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Circassian Day in the European Parliament FINAL DECLARATION

posted by eagle on December, 2010 as CIRCASSIA ADIGA

Circassian Day in the European Parliament FINAL DECLARATION

Federation of European Circassians : ''Between Assimilation and Integration in Europe, the Circassians Circassians in Turkey and Democratization Process in Perspective''

This year, the fifth held by the Federation of European Circassians "Circassian Day" event of the European Parliament, Mr. Ismail Ertug SPD parliamentarian 's hosted, on 30 November 2010, Turkey and the European Parliament Building in Brussels with participants from Europe and was a speaker.

This year's "Circassian Day", the democratization process in Turkey, the effect of this process, the Circassians, the Circassians Circassians in their countries' demands and also on the agenda of integration policies in Europe and in general to draw attention to the current situation and are prepared to discuss. Meeting between the hours of 8:30 to 12:00, held in two sessions, speakers and participants of the roundtable format with a group of 40 people, and after each session the participants took questions.

Zeynel Abidin Besleney'in moderated the meeting, Mr. President of the Federation of European Circassians Dear Admiral Daşdemir'in addressed his guests and the program began with an opening speech and continued to shape.

President of the Republic of Adygeya of the speakers made their presentations Thakuşine Aslan message communicated to the participants and the program ended with closing remarks, Mr. Admiral Daşdemir'in. Summaries of the presentations offered information.

Duyrulur respect to the public.

Federation of European Circassians


ERTUG Ismail, Member of the European Parliament, the SPD (Social Democratic Party), Germany

Opening speech''''

Precious guests, all of you respect, love, and respectfully greet, to welcome the European Parliament. Federation of European Circassians together under the umbrella of the European Parliament as the fifth Once you have arrived congratulate you.

Circassians in their own language for centuries, despite their lives in various parts of the world's culture and traditions remained loyal and at the same time adapting to their communities have contributed to civilization.

This is very significant because today's meeting, so canceled the European Parliament, the European Union 's principle of protecting the rights of minorities than the case of multi-culturalism as an enrichment.

Society in the democratization process in Turkey, European Circassians Circassians lived intensely to bring an additional contribution to the agenda.

Turkey has made progress in recent years in the way of democratization and proceed to plow this road. Progress Report of the European Commission published two weeks ago, referring to constitutional reform we can say that Turkey has realized a very important reform.

Very positive development policy of the democratic initiative. This initiative should continue and be completed within. But it must be accepted that in Turkey there are many more to complete the deficiencies. Turkey, especially regarding freedom of opinion Standard'larını to catch the European Union.

Should go on the illegal structures and democratic order to be provided, this process should not be violated in the state of law principles. Democratically elected civilian authority in advanced countries, democracy, the only non-democratic system idarelerdir and they are not accountable to any power. Turkey must come to this level as soon as possible.

In the process of Turkey to the European Union more democratic, participatory, that protects minority rights and freedoms, women's rights in light of developing social policies would be a country at the end of this road, and finally join the European Union, Democracy and Peace in the world who pioneered a country We are looking forward to further. Again thank you all for coming.


Zeynel A. Besleney, Researcher, University of London, England

"Guest worker diaspora Society of: The European Transformation of the Circassian Community"

The last two decades, the Circassians in Turkey, Europe and, more importantly, from their homeland, the Russian Federation in today's political isolation have shown that the historical Çerkesya'da. The last seven years, a better political culture to face up the history of Turkey and is trying to create a democratic system. Generally speaking, the term Circassian Adige said to them defines the western Caucasus ethnic groups. However, among the Circassians in Turkey and all of North Caucasians who migrated from Turkey to Europe as an identity for the container, especially as used in the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

Post-Soviet political developments, other than the mother country in all of North Caucasians, have caused a transformation of individual and collective, as a result, the term Circassian has become less inclusive than before.

European Circassians, more than 40 years ago after their arrival in Europe, they could be assimilated to legal action and the opportunities they have without the entegra live in democratic societies.

In Turkey, the Soviet-era in the Caucasus or the post-Soviet socio-political conditions do not exist in the Caucasus are acting. Circassian identity and language of Turkey, for example, was under pressure or not supported, deny edilirdi. In Russia, the Circassian identity of the state recognized, supported and provided a kind of political autonomy but also to suppress and control all aspects of political identity was Circassian. This wide range of European Circassians Circassians in the world of culture and identity, the meaning of conservation, but also a clear sense of community concerns about the political movements led a privileged position.

The homeland of the Circassians in the North Caucasus, the disintegration of the Soviet Union, as well as new opportunities and new challenges emerged. Cultural issues, the strengthening of relations with the historical homeland has strengthened the protection of ethno-cultural identity. A lot of haunts in the North Caucasus Circassian, welcomes visitors from there or from there to be married.Historical Çerkesya'dan Circassian dance groups, is organizing demonstrations in Europe for kin in the diaspora. Brought to native language teachers for training.Historically, this kind of vertical relationship with the motherland, Turkey, the middle-east and the other Circassian diaspora communities in the United States with the horizontal relations of
perçinleniyor also.

National borders in the Schengen Treaty in Europe to remain together, both people and ideas are circulating freely, has created a single European area. As a result, observers Circassian diaspora in the Netherlands or Germany instead of the Circassian diaspora in the Circassian diaspora in Europe have reported. In addition, the development of 90 years the Internet has helped this transformation.

However, cultures and identities of the Circassians ördükleri protective armor around the drilling and active participation in social and political societies, they are part of the show was to begin a long period of time. the spread of the Internet, the process of European integration, democratic reforms in Russia, Turkey, and took refuge in the isolation of the Circassians made dysfunctional. Contemporary role of Circassians in the world to enjoy the new, wider European public opinion to offer themselves "Circassian Day" began to organize events such as. Targets such as government support for language teaching, in addition to supporting the democratic process in Turkey, historical, political or ecological reasons, such as concerns related to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi will take place began to make a political demands.

2010 Europe, the Circassians in the 1960s came a very different place from Europe. Past 40 years, the largest political and social engineering project of all time, the European Union, the post-war Europe, including Circassians, shaping the lives of the old continent has become a reality. In this sense, both the political and cultural as being very weak in all the Caucasus region of Europe with the establishment of communication channels, taking the role of the facilitator are many opportunities to offer their own Çerkeslerine.


OEZDEMİR Cem, Union `90/The Greens Party Co-Chair, Germany

"Integration Policies of the European Union and European Union Enlargement"

First of all I would like to thank Ismail Ertuğ'a. Ismail friend, Circassian origin, although it made me very happy to take on the day, because the Circassian Day ayrılmamdan after the European Parliament to continue my progress is really very nice. I wish to continue the next few years.

Immigration policy in Europe today, all European Countries are busy at the moment. When we look at the details vary greatly from society to society in question, but I want to touch on the short short. Lower success rate among immigrants in the school. This is valid for all countries of the interesting side of migration. Of course, there are great differences from country to country again.Looking at the ratio of representation in governments, public area, that is lower than the party under the society, the society is well below average. Another common problem is a problem saying immigration immigration issue became a problem over time and the last stage, the Muslim Turks became a problem. So this day we look at all the countries of immigration immigration issue saying that no one actually does not mind the problem of the Italian problem, not Spanish. The problem is the problem comes from the Turkish and Muslim majority. This of course also have a link with September 11.

One of the issues we share jointly in all European countries the strengthening of the extreme right.

Extreme right in the classic right there and bird encounter a new phenomenon. We can see this new phenomenon, especially in Denmark, the Netherlands, we can see partially in Germany can see the part we can see in other countries. Make this the liberal sector together in partnership to establish a new alliance.

The feminist movement in there, it has in the classical liberal movement. Migration of those who see modernization as a threat there. In other words,''We struggled for years to transform society into a liberal society and a conservative immigration from countries such as Turkey, all the movements of all these expansions in danger of pushing back against us,''she leaves there is a perception right now in different countries in Europe, and it experience.

I think it is very important to understand this, otherwise the "right" I think you will not nitelendirirseniz full recognition. So the friends that we have in the joint motion. In fact, their move they jointly own our party look at the women's rights movement in the early 80's, gay rights have seen friends savulduğu harekelerde crossroads in part with us.

Onlarbizi interpreted as''pure''. ''You do not see threats, we want this migration, jointly challenged our way of life leaves a''they say. Therefore, to see and understand this new phenomenon is very important.

Education policy needs a radical change in countries of the European Union. Of course the education system in their country of the European Union is quite different from country to country. The largest country, Germany, for example when we talk about the foreign origin, particularly in families and it is of German origin into the workers' leaders can also add in the layers, their success rates, on average, much lower than the middle-class families.

So it is only a false explanation to explain migration, or listen to. Otherwise, workers would be obliged to be highly successful families of German origin, but not like that.

Supremely important to the expansion of the main schools, of course, the use of these facilities are also important. Full-day education system, be passed. Some European countries - like France, for example - it is having no such weight, such as Germany, and of course families should evaluate opportunities.

If we add the bird the other issues I have mentioned a problem, if we add the job to be the minority within the minority is even more complicated.

Think of a Circassian origin, family from Long yayla'dan Belgium. Belgium has two official languages is not enough for one have two official languages. So, after ten years will continue to Belgium after five years here, no I do not want to enter the debate to be Belgian mean to say is already being Belgian, I guess. Flemish and French are being forced to know that having two languages. He will speak in Turkish, because of course, beyond the official language in Turkey. Most likely the parents of Turkish speaking.

Do you teach the language to teach in the fourth Çerkesceyi Are?
English as a second official language of the European Union say that even the world. Therefore, being forced to teach in English at the. Otherwise, you will cut out the front of the child.

Now, Dutch, French, English, Turkish, Circassian suppose to make the job a little more complicated is that parents of different backgrounds. One of them is not one of Circassian origin. What language do you teach. Dagestan is one of the Adyghe origin or descent is one of how to solve it. These are issues that occupy us all. Bird said that if we add a projection of, say, God willing one day our children will meet in the European Union or elsewhere, discuss what language? And discuss what? All this brings us together to discuss issues and topics.

I again want to thank all who contributed to friends. God willing, will live with many Circassian Day. Thank you.

Prof. Dr. Ayhan Kaya, Istanbul Bilgi University Department of Political Science and Head of International Relations, Migration
Director of Studies Centre, Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey

"Transformation of the European Integration Process Circassian Diasporic Identities"

Circassians living in Turkey is one of the largest ethnic groups. 19. Since their arrival in Anatolia in the last quarter century, a major obstacle faced by any society edilmezdi accepted by the majority. However, in recent studies, not just non-Muslims, Circassians, Kurds and Alevis, such as equal access to political and cultural rights are affected will probably carried out in Turkey show that the structural ötekilestirmeye.

Common belief about the Circassians in Turkey than in other ethnic groups to be privileged. This belief, however, may be true to some extent. There is enough scientific data to confirm such a belief. In various parts of Turkey, mainly in Central Anatolia and Istanbul, between 2001 and 2003 carried out its own qualitative and quantitative research, in the process of nation-building at the Circassians showed a variety of exclusionary acts are affected.

First of all the main political participation in contemporary Turkey, the Circassian diaspora groups incelememek strategies required. These strategies of class and race / ethnicity, not in theory, can be examined with reference to the theory of institutional channel.

Circassians in Turkey since the early 1970s is to be created by the emphasis on the strategies, the republic's early period, the Circassian diaspora groups, and some issues related to the interaction between the Republic of Turkey's political establishment will be examined. Therefore, political and legal structures that shape the general framework of this strategy, the Circassian diaspora groups developed strategies for political participation, of course, the ruling political elite exclusion and / or policies related to inclusion.

Change the nature of time and space in the age of globalization has led to the emergence of diasporic consciousness. communication, travel, immigration, national judicial systems, reduction of monopoly, the new global culture of an international working class and minorities, nation-states against hegomanyasina strengthen conventional power relations between majority and minority break. for example, or Trabzon to Istanbul flights to Krasnodar, Sochi and Sukhumi biribiryle ferry service's commitment to strengthening the diaspora and the motherland. In addition, internet blogs, websites and e-mail, nationalist boundaries between the diaspora with the motherland embodies the gap between the trans-nationalist. All these tools are connecting with the diaspora and diasporic anvatan contributes to the formation of the Circassian identity.

Since the 1970s, to incorporate themselves into the mainstream political culture developed by the Circassians in Turkey for the draft strategy to increase political participation amaçlamaktayım. Circassians, universalist and socialist (revolutionary), nationalist and particularist (dönüşçüler) such as the various ideological currents of reference specified that the strategies developed.

80 before the 1980 military coup resulted in parallel with the process of nationalism and the Kurdish problem politizasyon became popular in the minority politics of the 1990s have been seen as a reaction to Turkish nationalism. Then, the reactionary politics of minority people in a remote way, the boundaries between home and host countries is shaped by the contemporary global flows "of diasporic identity" as a means of a new strategy being used by the Circassians in Turkey.

The end of the Cold War, as well as the recent increase in global flows, the rise of post-modern identity politics, diaspora Circassians has a new set of strategic tools.Homeland and of Syria, Jordan and Israel, groups such as the re-discovery of distant relatives diasporalardaki, binary opposition between them and the Turkish government has given a degree of opportunity to pass. Turkey's European perspective more of them in their political, cultural and economic demands have been voicing tool. And now, the Circassians, culturalist and a post-diasporic diasporic discourse and political discourse gevşediği likely to capture the possibility of passing a new stage.

A final word about the Circassian Diaspora in the European Union countries say.Migration movement of people to live more than two or three times, the Euro-Cherkessia, in the EU countries of settlement, perhaps a series of multi-connected to mainland Turkey and created a diasporic consciousness. Soon, these different locations between the economic, cultural and political relations and networks, the concentration can be expected.


Assoc. Dr. Osman Can, Author, Scholar, former rapporteur of the Constitutional Court, Turkey

"Together for Life Facility New Constitution"

The construction of the existing constitutional order as a product of exactly what came out of a majority of Turks say that too much is not possible. Constitutional order could not build a more complete set of the communities we are talking about a. But this is changing now. Turks, Kurds, Circassians, Informal Muslims, Alevis in Turkey are suppressed all the identities of this urbanization, değişmeyle, especially international migration, with a touch of Europe, with dolaşmayla awareness around the world began to emerge as the beginning of a period all have clear identities and all of Turkey the mobility of their own political identities at the same time it is now.

Political fluctuations in the past have emerged, especially in a referendum on Sept. 12. Social mobility is impossible otherwise to explain the process of this referendum. All social groups that organized the last time we had a constitutional change process. What has changed in Turkey by looking at the shape of what will happen to them after that will try to respond to questions.

Turkey's constitutional order in Turkey, the people actually is not a constitutional order and, thereafter no longer be able to build our own constitutional düzenimizi stage of transition towards a way we can say we did.

In fact, the phrase was used as a transition to multi-party system after 1950.After 1950 or something is needed to streamline the transition to a multi-party system did not an illusion of separate rooms. Youth fascism in 1945-50 with the death of more than one thing has not changed much given to allow the establishment of the party. Remained as the constitutional order. One of the party as well as all references to the ideological left.

One party in the Republic of Turkey so far, 25 were closed. One of them closed at the end of 2009.

Reasons to switch off completely when you actually look at the all-party one-party state that contrary to the ideology of his party in a comfortable way to see temalandırıldığını. Considering the constitutional order in this respect, we have the opportunity to say that an inefficient layout. It an illegal blow to Turkey in 1960 1930 1970 kavuşturuldu clarity in understanding the constitutional order was a military intervention in 1980 was a new military coup.

Turkey to act in all political identities in favor of Turkey's political integrity.

Turkey, all political identities in an integrated structure of the state to express itself, and also is demanding recognition. All political identities that opens a new channel of expression in the Constitution itself that is demanding a constitution.Kimliklerdir politicized ethnic identities, saying they are political. It wants to hamper freedom of political identities, such a constitution. Such a constitution is not an ethnic and cultural identity that imposes an equal distance from all the rest all have a constitution that says that they all live in their own realities. All of these political identities in the process also made the new constitution says we are dedicated.Therefore, the constitutional process of Turkey's new identity problem and Turkey's own domestic life is very important to ensure peace. If you are a new constitution to hold all these identities together all these differences not catch the chance to go to the community is a serious disintegration.

Kurdish identity, for example, edit the old constitutional and constitutional references to the old We can become a part of Turkey. A new constitution, all political thought in Turkey, a combination of all these identities guarantee legislation. So for the first time as a society we have to make their own Constitution and to this stage, we have to. To date, Turkey has prepared lawyers constitutions. The new constitution hazırlamamalıdır lawyers. Because conservative jurists. Lawyers in Turkey, the architect of the emergence of militarist constitution.A new constitution that lawyers should not do so. Lawyers should help not only in politics and politicians.

The new constitution should not be made in Ankara. Ankara'dakiler bureaucrats in Ankara, Ankara, the nation's representatives in the new constitution should not be active in the process. For example, a new constitution should be like this so it must be a member of the diyememelidir diyememelidir or any other jurisdiction. Ankara representative of the roughly 100-year tradition of bureaucratic ones should have a say in making the new constitution. The new Constitution should establish the social dynamics. Social mobilization of the society should continue to take place fluctuations should be public meetings on each side of Turkey and the public demands a new constitution is a political union and the public how they want Turkey to be listened to in the claims.

Social demands have to be taken to the center. Taken at the center of social demands asked of them questioned the 100-year tradition when you start the process of a new constitution in a way maybe we can have the opportunity to overcome and the society in Turkey will catch the chance to make their own constitution. To date, the red lines drawn on the circuit in the process of making saints out of all this new constitution, when we left the center of the national demands of the time that we can create the possibility of a new Constitution made.

This new constitutional freedoms must be guaranteed.

Them when we realized, Turkey, the disappearance of the danger of assimilation of different identities to express themselves in different identities in order to join the constitutional political order to join politics
will be able to participate in the production. Political parties are a red line in any internal and external politics of fear yaşamaksızın Turkey may have the opportunity to be able to be decisive. The new constitution should guarantee yaşayabilmesinin in peace with different identities in Turkey. Provide this guarantee to beat in the direction of this new constitutional order that would have to support efforts to strengthen the trends, I believe.

Thank you very much.


Yalcin Karadaş, Architect, Author, "Circassian Initiative for Democracy" initiative, co-spokesman for the civilian. Turkey

"Circassian for Reconstruction and Democracy Initiative"

Country and citizens who reject the values from the past and 90 years since the state-dominated mindset of working to transform incorporates all of the communication revolution, could not resist zorlamalarına face more real democracy had to translate. We are the Circassians, the "Democratic Reconstruction" we see as a good faith support this process.

Turkey's multi-ethnic, multilingual and multicultural reality of a country that is now being expressed by state officials so far had been the cradle of cultures in our country, not the graveyard of cultures, aimed to make the liquidation of one medic bureaucratic oligarchy that strengthens our hopes. Process, despite all the challenges with courage and maintaining a hierarchy of peoples with a view to accommodate transport is essential to further points.

The process of democratization in the country covered by the self-identities of different feels and will reach the objectives of all the identities özgürleştirdiği rate.Some of the identities of ignoring the initiatives will be doomed to remain fruitless.

More than historical reasons for tampering, only the firsts in terms of what these people are doing in our country show around a look at the mind can opener: the first Sports Club, BJK (Bereketiqoe Gymnastics Club), 1908. The first Women's Organization, Women of the Circassian Help Committee, 1918. The first Latin alphabet Magazine, Diyane (Anam), 1920.

The first objection points by the Turkish parliament Featured Etniğin, Sivas deputy Circassian (Abaza) Order Marshan (1920).

Featured Organization Against First Turkification Politics, Law Society of Eastern-i-i Available Karib Circassians, 1921. First Peoples Republic of Liquidated, Circassians, 1921. Dropped the first exposure to internal exile the people of the Republic, the Circassians (lo East), 1923. The first "opening" the proposal (Circassian Ethem Bey, by her brother, a minor is presented to Atatürk), 1929.

The Circassians and the exile of a people, especially outside of the fatherland Adygeyan-Abaza group having a population of more than katbekat diyasporasını is perhaps the world's largest. This is also the name of self-alienation, and the protection of people did not exaggerated the existence of a case containing the danger of falling.

This kind of trauma at the level of some of the bin, while others kafatasçılık royalist than the king, judge of the nation and the Musketeers borazancıbaşısı can be.

The following basic demands, not only for the Circassians, the entire country and people think it is important to:
1980 coup constitution is the product thoroughly renewed and citizenship be defined with the name of any ethnicity. Must be equal to all the people of the country, and accordingly, demand should give unconditional support to the state to be broadcast in languages and education. Everyone is able to use any name and family name, their location, and it may interfere with the actual name of the alabilmeli every kind of law should be changed. Underestimating the people of the books of the school curriculum and the target showing the parts removed. Purified from the date of establishment of the Republic all the lies and secrets. Government and all parties silahsızlandırılmalıdır rapidly. Rights have been usurped positive discrimination against segments of equal level be maintained until the bride. What vision of power, regardless of the mistakes that have to comply with the Kemalist state policy should be abandoned. "For the government human", not "government for people" concept must be valid. Universities, the Caucasus, the Balkans and the Middle East should be turned Institutes of sustaining the life of our country and destroyed everything, despite all the languages investigated.

Everyone and every sector of the real owner of the psychology of the country should be placed. Troops to pull his hand from politics, the judiciary should not only his own business, it should be the principle of separation of powers should be.Human rights and freedoms and cultural pluralism, the state must be the cornerstones of the new.

Imposed by the Kemalist jakobenliğin, Turks who deny everyone except etniği, people could not happy, exploitation, oppression since the oligarchic system of apartheid, we also have the out of the Circassian identity, no one can see ourselves up or down, with all sections of the country will come out and they will honor, equality, unity, peace and freedom, cultural, linguistic diversity and richness, since democracy is our attitude, our desire to live in true democratic social state of law are clearly declared.


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