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Sudden Russian Conferences On Circassia

posted by eagle on May, 2011 as CIRCASSIA ADIGA

Sudden Russian Conferences On Circassia

Throughout imperial history, occupying and colonizing countries that assume domination and practice of absolute rule and authority in order to change the reality, features and landmarks in all walks of life of the colonized nations aim to the farthest extent possible, from the outset to the exclusion of the indigenous people to bear the responsibility for governing themselves by themselves, unless the subjugated nation opposes such authoritarian policy, which tend to force and compel the greedy and covetous State to comply with ambitions to the demands of freedom to choose own destiny that necessarily would lead to independence.

Circassia among others in the North Caucasus and elsewhere being one of those above-mentioned victims that were not constituency concluded beside the presence of a group of Circassians proudly adherent to their Circassian identity and belonging with what their conscience and national duty dictate to them in recent years Russia did not only forget about Circassia, but also had been the main conspirator and dominator in that prospect to eliminate its population by butchering half and deporting and/or displacing the rest with no second thought, mercy, human concern or fairness towards a nation that used to believe and still in freedom and the right to live in own homeland with no foreign intervention. {Russian President Boris Yeltsin stated in May 1994 that resistance to the tsarist forces was legitimate; however, he did not recognize "the guilt of tsarist government for the genocide” Goble 2005}.

The Russian State, starting with the Muscovites more than 450 years ago, when later affirmed calling itself Russia through Tsarist Russia, the Soviet Union (dominated entirely by Russia and Russians), and reaching to what presently so-called Russian Federation, which doesn’t have of federation between dominant Russia and tens of victimized nations, slave-oriented entities and centrally –controlled satellites except the title, in which imperial policies constituted of using mercenaries to carry out their wicked policies such as the Cossacks who "were known for their brutality” and they are of "Turkic/Mongolian origin of their name, the Cossacks may have originated in Central Asia, and migrated into the Slavic lands as nomads, perhaps on the heels of the Mongol invasion”, and were brought by the Russian invaders to carry out the brutal policy that Russian Tsars had  planned to implement!

All through this limited history since its establishment,  in comparison with other pure and deep-rooted European nations, terrible evil crimes and hostilities were performed and committed with the State’s premeditation against tens and even hundreds of nations in which Circassia and its people were and still among those prey victims. "The history of Russia has been a series of expansions to the west, the south, and the east, towards the open sea. Each territory occupied was, sooner or later, absorbed into the Empire of which it became in every way an integral part.”

After occupying Circassia in the Nineteenth Century, it was divided and sub-divided many times, in addition to changing the demography, population composition, and names of locations as much as possible without paying attention to seven million oppressed Circassians who are anxious to restore their confiscated rights, and to return to their beloved homeland to live freely in peace like other nations of the world. Not to underestimate the importance of the ways malware used in the control of Circassia, and monuments erected in the memory of the crimes committed by Russian military commanders and generals, so that it is possible to say that they built a monument between each monument and another, for criminal generals and leaders such as Yermolov, Yevdokimov and Zass who used to send mercenaries to collect Circassians’ heads to boil them then to send them to Berlin as described for experimental practices.

{Russian President Boris Yeltsin stated in May 1994 that resistance to the tsarist forces was legitimate; however, he did not recognize "the guilt of the tsarist government for the genocide."Goble 2005.}; but seemingly, his successor President Putin, who assumes the position of Prime Minster at present time, had introduced the idea of celebrating a fake and unreal event that so-called "450 years of voluntary association with Russia”, which doesn’t make logic when a president declares that the defense against the tsarist forces was legitimate, while few years later his successor even totally precludes that a war which lasted for 101 years had taken place!  In a paragraph in the title of  "A Day To Remember”, it stated:  "The Adyghe/Circassians consider 21 May each year a sorrow day to remember the fall of Circassia ,the Tsars genocide against their ancestors in addition the Tsars deportation of the majority of the Circassiansnation to the middle Eastern countries , and to honor and appreciate the Circassians immortals (heroes and Abreks) who fought and sacrificed their selves to keep Circassia independent in the battles of the war with the Russian Empire’s troops and their mercenaries during the Circassians resistance.

We have been accustomed to receive from Russia on what is different from the actions of sensible parties. The Russian policy tends to ride any wave of any kind in order to be able to change at the end of the day the direction and the trend of events to suitable policy and direction, and thus control the course of events to acquire decision-making authority. An example of such an opportunist move is taking over the control of the International Circassian association (ICA), that was founded by patriot Circassians the time the Soviet Union had started to fracture, which resulted in decisions, recommendations and conclusions in the interest of addressing the repercussions of the results of the problems of the Circassian nation both at homeland in the North Caucasus and in Diaspora. The resultant of their move had led to installing individuals who were either current or ex-members of FSB/KGB establishment in the administration of ICA, who steered the whole operation to be moved and centered in Nalchik, KBR in order to be under the direct control of the Russian authorities through the adopted relevant and specialized security and intelligence branches, which eventually implemented a policy of accepting Russian trusteeship by ICA and all its associates and members of all Circassian communities’ associations in Diaspora.

Similar Russian behavior with questionable credibility and ambitions had started since the recent organized academic and professional conferences and studies have erupted throughout Diaspora and beyond, after tens of years of mazes, deception and blurring the facts of various Circassian issues. All Russian reactions were in the form of going in parallel with the currents of the need to discuss the Circassian Question, but at certain stage they tend to run away from the core of the subject and/or end the whole issue with unmet promises that are empty of contents. After the first Tbilisi Conference of March, 2010, which was held under the title: "hidden nations, enduring crimes: the north Caucasus between past and future”, Russian concern started to discredit Georgian policies and intentions that are in the interests of the Circassians through the pursuit of patriot and activist Circassians.The Russian appointed Chairman of ICA had sent a message to the party that had organized and held the mentioned first Tbilisi Conference blaming the conference for not inviting him and that he would like to attend such conferences! It seems that the Russians are trying to get a trick of theirs in regard to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples especially Article 36,which states:

1. Indigenous peoples, in particular those divided by international borders, have the right to maintain and develop contacts, relations and cooperation, including activities for spiritual, cultural, political, economic and social purposes, with their own members as well as other peoples across borders.
2. States, in consultation and cooperation with indigenous peoples, shall take effective measures to facilitate the exercise and ensure the implementation of this right.

In a shift to accommodate and/or dissipate the subject matters, an unusual step was taken to break the deadlock in the Circassian and even the Caucasus course, by aRussian initiative when started to hold conferences and events to minimize the importance and seriousness of professional conferences, and to create jamming on truthful information in order to be prevented from reaching to whom it may be concerned. An invitation had been extended from the Russian authorities through the Russian Federation’s State Duma to Circassians who are associated with ICA for meeting/conference in the Duma in Moscow in 16, May, 2011 seemingly in anticipation for a Russian expected news about an important development in the Circassian Genocide recognition case and other Circassian issues such as opposing the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games on the Circassian Graveyards, of those who perished while defending their own homeland with simple personal weapons. The CIRCASSIAN JOURNAL published an article about this latest Russian move in the title of "Warning on May, 16 Duma Meeting", and stated, "The Russian government will be holding a meeting among Circassians ( in reaction to the recent possibilities of recognition by Georgia in the upcoming 16 May. Surely, they are quite worried about the reaction to come if recognition is done. Circassian organizations all over the world have shown support to Georgia’s help since they have submitted requests for recognition. The meeting was not announced but insider information regarding the backroom meeting leaked out." It seems that misfortune never come singly…! In that regard, it is worth remembering that Circassians had sent many letters and messages for recognizing the Circassian Genocide, to the Russian State Duma, the Russian Government and the office of the President of the Russian Federation, but all had not responded in a proper way.

So why is the rush by Russians right now?

Do they expect legal problems that they will not be able to solve the way they managed to?

Are they presently remembering 21, May, 1864, more than ever before?

Justice for North Caucasus Group
 and Associate Sister Associations/Institutions

14, May, 2011.

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