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Declaration of Circassia of Independence

posted by eagle on March, 2013 as CIRCASSIA ADIGA

Declaration of Circassia of Independence  

Some known circles persisted to spread malicious lies about Circassia the Motherland and the nation, which tried and still to broadcast news of a suspicious objectives including that Circassians never had political entity at all, and they never thought of that before, while forgetting and pretending to forget that the Circassian tribes were able to coordinate with one another to repel invaders attacks across their long history, and there were national, cultural and joint defense ties, so they managed to repel the enemies for hundreds of years until the Russian Tsarist tyrants became able to mobilize hundreds of thousands of mercenaries and they committed their largest massacre of perpetrating genocide in the nineteenth century and that of reliable historians’ estimate, which resulted in the Circassian tragedy without delving details in this area. Although it must show what Circassian leaders had agreed as the European newspapers published in the year 1835 about their "Declaration of independence” of Circassia during that year, as stated in the documents that have been obtained from the Russian archives: "V.M. Atalikova Publications, See: Living antiquities. 1992. № 2. Pp 20-23”, and has been recently translated into several languages, which the in following there are some parts of the translated script:
"The Caucasians are not Russian subjects and are not even in peace with Russia, but for many years now are embroiled in war with it, going through this war without any assistance. They never received any assistance or support from any government. While the Sultan, as the spiritual head of the Muslims, exercises his rule in these areas, the residents of the Black Sea Coast, whom are professing that belief, were left to protect themselves on their own, and recently the Ports betrayed them repeatedly and left them without any assistance. One Pasha opened the gates of Anapa in return for the Muscovites gold (Russians gold) he received, telling the Circassians that the Russians came as friends to support the Sultan against the rebellion of Armenian Leaders. Another Pasha again betrayed them and abandoned them all at a sudden.”

"Since then, the Circassians repeatedly sent their deputies to the Sultan, expressing their loyalty and asking for assistance, but they were greeted bluntly. With the same manner they turned to Persia, and finally to Mohamed Ali, who accepted their loyalty, but refused to help.”

"Our mountains have been the stronghold of Persia and Turkey, and without them it can be an accessible gateway to both countries, for those mountains is not only a cover for them, they represent a door to the home, which only by closing it the heart is protected.”

"But, in fact, Circassian blood flows in the Sultan’s veins. His mother is a Circassian, his Harem consist of Circassian women; also his Ministers and Generals. He’s the Leader of our faith, as well as our people, he captures our hearts, and we offer him our total commitment and loyalty. We are asking, in the name of all those connections and relations, for his sympathy and support, and if he refuses or he is unable to protect our children and citizens, let them consider the grandchildren of the Crimean khans that are living among us.”

”Those were the words of our deputies that they were entrusted to say but were not heard. This wouldn’t have happened if the Sultan knew how many hearts and swords he could have lead, if he only ended his friendship with the Muscovites.  

We know that Russia is not the only state in the world, we know that there are greater states than Russia, and in spite their great power, they are build with goodwill, they educate the ignorant and protect the weak, and they do not enjoy friendly relations with Russia, but rather feuding with it, while they are not enemies to the Sultan but actual friends.”

"And later on, we learned – while feeling enormously insulted- that on European maps, our country is marked as a part of Russia, and treaties that we know nothing about were signed by Russia and Turkey, wants to convey those warriors - of which Russia tumbles -and the mountains– which the Russians never set foot in -and Russia tells the West that the Circassians are its slaves; barbaric wild bandits whom cannot be shown leniency, and no law can curb them.”  

We solemnly express our protest in front of God against such tricks and deceptions; we answer word for word, the word of truth against mendacity. For the past 40 years we resisted their attacks victoriously with weapons in hands. the blood we shed was the ink that marked our independence and made it legitimate, enclosing signatures of people who do not know anything higher or more important than their country's decision, people who do not understand the subtle arguments, but know and will use their weapons when the Russians come holding their own weapons against them.

What kind of force can expel us from here? Our loyalty is offered to the Sultan, but if he stays at peace with Russia then he cannot accept it while Circassia is at war with Russia. Our loyalty is a voluntary; he cannot sell since it was never bought.

Let the great nation such as England, which our eyes and hands turned to, not think about us at all, if we are unjust or not. Let it refuse any hearsay from cunning Russians before it refuses to hear the cries of Circassian. Let them judge those people for themselves, whom are called "wild and barbaric”, from their actions not from Fabrications.

We are 4,000,000 people, but unfortunately, we are divided into many tribes, languages and faiths, we have different customs, traditions, interests, alliances and divisions. We also never shared the same goal, but we had a semblance of government and custom subordinated commands. The leader elected by each tribe during war, has all the powers, and our senior princes manage each area according to their own customs, with a great authority that you cannot even see in any great neighboring country, but since we do not have one leader, we chose a foreign leader that controls the whole Eastern area. So we voluntarily accept the domination of the Crimean khans, then the Sultan of Constantinople, being our spiritual Leader.  

When Russia seized part of our land and won top everywhere, it tried to lower our rank into slaves, recruiting us in its army and making us shed our sweat and blood for their own enrichment. Forced to fight on Russia’s behalf and enslave more people for it even our compatriots and fellow believers. Therefore, hatred grew among us, and bloodshed will not cease, otherwise we would have been subjected by the Muscovite leader long time ago.  

It would have been a sad and long story to be told, full of brutality and violations of oaths and promises, how Russia surrounded our country from all sides, cutting us from the necessary means of life, as it interrupted our trade and relinquished the last remnants of our homes to their hired assassins and left us without a Leader to follow. How it destroyed entire tribes and villages, and how it bribed the Turkish treacherous agents, and led us to poverty and drove us to hatred and irritation with the world; due to the horrors of which it permitted, while inflicting shame upon us with lies in the eyes of the Christian nations of Europe.  

We lost whole tribes, which used to collect hundreds of thousands of soldiers under their banners, but we were all finally united, as one, in the hatred of Russia. 200,000 people from our people only are subordinated to it in this long struggle; and of the remaining none serve Russia voluntarily. Many children were abducted, and many children of the nobles were taken hostages, but at the first opportunity they fled back to their country. Among us there are people who enjoy the grace and respect of the emperor, but who chose this benefit imperiled their mother country.

Among us there are thousands of Russians who preferred our "barbarity” over their country’s "civilization”. Russia built a fortress on our land, but they do not provide security beyond the reach of their artilleries; 50,000 Russians recently invaded us, and they were defeated.  

Only by weapon, but not by words, this country can be seized. If Russia conquers us, it would not be with weapons, but by the suppression of our communications and the use of Turkey and Persia as if they already belonged to it. It would be due to its siege for our coasts and destroying not only our ships but also the friendly ships that anchor in our coast, preventing us from buying salt and gunpowder plus other necessary martial products, not to mention confiscating our hope.

In spite of all that, we are independent and we are fighting and winning. The Emperor Representative, who presents us to Europe as his slaves, and who notes on our country’s map as his own, recently started negotiations with the Circassians, not to stop our resistance, but to trade 20,000 people that we’ve captured, and arrange a prisoner's exchange. "

Source: Adyga Abaza

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