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In Response to Deception Clinging By "Russia Today"

posted by eagle on October, 2012 as CIRCASSIA ADIGA

In Response to Deception Clinging By "Russia Today"

By: Adel Bashqawi

2, October, 2012

In a series of interviews conducted by the "Russia Today" Satellite TV Channel with Mr. Mohiuddin Quandour, the third consecutive interview was broadcasted in 7, September, 2012, entitled "Diaspora Circassians and the Homeland" in relation to matters described as relating to the Circassian Question, but it came in a different frame and with somewhat different introduction, began by noting that the interview this time took place at the location called "the International Center for Circassian Studies" in the Jordanian capital, Amman, which the interviewer from "Russia Today” Channel, Sargon Hedaya, in his program called "Between the Lines", where he presented the interview: "Dear viewers, I greet you from the International Center for Circassian Studies in the Jordanian capital, Amman, we continue today, the talk with the Circassian thinker and historian Mohiuddin Quandour. The dialogue began which came this time in a more cautious manner in selecting words descriptions!

I would list my comments supported by links when possible, numbered according to the points deemed to concentrate on, in terms of impact on the course of the interview.

The first question came from the interviewer: "Dr. Mohiuddin, at a beginning, now we are located in the International Center for Circassian Studies, what are the reasons that made you establish it, and why”?

The answer came: "In fact, two years ago a very large meeting was held in Amman that relates to the Circassian language and the preservation of the Circassian language and the invited were academicians from Russia, the Circassian territories in Russia, America, Europe and from all over the world (that) relate to the Circassians. It was decided at this meeting to establish an international center for Circassian studies, but unfortunately the Circassian Charity Association is a charity association, that you couldn’t resume this subject, to raise this issue in an academic format and to establish it. After nearly a year of waiting, patience concluded and decided to open myself this center to do these works that relate to Circassian culture”. (1)

In question for "Russia Today”: "How does this center contribute to support the relations between the Diaspora Circassians particularly present in Jordan and between the Motherland in Russia”? The answer comes that "the real rich Circassian culture, the Circassian treasures, the culture are situated in Motherland", and adds that there is "sustainability, we have trips, they come and we go, specialist professors in languages, ​​specialists" in what he called "the problem of Circassian languages", he adds, "and I say languages, as we really have languages, not one united language”. (2)

Then went on to answer: "I think the sustainability between the Circassian Diaspora, not only Jordan but as Diaspora in general with Motherland is very important to ensure the continuity of work in the field ... in the Circassian cultural field ... we have problems, language problems, some quasi-political problems”, "and added, in the year 1991, 20 years ago, the International Circassian Organization (probably meant International Circassian Association) was founded in Nalchik, in the Motherland, and this institution contains all Circassian associations and institutions around the world, and they hold a meeting (...) annually, and they study the situation of the Circassians ... concerning the Circassian culture, also the political situation of the Circassians, and this association, its last meeting was last May ... it means this year, they celebrated the 20 years; the sole work of this association is only to link all the official Circassian bodies in the world”. (3)

On the interviewer’s question, the representative of "Russia Today” TV Channel: "To what extent does it succeed”? The interviewee replied that until now he  didn’t have luck of anticipated success, and goes far that "desires of Diaspora Circassians are difficult requests, and sometimes unrealistic”, and continues that from his own point of view, "our homeland is in the Russian Federation”, "it is of our advantage in Diaspora as Circassians that our relationship with the Russian Federation would be excellent, in order to help our brothers in the homeland”, and continues, "in Motherland they can also help us in the Diaspora, especially in the cultural aspect, languages and rich cultural production in the motherland”! (4)

The interviewee answers that "the film has shown us tremendous accomplishment that we did not imagine its success, it got several international awards and got that also in the Motherland, it had an enormous reception and great success, and they gave us also prizes in the Motherland; and in Moscow it was presented in Moscow (Film) Festival”, and added that the film received at Monaco International Festival a number of awards, and adds that "the film was not successful only for the Circassians, but with my humble glance, it began to let the world know the word Circassians and where they are from, and who are the Circassians”, because according to him, the world did not know about the Circassians, and adds, "when they watch the film, they start feel that there is a people called Circassian, and there is a people that got history, got a story, got habits and traditions, and that helps us in the future, in our future, we Circassians, when we take a long glance, at means our hope ... Our hope as Circassians that one day we return to Motherland. "If we do not return, our children would return, our grandchildren would return”! (5)

On a question about the possibility of the existence of adverse migration to the Circassian Diaspora countries who had returned home, and the possibility of the existence of investments there, the interviewee replied that after "the dissolution of the Soviet state a new migration began especially from Turkey and they opened factories in the country, and here are Turkish businessmen working now in Maypop and in Nalchik; from Jordan went a few have returned to the country”. (6)

The interviewer continues by asking: "What are the reasons”? Answers the interviewee, "first new Russian law says: that in order to become  ... to obtain Russian citizenship, you must speak Russian, and they apply that on residency, which became difficult for Circassians, Diaspora Circassians think to return and reside at Motherland. For these reasons, and these are political reasons; it means that there are problems happened, we all aware of it, the problems of the war in Chechnya. All those problems had caused Russian intolerance in regard to Circassians living in the Arab region”. (7)

The interviewer asks: "Talking about a Russian intolerance, there is also on other hand intolerance among young Circassian in dealing with the Russian Federation? Mean the problem is from two sides, how do you see the way out of this crisis”?

The answer comes: "Look extremism is bad in any case, we have youths, it can be said, if they allow me, reckless, the youths are reckless, and their demands are difficult, their demands are difficult, but there are wise – people – in Circassian Diaspora,  who are looking for ways and means to address the Russian parliament and to address the Russian government to solve historical problems, and to solve fundamental problems, and this is the only way that we could approach and succeed in what we desire, which is not to Circassian people get lost in the Diaspora, or perhaps for the Circassian people to return to its native Motherland”. (8)

Then the representative of "Russia Today” asks: "You as Circassians in Diaspora, how do you look at the reality the Circassians inside (at homeland)? How do you look at the construction boom in the Circassian republics within the Russian Federation”?

Answers the interviewee: "Of course not all Circassians know the ‘thing’ that you are saying, actually became a renaissance had occurred in the last four - five years in the Republic of Kabardino - Balkaria, and in the Republic of Adygea, a construction boom, and there are Circassians from Jordan had invested, they created companies in Maikop, for example, it means they have invested in this construction. Of course we look lovingly and we are very pleased that there is progress in Motherland, of course this progress wouldn’t take place without the Russian Federal assistance”. And "Russia Today" representative participates in answering: "the central authority ..." and the interviewee completes: "the central authority ... the three republics always call Diaspora Circassians to invest in the work, trade, linking ..., and by finding relations between the Circassians of the Motherland and the Circassians in the Diaspora”.

And the representative of "Russia Today” participates: "to Link the sons of the same people ...” Thereby the interviewee continues: Oh, connect, indeed, recently I mean, I can say that there has been a serious shift in this area, there is relation that are semi-excellent relations, I can’t say excellent, semi-excellent; there are historical problems, I personally believe, they are the cause of anger of the Circassian youths in Diaspora, if you like, I would tell you the reasons”, the interviewer said, go ahead, then the interviewee continued: "Look, at the Soviets’ times, the folk, the people, the Circassian folk to four nationalities: Kabarday, Adigha, Cherkisk, and Shapsough. Legally (by law) they became four nationalities, the same folk. Then they founded two official languages for these four peoples, the Adigha language and the kabarday - Cherkisk language, as they call them. These create problems, not just linguistic, not just political, they create problems to Diaspora Circassians, that means psychological problems, because they to do not realize the causes and conditions that have occurred at the time. Why did it happen? And how did it happen? We in Diaspora, must ask the Russian parliament and the Russian government to change this situation, how? Not by cheering and extremism, but by rationality; And I believe that we can change the bad situation and I say the bad, means I give you a small instance, a book is published in Nalchik in Kabarday language, must be translated into the Adigha language to be published in Maykop. This is not reasonable, while in Arabic for an example, a book published in Riyadh will be read in Morocco, it will be read in all the Arab world, this causes a problem ... It causes a problem for us, because we have a school, for example; now at school, what should we teach? What accent should we teach? Because we have two divided ones; we want to standardize the language, standardization of language is necessary, and without the help of cultural institutions in the Motherland, language cannot be standardized. We in Diaspora cannot unite (standardize) the language.

"Russia Today” asks: "I want to ask you, what can you present to Motherland as Diaspora Circassians”?

Answers the interviewee: "We expect Russia to look at the Diaspora Circassians as if they were, as they look at Russians who are in the U.S. Diaspora, the Israeli Diaspora or any other Diaspora, until now they don’t have this view, and we ask them to look at us as Russian Circassian Diaspora”. (9)

"Russia Today” representative asks: "What can you offer”?

The interviewee answers: We ... It means the economical and political dimensions for the Circassian Diaspora is there, exists, we as we mentioned in the past, our population is approximately, if we say 10 million, 10 million people (huge), and we Circassians, are in Diaspora in very strong political positions, in very strong economical positions, it means, for example, I'm with talking the most about Turkey, because in Turkey are most the millionaires in the Circassian world, who are  present in Turkey, the have billionaires and tremendous economy, the have enormous potentials, they can enter into the Russian market, and they have already entered, they have entered the Russian market, but in a very narrow form, if the official Russian relationship improves with the Circassian Diaspora to an acceptable degree for Circassians in Diaspora, the door is open for the development of very good relations, very good”. (10)

The interviewer asks: "How do you see the problems that occur? Created in the (Russian) North Caucasus, talking about the Chechen war here, talking about terrorist operations that occur, you abroad, how do you see these lesions affecting your Motherland”?

The interviewee answers: "This is a question ... I mean semi-political, because we realize and know that the role of the foreign role, the external role in the Caucasus problems Caucasus is present, quite frankly, I can say that an Islamic state funded terrorists in the Caucasus, a Muslim country, I do not talk about Americans, Islamic state, I know ... there is documents, It means, the super powers always compete, they compete in a manner to cause problems for the other countries, and for the West, the Caucasus is an open space, and I do not have a doubt that they use some reckless Circassians as a tool to cause problems to the Russian Federation, to the Russian government; I, we already said, how could a Circassian benefit of killing another writer or a Circassian thinker, unless he is directed from abroad or he was paid, or he personally benefits, there is no national cause, that means it is not logical, we, two months ago, one of the most prominent Circassian titles in the Caucasus, was murdered, and there is no reason for the murder, except creating confusion and trouble”. (11)

"Russia Today” representative asks: "How these problems can be solved? How reckless youths that you talked about can be aware”?

Answers the interviewee: "This one of the goals of the center, awareness, we know the strength of Cinema and Television, and we work to employ this technology to make the Circassian youths aware. We are at the beginning of the journey, we have programs, documentary films that we will produce, we have programs to produce linguistic films that teach the Circassian language on discs, we have programs to explain our precious ancient customs and traditions, and to make the Circassian youths realize the importance of our connection with Motherland, the bilateral support I want to say between the Motherland Circassians and Diaspora Circassians, otherwise we will get lost in Diaspora”. (12)

"Russia Today” asked: "Is there any forces play to beat the relationship between Russia and the Circassians in Diaspora”?

The interviewee answers: "Of course, of course there is”. (13)

"Russia Today” representative back to ask: "Did they succeed in that”?

The interviewee answers: "In the Motherland they succeeded to some extent, outside Motherland, up to my knowledge they did not succeed with the Circassians, Diaspora Circassians did not accept, even the reckless youths that we are talking, young Circassians, nationalists, who believe in Circassian nationalism, Circassian culture, and the authentic Circassian customs, now way they would trade their conscience for the benefit of other super powers”. (14)

"Russia Today” representative asks: "Now, how do you see the way out of the case of loss between the Diaspora Circassians and the Circassians inside? You are saying movies, but is it possible to talk about larger international gatherings, groupings, efforts to gather the Diaspora”?

The interviewee answers: "Gathering Diaspora movements now is improbable especially in modern technology, social networks, and there is many youth movements, very important and very logical, as I stated formally we have the association or the World Circassian Foundation (probably he meant International Circassian Association) that exists in Nalchik, this connects all matters and other associations, we don’t have like a political lobby, we don’t have a political assembly because we in Jordan we don’t think politically except as Jordanians, Circassians in Syria the same thing, Circassians in America the same thing, it means we don’t have an assembly, for example, such as Armenians or Kurds, there is no political gathering in mind”. (15)

"Russia Today” representative asks: "Is there a support from the federal center in Russia for the Circassian culture, and Circassian habits in the Circassian republics within the Russian Federation”?

Replies the interviewee: "Of course there is support, of course, in the republics there in the Ministry of Culture, this supported the federal Russian budget, and it didn’t support it wouldn’t be found, it means the support is for sure, we know this subject, and we would like also to let the Diaspora know, we want to help our brothers in Motherland on continuity in developing culture, language, language problems and solving the problems of the language, and this will not be solved except through dialogue and by setting certain programs that are acceptable to the other party, that is the Russian parliament”. (16)


The end of the interview


(1)  It must be noted here that the Centre referred as he personally founded is not know by many, especially that it was described as "an international center for Circassian studies", also no one was invited to the conference from Europe and "America”, and with regard to what has been said about the decision of establishing an international center for Circassian studies, the donation announced regarding the intention of the Republic of Kabardino - Balkaria to present to contribute to the establishment of the center has not been fulfilled in a timely manner; however the Circassian Charity Association thankfully established a center for Circassian studies, one of the finest Circassian academicians had been appointed as a director, invitations were sent to those who are interested for an official grand opening, and a dedicated electronic site was established for the center in record time, some parties however, that did not like to establish a center in this importance and this important area worked either directly or indirectly to thwart this pioneer project and so it was, therefore it was of priority to contribute to support a center that belongs to the Circassian Association, instead of uniqueness of the work which will not be known for its limited activities by many. Also, the Jordanian Association of Caucasus Circassians Friends had worked to establish "Circassia Center for Studies”.

(2)  Where he completed that "this issue can be addressed later on”. I would like to say that the Adiga language which he called "Circassian" is one homogeneous language, and it got known origins, but there are rolling accents used by various contents of each in own surroundings and environment and never reaches to the degree of launching inaccurate description, which can be wrongly understood!

(3)  The sustainability between Diaspora (alienation, as described by both interviewer and interviewee) and Motherland is necessary, not in" the cultural field "only, but in all walks of life, and the existence of problems and obstacles is there, but he did not clarify what are the problems of quasi-political nature”! With regard to the International Circassian Association, which was called by the interviewee as "International Circassian Organization”, which was founded in Nalchik on date 21, 1991, and the recent month of May marked its 21 years anniversary of its founding by the patriot Circassians after they decided with the presence of 61 delegates in Holland between 04-06, May, 1990, to hold that founding meeting in Nalchik to announce about a Circassian body works to coordinate to posit matters affecting the supreme Circassian interests that must be addressed. Saying that it is a Foundation "containing all the Circassian associations and institutions around the world”, the information is not accurate because they are not official as was mentioned, because (the official body is distinguished with a governmental character as per the established rules”, and all Circassian institutions in Diaspora are civil and non-governmental organizations, and there is no trace for what he called a study for "the political situation too”, and it should be known that not all Circassian associations and institutions in the world are members with the International Circassian Association.

(4)  I ascertain that the interviewee did not look in this trend a comprehensive view at the stuck matters that have not started and will not end in the fact that the Circassians in Motherland could not get their full rights as indigenous peoples in the Russian Federation (and in accordance with Russian ordinance rules) and there important items in the Russian Constitution relating to citizens’ fundamental rights are totally suspended. And he continues, "The International Center for Circassian Studies has started producing the first Circassian film in the Circassian language. 

(5)  This answer got two dimensions, the first, the film, where many Circassians have considered that the film does not meet what should be the way that such work should meet in terms of form and content, because the story which is supposed to be realistic, had narrated about a relationship that was impossible to occur at that time, as well as there was fabrication of things did not occur except in the imagination of who wanted to change the facts, as if the Circassian nation had entirely emerged from homeland on a picnic, as fake information was provided, that did not turn in the imagination of those who came up with the information contained in the film, to the point of showing a different map of fabricated track of the Circassian deportees, which the film insisted to describe them as immigrants, in which the report’s introduction mentioned that they "came”. He mentioned that the first Circassians had arrived to Jordan by Hejaz train railroad, and this is categorically wrong, because deportation of Circassians from their homeland had begun before the year 1860 where numbers had increased later on to reach unprecedented numbers in the year 1864 and beyond, because their displacement did not occur by the Hejaz railroad, which had been executed and inaugurated after the year 1900 AD, which construction work had been initiated in the year 1900 and was opened in the year 1908, and continued operating until the year 1916 as a result of the First World War. The film had bluntly ignored the genocide suffered by the Circassian nation, as well as the occupation of the country Circassian who was the direct cause of all the tragedies suffered by the Circassian nation. The second dimension is what was said about the desired message of such a film, which is in contradiction with the accusation of film executer in his response to the previous question when he said, "demands of Diaspora Circassians are difficult demands, and sometimes unreasonable”, and what has repeatedly described himself during the three episodes, to deal only with cultural matters and went to the extent of accusing some Circassians by launching false accusations against them such as recklessness, extremism and the effect on relations between countries if they called for what he tried mentioning in this field, and I repeat what he said: "Our hope as Circassians that one daywe return to the Motherland”. "If we don’t return, our children would return, our grandchildren would return”!

(6)  He pointed out that the return in the beginning was easy, but Circassians did not seize that opportunity that loomed during the rule of former Russian President Boris Yeltsin, and he acknowledges that there is now a difficulty for those who want to return to his homeland. It should be added that the constraints placed by the influential people at the time, whether at homeland or in Diaspora have contributed to the non-delivery of news or circulate to the general public Circassians!

(7)  Here the interviewee at last recognizes that the reluctance of Circassians to return to homeland is the Russian intransigence (what he called Russian intolerance) and the obstacles that are placed in front of those who want to repatriate to homeland, as well as what was called "Russian intolerance” against "Circassians living in the Arab region is not accurate, because Russian intolerance, intransigence and hostile attitudes is against all Circassians whether in Turkey, the Arab region or elsewhere. It should be noted also in this context that the Russian state that is controlling the Circassian territories in the North Caucasus refuses and exaggerates in its refusal to allow the Circassians in Syrian Diaspora to return to Motherland despite the dangers they are exposed to by the existing civil war in Syria at the present time.

(8)  How this description by both interlocutors where they both consensus that there is intolerance on the Russian Federation’s side, and from the side of what they called the Circassian youths in dealing with the Russian Federation, as this accusation is void altogether, and matters must be described in their descriptions and without bias to the Russian side in this regard, as the Circassian youths, if they come to hold purely academic conferences and forums to discuss the Circassian affairs and what Circassian reality has devolved to, and to talk about the prospects for the future, that comes for the sake of knowledge in matters and information that some parties have tried for long to obliterate and hide. The causative of intolerance is the party that wants to keep things as they are, but even causing matters worse to avoid reaching to a situation where forced to comply with the mind and logic. The party that is causative of material and moral harm must recognize what it committed or the party it represents whoever it was. All this and we didn’t yet pay attention to what the Russian extremist organizations which is backed directly or indirectly by known parties and by the Russian security authorities and their launching hostile slogans against Caucasians in Moscow (supposed to be the Federal Capital) and other areas; of the known slogans that they chant is "Russia for Russians”! So how accusations are heaped haphazardly, while recognition of Circassian legitimate rights and Circassian Genocide were not recognized, and the continuous plans to hold Sochi absurd Olympic Games to be held in the year 2014 on the graves and grave yards of heroes who defended their homeland with most precious and most valued, were not dismissed?! I would like to add here also news about the exposure of the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Kabardino - Balkaria "Zaur Totov" for a racist attack in Moscow on date 02, April, 2006 by Russian Slavs as was reported by RIA Novosti news agency, and the attackers were beating him savagely while screaming that "Russia for Russians", and appeared as reported by news agencies: "The police arrived shortly after that, but did nothing to prevent the attackers from escaping, as the spokeswoman for the Head of Kabardino – Balkaria, Jamila Kagarovo citing people observed the attack. Totov was taken to hospital for treatment of wounds he was”! And who is behind the intolerance when Putin himself visits Spartak Club’s fans in Moscow and shows incitement to the security forces against Caucasians? And what happened to the Circassian, Aslan Cherkesov from Nalchik / Kabardino – Balkaria, when he tried to defend himself legitimately against dozens of Spartak fans who beat him and wanted to eliminate him?

(9)  It's good that the answer did not come as a request for Russia to consider "us" into compassion! How does the interviewee wants to change his skin or his spots to be according to what he wanted, a "Russian" this time, Circassians were deported from their homeland Circassia, because they are not from the ethnicity that the ethnic Russian occupiers are or their mercenaries, "A leopard cannot change its spots”.

(10)               But it goes absent from some people’s minds that the Russian colonial policy looks at matters in pure selfishness, and does not want the Circassians to think of returning to their homeland, not in any form, even if it was economical.

(11)               It is good to know who those murderers are and who is backing them up?

(12)               In fact, we must look at matters in a way that more comprehensive, even if it is slightly, if we look at the method followed to treat youths and to torture they are exposed to, we would know many things, the most important of them provocation perpetrated by some security forces when dealing with people, where an image of a young man from Nalchik can be seen before and after the torture. (

(13)               It appears on the horizon that there are forces cannot be described as hidden are working on the Circassian ground in order to keep vestiges of the past as they are, and even they work to increase the gap between the Circassians and others especially the Russians, by dealing with the Circassians, particularly the returnees, in superiority, and brutal and inhuman methods as happened with Haci Bayram Bolat and his story with the security agencies and the Russian authorities (

(14)               The subject is neither major nor minor countries, but is that Russian security branches are who draw, plan and implement on the ground, the one which imposes the way it conducts under which things in the North Caucasus in general and in Circassia in particular is the Russian state that through its various organs it influences the events and courses of matters, even determining trends and the degree of violence that produce and as a result, in some cases for provocations carried out by the security services and some gangs in different names that without linking to a semi-official support they will not be able to move or to survive. So how to explain the attack on the Circassian symbols in the Circassian part of the North Caucasus such as the consecutive assault on Ibrahim Yaganov or Ruslan Kachiev and others of the Circassian homeland? ( (

(15)               Which association is mentioned here, which is implementing a pure  Russia policy in dealing with the Circassians who do not only live in their Circassian homeland, but also who reside in the Circassian Diaspora through associations associated with it, but must draw attention here to the suspicious way, the gross violations, and marginalization of Circassian youths, witnessed by elections of the International Circassian Association that took place during the Eighth Congress in October, 2009, in according to the "Press Office of Operations Management in the Khasa” Alkhash"! (

(16)               What support he is talking about here, and there is no plan in place to teach the Adigha language, but the Russian language, and the lack of incentives that are available in other parts of the federation for youths in terms of educational opportunities and build and equip the science and culture centers in the places of Circassians’ coexistence in the Circassian homeland in the North Caucasus, not to mention the impact of unemployment among all segments of the society and the youth part in particular.

Published by: "Circassians' Genocide Survivors" on Face Book

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