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Russian Colonization Thugs

posted by eagle on March, 2011 as CIRCASSIA ADIGA

Russian Colonization Thugs 

Recently news emerged through web sites on the World Wide Web and the media statements that reproduced Russian state television channels, and attributed to a spokesman presented as a leader of the "secret" group which is called "Black Hawks”, a group of Anti-Wahhabism, described through television interviews by Russian Television Channels, and was give the domain to spit his venom  that almost known of its source, in order to penetrate the barrier of the Russian incapacitation, promote the Byzantine debate, threats and insults. The alleged leader of the group said, calling his group, the Group of "Anti-Wahhabism" and calling itself the Black Hawks (Chernye Yasterby) in a television interview with Ren-TV that his group would kill the children of the rebels.?? "Let them [the militants] collect tribute from businessmen and vodka barons, but do not let them kill our children”, said the leader of the Black Hawks, who did not give his name. "If they continue this way, we will kill their children, so they can feel how much it hurts. We are fed up with the extreme violence of those bearded monsters who do not let the republic live in peace (Interfax, March 2)”. 


Out of concern for showing the truth of what is going on, the following must clarified: "Almost the suspicious would say Take me (proverb)", where {Alexander Torshin said, who is assuming the office of the First Deputy Chairman of the Council of the Russian Federation and a member of the National Committee to Combat Terrorism (NAK), the appearance of Black Hawks in Kabardino - Balkaria was "very normal and justified”, and he told Interfax that the people who joined the Black Falcons are "real force" consisted of "young people who want to live in accordance with the civilized laws, and not according to the radical Islamic rules”. Torshin added: "The bearded terrorists promote for firm Islamic system, has nothing in common with European values, and thus the emergence of such a secret structure in the Republic of Kabardino - Balkaria is a very normal matter. ... I will give my contradictive opinion. And I think that the local law enforcement forces should not be fighting with these good people of Black Hawks, who are fighting the Wahhabis, but they should be used because they may become a good information channel.}. That message reflects an attempt to consolidate the colonial occupation, oppression, the policy of dictation and continuing to ignore the real problems. 


If a "matter reminds of another," then, the homeland’s memory remains to codify and to entrench the heuristic and the falseness of  what comes out of the occupiers and their tools, agents, guys and spies, who live among us in various capacities, whether within the homeland or in Diaspora in accordance with principles, guidelines, capacities and tasks assigned to them by the colonists who occupy the dear homeland, and specifically through the symbols of the authorities, its arms of intelligence and the diplomatic missions in various countries, but comes Circassian persistence to maintain the renaissance, glory and pride of the nation.


And from the say ”that  error is not cured by error” as well as " no bearer of burdens shall bear another's burden”, comes the call, no but the evil and satanic initiative to declare a war on behalf of the Russian occupation to kill women and children and to get rid of those who remained alive in the Circassian homeland, after all the crimes of murder, genocide, exclusion and expulsion of more than 90 percent of the Circassian nation outside the occupied homeland; but appeared the questionable and its source too, and even those who crystallized it and got it out into existence and implementation, about who it came from and what came about, where  one of the thugs and bullies came out publicly, but through what? He appeared via, the Russian government television channels, that does not go stray of anything whether through it or across it, without prior approval of the evil intelligence that is called the Federal Security Services "FSB". The one who says while masked against a background that shows the Circassian flag known to everyone, distal and proximal (but the speaker is located in the so-called Republic of Kabardino - Balkaria, according to the colonial partition of the Circassian homeland, in which the imperial occupation had developed a flag of other kind of its own!) words that are void, criminal and dubious, that does not come, except from criminals, the descendants of criminals who infiltrated in this nation, order, devastating, travesty of facts, and pure bloodshed of the innocent victims, but  ‘what do you do when the only person who can make you stop crying is the person who made you cry”!


We cannot fail to note in this area to the Holly Verse that says "therefore remind in case the reminder benefits", and the other verse that says, "and remind, for surely the reminder benefits the believers", as Circassians’ "God is sufficient for them and He  is the best disposer of affairs for them”,  the criminals and nations murderers, have penetrated who are the heirs of the criminal Russian Tsars Russian criminals, who are represented at the present days by the public or hidden arms of the Russian intelligence, the chauvinists, and Russian nationalists and their mercenaries of the Cossack intruders who were brought to the North Caucasus Region for settlement and for the expulsion of its indigenous inhabitants, to change its features, and for the suppression of all those who ask for independence of the decision and to maintain the national, cultural and social privacy, for serving of the immoral and despicable Russian objectives, to make homeland pawned by making it in accordance with conditions and regimes of puppets, but hireling, repressive, corrupt and at the same time belonging to oppressive, tyrant and intelligence  dictatorship.


It is reprehensible that someone comes (who is necessarily an outsider) who advocates killing those who do not have nothing to do with, for what happens in the territories of the North Caucasus, and in particular the Circassian regions of them, namely the Republic of Kabardino – Balkaria, and adjust things to appear in a manner contrary to its essence and reality, and that does not come except from tyrants and vampires who expect their own vanishing and extinction, in a "center position  between existence and nothingness”, but wisdom says that the "gift of gab is a proof of jealousy”.


There have been comments and expressions of condemnation, which appeared on different websites by Circassians loyal to their homeland and their nation and others who got human consciousness that are vigilant and vivid, by condemning such schemes, words and threats, which have reached the people got nothing to do of what's going on from the disastrous effects that the Russian colonial authorities had contributed to create, develop and promote, but they have become a real threat to its very existence and survival on lands that doesn’t belong to, not even the peoples of these areas have any connection with its fragmented people, which does not settle its mind on what its realism and authenticity of its origin and roots. 


It’s a duty to say that the killing of innocents is not a mark of distinguished people, and at the same time, the occupation of other states and plundering its wealth is only distasteful colonization, and wisdom says: the one who holds the knife to my neck cannot catch my baby tear.


10, March, 2011 

Justice For North Caucasus group

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