russia”, which falls in increasing the volume of the Arab investments in Russia (, in addition,  "Russia Today" published in July, 2007, on its Website that one of the other large projects involving Arab investors in Russia, is the artificial island project located opposite to Sochi called "Federalism” in an area of ​​250 hectares (



All reasonable and intellectual people realize that rightness, legitimacy, legality and justice are natural acquired rights since the birth of any human being, which are not privileges or awards distributed by selective generous and influential authorities, however it must be emphasized that the way to freedom and dignity is not furnished with roses and jasmine; but "God helps those who help themselves” as submitting to "fait accompli” is weakness, surrender, defeatism and escape from reality. In that context and sense, Tagore had said: {Asks the Possible of the Impossible, "Where is your dwelling-place?” "In the dreams of the Impotent,” comes the answer.} Circassians’ destiny had always been the duty of defending their homeland against greedy invaders, but the duty placed on their shoulders, requires them to address the civilized world, and to unite in unprecedented solidarity, in order to raise their claims, to restore confiscated rights for the purpose of reinstating their civil and legitimate rights, in accordance with the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights”. Problems that were created by Tsarist Russia should be solved out, which are still growing as a snow-ball until the present time. The implementation of the International Law, De-colonization, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the right of all nations in self determination, and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples are due!

Published on: Circassian Genocide Survivors on Face Book

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