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A Circassian Reply,

posted by eagle on June, 2011 as CIRCASSIA ADIGA

A Circassian Reply,


At this time, and after consultation with Circassians in different countries of the Circassian Diaspora, the following are some of the points that are necessary to be taken into consideration when discussing the issues that pertain to Circassia and Circassians, and it should be understood by all of our Circassian people involved in the process of dialogue and discussions, and not to give any concessions on behalf of the nation without taken into consideration the vital issues of the Circassian rights and concerns:


1.   It is good thing to see that great concern is focused on the Circassian Question and its consequences  nowadays; but we hope, the way other Circassians and Caucasians do, that would not be a temporary issue to pass certain projects, to do something not feasible for Circassians, and to expect maneuvers for distraction of the public opinion after a general Circassian renaissance, or to attract the attention from the importance of the recognition of the Circassian Genocide by the Georgian Parliament in Tbilisi. 


2.   That doesn’t mean in any way that we are pessimistic or trying to create obstacles on the way. It is on the contrary.


3.   We still remember since the year 2005 how many negative replies from the Russian State Duma and the office of the Russian President that Circassians had received for simply asking this arrogant State to recognize their fair and justified demands, mainly the Circassian Genocide.


4.   Bloodshed of the Circassian activists in Motherland in recent years, beating and intimidating them by well-known government and FSB linked thugs, with terror and horror in the hope for implementing an everlasting acquisition should not pass unobserved!


5.   There should be no Russian official monitoring and/or has the control over the (ICA) International Circassian Association (being an association for all Circassians of the world) which once had diverted the association from its original objectives and goals that were established since it was founded, which eventually, it changed course away from the targets that had been established for.


6.   Beside what was mentioned, "humanitarian problems of Circassians in Libya and Syria”, there is the intractable problem related to the Circassians and peoples of the Caucasus from Iraqi Diaspora who are of Chechen and Dagestani origin as well, and who got no way out especially after they contacted and got in touch with a number of Russian embassies and those individuals of the Caucasus peoples who work for the authorities of the Russian government in the occupied Caucasus, with no positive reaction.


7.   If our "opinion is important in this matter”, as stated, then it is necessary to make our opinion reach those who want to know the opinion of average Circassians living in Diaspora.


8.   This conclusion we make is not out of frustration, as it is out of ascertains that due to the absolute confidence that Russia and because of its violation of the provisions of its laws and constitution concerning the indigenous peoples, makes it difficult for Russia alone to be the subject of our confidence in resolving the Circassian Question.


9.   There is an important document which is the "map of Circassia” that was published in the year 1855, and it is in one of the Museums in Australia, needs a second thought by the Russian government to stop ignoring the fact that there is a Circassian homeland which is for once, Circassians were forgotten as well.


10.               Sochi is the last capital city of Circassia, and no Olympic Games are welcomed or accepted to be held on the land of genocide.


11.               Experience has proven that reaching an agreement with Russia is worthless in the absence of international or European dimensions because such agreements need guarantees from the world in order to be implemented.


12.               The Russian law does not protect Circassians or other peoples of the Caucasus from attacks, swearing, and the dirty mouths that eject what the dirty minds of Russian politicians think, which last attack was made by Russian State Duma deputy Sergei Markov to the First Caucasian Information channel, a Tbilisi based Russian-language TV channel, which asked several Russian public figures, including Markov, about Georgia’s recognition of the "Circassian Genocide”.


13.               Contrary to the Google translation of a statement in Russian language for one of "the paragraphs” that Circassians are part of Russia is not quite correct and majority of Circassians do not accept such description, because Circassia is occupied by Russia, while the majority of Circassians (90%) had been deported by Russians, and they are living in tens of countries of the world; but at the same time they didn’t forget their beloved homeland and they are insisting on restoring their confiscated rights that include self-determination on the soil of their homeland.


14.               Therefore, Circassians inside and outside Circassia ARE NOT RUSSIANS. Ones inside Circassia (10%) of Circassians have Russian Citizenship now, but the ones in Diaspora reject even the notion being labeled as Russians!


15.               Russians are obligated humanly and ethically to recognize the Circassian Genocide, apologize to the Circassian nation, compensate them morally and financially, agree on the return to homeland in accordance with an international program guaranteed by United Nations and the civilized world, and to accept the fact of allowing the practice of the legitimate rights of self determination on the soil of own homeland.


16.               Adiga (Circassian) Language and cultural resources should be used in Circassian schools in all phases of study.


Hoping that the above mentioned information is passed as considerable part of Diaspora Circassians believe in, and should be taken in consideration.



17, June, 2011


Justice For North Caucasus Group

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