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Mentioning Names When Addressing Conspirators

posted by eagle on October, 2011 as CIRCASSIA ADIGA

Mentioning Names When Addressing Conspirators

An exchange of "open letters” has taken place recently between Asker Sokht, who is assuming the post of Head of Krasnodar Khasa (Circassian Association), and the following Diaspora Circassian organizations:

Caucasus Forum, Turkey

Caucasus House, Turkey

Circassian Association of California – Adyghe Khasa, USA

Circassian Cultural Institute, USA

Circassian Initiative for Democracy, Turkey

Initiative for Circassian Rights, Turkey

JINEPS (Newspaper), Turkey

Justice for Norht Caucasus Group

Nafna Association, Israel

Radio Adiga, Israel

The Diaspora Circassian organizations mechanism was based upon an interview that was performed by the Russian "Regnum News Agency” with the above mentioned "Asker Sokht”.

Surely, he was not surprised (as he described in his reply) because those who are instructed and prepared to perform certain duties and conducts for maintaining the Russian propaganda machine will not be surprised of such reaction that was noticed and it definitely came as if, the issue of whole Regnum interview was an orchestrated phenomenon, and in more accurate description, an experimental balloon which was released to examine how such information would be received by Circassians world-wide and what would be their immediate response and/or reaction!

His readiness to receive a reply (to respond to) for his intentional action of spreading the poison that came out of his mouth as contaminated words and sentences that was projected to be his chance to show his masters how efficient he is in serving the Russian agenda of imperialism in order to get approbation and appreciation for serving the goals of evil for those who want to blur the facts relating to the rights of the Circassian nation and the consequences of crimes committed by the Russian invaders in and around Sochi, the last capital city of Circassia.

It is certainly indisputable that those leaders of Circassian organizations in Diaspora who were taken by zeal and enthusiasm towards their homeland and nation which are elements that he lacks seemingly because he had grown up, raised and prospered on blind loyalty to the occupiers (for the sake of his own interests) of the country who wreaked havoc and devastation in the Circassian territories, while he is seeking narrow self-benefits such as grabbing the opportunity to own a business in the services sector (the field that he is familiar with).

The so-called International Circassian Association members are not far away from him with regard to goals and reaping the profits of voluntary slavery from the occupier and usurper.

His melancholy thoughts that he tried to omit and drawl by re-describing those who don’t agree with him on submission and surrender to the Russian policy of de facto towards the occupation agenda is a terrible evil  that he is committing while he is praising persecution, torture and terror against the oppressed Circassians who live in the occupied North Caucasus and particularly in occupied Circassia, while dedicating his life to serve the FSB backed Russian authorities releasing names and descriptions in a vulgar attitude such as radicals and/or fanatics, while this specific attitude is absurd as an absolute support to the colonial occupation at any cost, with the fact of deportation  and relationship with the historical homeland is not possible due to the Russian obstacles and red-tape implemented by branches and agents of the Russian government whether in the North Caucasus or in FSB centers nesting at the Russian embassies abroad dealing with Circassian Diaspora, by creating difficulties for returnees and their families.

Impoliteness and hurl unsubstantiated accusations went to a large extent on who was dealing in Diaspora with his heroic action played on Regnum stage! Assuming the ignorance of others taught to him by FSB,  made him jumping up the conclusion that people didn’t read his wisdom episode on Regnum, and invented a lie accusing a specific individual of initiating the response on his  misleading and  lies…

This status of being blind to the truth and justice barred on the Circassian nation makes such greedy persons (Asker Sokht and his ICA partners of treachery and unlimited opportunism) as if they were automatically manipulated, but planted in a society as if they were strangers to, and it is stranger to them.

They appear as if they are out of touch with the vital issues of the Circassian nation, whether they don’t know or they pretend so,  that the Russians and their mercenaries who looted, took over and occupied the Circassian homeland had inflicted the strongest possible harm and destruction of Circassians’ achievements, properties, language and culture to the extent they acquired, stole and copied the Circassian art, Heritage, music, cultural collections and even the Circassian national clothes to be called Russian and/or other descriptions; but all of  that aside from the devastated possessions and capabilities.

Many items that were seized from Circassians through 101 years of devastated war had been sent to the Russian capital at the time, St. Petersburg, the way the Russian criminal, General Zats had collected the heads of beheaded perished Circassians who had defended their dear homeland, which used to be sent as presents either to the Russian Tsars and high ranking officials and/or to friends that reached as far as Berlin, Germany!

Opposing the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games on the soil of genocide is demanded by the majority of Circassians. Russian agents and spies are mobilized to Spread and circulate lies, rumors and accusations in all directions in order to influence the Circassian public opinion to mitigate the effects of the Circassian rejection of the Sochi Games.

Ignoring facts of life doesn’t mean that ignorance is blessed! Opposing Sochi doesn’t mean in any way a confrontation with Russia or sacrificing preservation of political stability in the region, as much as a reminder to the attention of the Russian state to and its rulers to abide by the law and to recognize crimes of genocide against 50% of Circassians and forced deportation of 90% of the remaining Circassian people.

The Russians alongside with their agents and spies are those who systematically launch direct and indirect threats to commit terrorist and aggressive acts against people with peaceful intentions for the topics related to the recognition of the Circassian Genocide, Sochi Olympic Games, and the Right of Self-Determination on Circassian soil. Russian FSB and their related authorities and thugs in the Circassian part of the North Caucasus have been already performing criminal acts against peaceful Circassian activists.

Mentioning a terrorist act aimed at undermining the railway In Sochi got nothing to do with opposing Sochi as such an act is carried out in an occupied territory under Russian rule and all Russian thugs as the rest of the world know about the presence of bitter hostility between occupied nations (whether in the Caucasus or elsewhere) that could be the reason and the colonial Russian state, which is not the way peaceful, nonviolent and civilized opposition is performed by conscious Circassian activists.

In case Russia has orchestrated such acts to try to discredit Circassian activists in Diaspora or had been triggered by fighting groups from other nations under Russian occupation to put pressure on Russia in all dimensions, Circassians have already proven the peaceful nature of the Circassian activity and mobility to restore the legitimate rights, guaranteed by international law, signed by the occupying Russian State itself.

Asker Sokht, apparently dictated by his masters and well-known partners has revealed part of the Russian propaganda when mentioned the peaceful protests Circassian activists had performed in Vancouver, to oppose holding 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, he drawled that he is "heart and soul with them” with the Circassian activists in Vancouver, who are the descendants of genocide survivors and deportation to the Ottoman Empire, then he claimed: "In the Russian Federation peaceful protests against the Olympics in Sochi are regularly held in Sochi”. That is word of right intended to void, because most of the protests in Sochi were not in particular for the Circassian demands asking for stopping the intended games on soil of genocide; but they are held by non-Circassians for environmental and land/residential ownership purposes! That proves the fact that the intention is to use propaganda to distort the truth.

Mentioning the principles set by the Parliament of the Republic of Adygea and the International Circassian Association, does not change the fact that humanity and civilized principles do not accept the national Circassian identity and dignity to be compromised in anyway. Neither for Circassians nor for others; but it seems that a person or persons who got own brains programmed with suspicious agendas would describe certain trends by using certain clarifications. A man cannot serve two masters!

It shall be clear that values and ethics are either not understood or not comprehended by materialized individuals who are deprived of the sense of national identity and humanity, especially when a person assumes the post of Head an association that is called "Circassian”! How can a person give something that he doesn’t have?

No Russian official entity or authority as yet has shown seriousness, willingness or sincerity to solve the Circassian Question and all its issues that were based on the disastrous consequences of the Russian waged war against the Circassian nation that got roots extending deep into human history and its existence as a respected nation among all other nations. That includes the institution of the presidency and the Russian State Duma.

Regarding the International Circassian Association (ICA) that was create by loyal and faithful Circassians, unfortunately it has defeated the purpose which was established and founded for and accordingly it was controlled by Russian retired and active FSB/KGB agents, steered and eventually moved to be permanently based in Nalchik, which was considered to be the only association all Circassians in the world had put hopes on in order to get answers for their inquiries about their past, presence and future. So where is the NGO status that was described and claimed to be?

Circassians will be well off without the suspicious and mean diverting from the real objectives of the Circassian people.

Silliness to say that Russian officials had met or they were going to meet certain Circassians but so and so have happened which meeting was not held!

Then what is the result?

Is the Circassian Question connected with certain name and/or names?

Would cancelling a meeting with certain individuals somewhere somehow in the world delete the search for a solution to the complicated problems that the Russians themselves had created?

Whenever Russia is truthful with itself and with the world, a statement of intentions would prove any Russian positive move and consequently Circassians will notice if there are real Russian good faith and assurance that problems and issues will be solved.

Circassians are telling all those intruders "hands off” the Circassian nation and its cause, and destiny will be safe and sound.

It is good that if an open letter was addressed to certain individual, it doesn’t exempt others from mistakes done, and if Asker Sokht thinks for a while that he is becoming a big shot in the eyes of his so-called Federal FSB masters he should know that he is not more than an inflated balloon, and will be deflated by his own FSB masters the moment his services no longer needed.

Our brothers in the North Caucasus know this guy very well and his elks very well, and it is clear that he openly supports the oppression policy in the North Caucasus (notorious Kaderov style) and the letter doesn’t heart his image, because his actions against his own people (if he is a Circassian) would not hurt his image in front of the Russians.

Having so many Circassian organizations addressing an individual doesn’t mean in any way that he is the only one intended to receive the message and the proof is the circulation of the letter through many sites on the Net, in order to mean "to whom it may concern”.

If the guy owns a restaurant in Adygeya, the letter doesn’t mean in any way to be an advertisement for  his restaurant, but may find a federal assistance to extend his business to Sochi in anticipation for the Olympics as he wants it to be held; but he must know that any earnings may be derived from harming the Circassian nation and its interests, it would be  a sin and wrongdoing as "ill-gotten gains never prosper”, and will be a curse on him and on his associates, and whoever backs him up because the spirits of those who lost their lives defending their homeland in Sochi will be a curse on him and his ilks of cooperators as it was a disaster for the family of the Russian Tsar, that none of his family has survived for the crimes committed against Circassians which is basically called the curse of the oppressed.


17, October, 2011.

Justice For North Caucasus Group

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