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Circassia With Dignity And Honor

posted by eagle on December, 2010 as CIRCASSIA ADIGA

Circassia With Dignity And Honor


The life, progress and destiny of a certain nation or certain people cannot be calculated and measured by prejudice, fancy, inclination or bias, nor by an individual’s opinions that may be contemplated and/or emerged to appear on the scene from time to time that would even change the directives and directions! The patriots who are loyal to their nation and their Motherland with conscience, vigilance and patience as per the proverb, "(Beshechinigher ziteimik’wen schi’eqim): Patience is a plaster for all sores”, keep following the true path towards continuing their progress to achieve what they have started to work for, which is the restoration of the confiscated rights, from those tyrants who occupied their homeland with all its negative consequences inflicted on a courageous and patient nation that wouldn’t give up the justifiable and civilized contention for restoring the established legitimate rights whatever the costs and sacrifices would be, even though the outcome from their continuous strife turned out to be as the Circassian proverb mentioned, "Circassian decorum and Russian luck”.

There are thousands of documented Circassian proverbs that some of them are available on the Internet, which reminded to use some of them in asserting certain concepts when acting and simulating in response to mean accusations and fallacies in the nature and reality of a case or an issue. The idea of offering views by the use of Circassian proverbs and quotes, that some of them will be underlined in this article for easy reference, has lead to use such method, which was not difficult to find thousands of Circassian meaningful proverbs on Internet in which the site I chose was not of the least of value and richness of Circassian culture among them for presenting Circassian wisdom, which shows that even if the majority of Circassians had been deported in the nineteenth century from their beloved homeland to Diaspora by imperial Tsarist Russia, homeland kept continuously living in their hearts and minds, and for them home is where the heart is, even after 146 years of the official end of the Russian-Circassian War, which came after a fierce lengthy criminal war that had lasted for 101 years.

It is no doubt that homeland is precious for Circassians the way homeland may be as precious for others, which is supported by a Circassian proverb, he who has no homeland does not prosper, which confirms the belief, every dog is lion at home, and the Circassian proverbs add, the foreign dog comes into the house and kicks out the house dog; but the meaningful conclusion is: (Biyyizch wimigheblaghiy, wiy ade yi blaghezch wimibgine): Do not invite your old enemy (to your house) and do not desert your father's old relative. An evil master leads you to the Devil.

The abbreviation of the word Recruitment is: the act of getting recruits; enlisting people for the army (for a job or a cause etc.). The target of recruiting is to locate high quality motivated men and women to join the ranks of certain firm or staff. People are recruited for many different reasons such as military for navy, army or air force, or other professions and beliefs; the immoral type of recruiting is when used in a sneaky way for grouping certain individuals or parts of the communities for incitement against a noble cause. Morality though is important, in which "the basis of good manners is self-reliance”, "a man's own manner and character is what most becomes him”. People should be considerate towards others, because "respect for ourselves guides our morals; respect for others guides our manners”, to make good manners ring true, one must feel them, not merely exhibit them.

"It is more important to know where you slept than where you fall”, which there is always a better way to handle and tackle matters, affairs and interactions that keep developing even unexpectedly in this continuously changing world; but it is important to know that a person who delays making a decision or seizes an opportunity is very likely to miss out. A highly motivated real Circassians believe, "the greater the obstacles, the more glory in overcoming them”, and as Mark Twain had said: "Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great”.

The Caucasus Peoples and Destiny

If there is a well there is a way, if there is no one, Circassians will make a path by paving the way to their noble goal, "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail, and noting that who dares win and knowledge is power. When remembering the atrocities of the offending occupiers of homeland, it is remembered that there is always a better way to handle and tackle matters, affairs and interactions that keep developing even unexpectedly in this continuously changing world; but with remembering the offending occupiers of homeland, who committed destruction, offenses, crimes, disasters, deportation, expulsion, and massacres in which all together are classified as genocide, while the blood is stained on their evil hands and they shed the blood of dozens of other innocent and peaceful peoples and nations that were stricken and oppressed. Trying to ignore all of those committed crimes either by the perpetrators or their allies would remind us of: "Where there is whispering and gossiping there is lying”.

The North Caucasus region had been and still populated by many small nations such as Circassia, Dagestan, Ingushetia, Chechnya, Abkhazia and Ossetia (both so-called North and South Ossetia). Some sources may call the same nation in different names such as the Adighas who have the name Circassians, Qush’ha instead of Ossetians or the way they call Chechnya instead of Ichkeria, in which the description Circassia has been used in a negative way by different sources depending on the intentions for releasing such names or in certain occasions they tempt to call certain nations in the names given to others, but the most significant of all is the Russian occupation of the Circassian land that killed half of the population and expelled the vast majority of the remaining alive ones, away from homeland (similar atrocities had occurred to some other peoples of the North Caucasus too). All that was not enough, but they completed what they started by intending to erase the country of Circassia as an entity from the face of the earth which consequently took Circassia off the map of the region!

The Circassians - self-designation Adigha are the oldest indigenous nation of the North Caucasus, but its unique location in the Caucasus Mountains area that contains Mount Elbrus, the highest peak in Europe, next to the warm coastline of the Black Sea in its territorial waters, had tempted the greedy Russian Empire to set an adventurous aggressive strategy that had taken in consideration a goal to situate and establish its main maritime commercial and military ports on the strategic coast of the Black Sea regardless of all expected negative and disastrous consequences, that would affect Circassia and  Circassians! It is obvious that the Circassian nation is the side that is ought to be the decision maker on the Circassian fate, and nobody else, provided that implementing what the Circassians have decided and would decide upon, that should be in accordance with the International Laws and the principles of the Charter of Human Rights.  Albeit mentioned by so-called experts, old players such as England, France, Turkey and Russia, had the sway of what had happened, which had been a typical Russian technique: "excuse that is worse than a sin”; but those big powers involved were mentioned in Yeltsin’s message to the peoples and nations of the Caucasus in the nineties of the twentieth century, and added Persia, in order to blame others and to deem "subject is closed”. Why is this attitude shown by opportunists in regard to consider it as too much of a demand for Circassians to request restoring their legitimate rights? Why to suppose ignorance of others?

The real problem was to do with killing and/or deporting Circassians. Regardless of what was in front of observers, the real players were the Russian and Turkish empires, provided that Adighas (Circassians) were never part of the Ottoman Empire as the corrupt and liar individuals and parties might tend to fabricate, but being friends with Turkey for the fact they were inspired by religious feelings, got nothing to do with Circassia being occupied by any side; but there is no room to elaborate more at this instance. No real Circassian is asking for anybody’s advice, and those who "think” they are entitled to jump in and/or to send their electronic advises here and there, they ought to know how and why to follow the rules. Neither sensible nor logical evaluation would describe for an example what was called prince Temruka’s wisdom, as alliance with a greedy foe wouldn’t be considered in the good sense of a good decision as neither wise nor responsible Circassians were consulted about his treasonous deed, "(Armum xiysa zhigir meghw): The tree planted by the clumsy person dies”, while no one was safe of the Russian set plans of conquering the Caucasus including Georgia that reached even further more to other parts of the South Caucasus, Central Asia, Finland and other countries and territories in later dates; Circassians had said: "(Bzchihem winemisu wiy jedzchey wimibzh): Don’t count your chickens before they hatch)”. If such an advice was given to Abkhazia, no change on its destiny would have had been developed "Ghwegw blaghe ghwegw zhizche nex’re, ghwegw zhizche ghwegw blaghe: (Better a short long way than a long short way)”, as Abkhazia being one of the victims of a savage occupation and deportation of 80% of its total population, beside killing a good portion of its inhabitants. The Russian Tsarist Empire was going to do what has been done, "(Bzchim zisch’ebwame ‘qizohelhech’ ’ zhumi’ezh): In for a penny, in for a pound”. Going along with an opportunist individual such as Temruka who is called a prince was going to be a suicidal decision, as people should extricate themselves from an evil person at any price, and that is "making a shepherd out of a wolf”.

Circassians and Basic Rights

Census figures declared by Russian authorities in any demographic and inhabitants’ dimension are doubtful and lack legitimacy. A sensible reader of any realistic article will be following rules of logic, and the reader’s main intention is not in the position to accuse anyone, than to understand the real facts that pertain to the subject and all what is related to it. When someone writes an article and the main issue is to stress on objectives of showing or explaining certain idea or ideas, an individual is not the main concern to be exposed as being a collaborator to a certain side, because the main issue should be presenting an idea; but as somebody’s opinion gets a sudden change to 180 degrees outlook and to an extreme extent, and it showed similarity to a certain well-known agenda, then the sequence of the logic would lead to framing. In fact the Russians necessarily need agents and collaborators anywhere, while the examples are plenty in peoples’ Diaspora, where Russian intelligence is noticeably active and unfortunately Diaspora establishments are kidnapped by Russian FSB through their agents and spies! Whoever wants to examine this fact will be able to do so with proves can easily be confirmed. Never collaboration was replaced by wisdom or vice versa; but collaboration had always been connected with betraying certain people or issue. Individual’s opinion, especially when it got to do with an important matter such as betraying certain issue that belongs to thousands of people should not be considered to impose a curious policy. Also strategy should be assumed and followed for the benefit of all, not for narrow-minded so-considered chief of a group of people, who would create doubtful and risky decisions that would lead to the danger of eliminating any possibility of people’s harmony or unity.

It is not appropriate for Adighas or any other people to contemplate rallying under the banner of a clumsy selfish decision-maker or a traitor, because consequences would be much worse than if other wise choice was taken. Russian plans of "war of destruction” would have been adopted and the Caucasus would had been occupied whether Circassians like it or not. Short sighted political and economical decisions by any standard would result in attaining harmful consequences. When an individual is describing any matter by saying, "our”, it should be noted that no one is entitled to make decisions for others or to speak on their behalf! Tracing the past (for statistical purposes), shows tens of tiny nations were totally eliminated, and at later date with the Russian Soviets under Stalin’s evil leadership had eliminated tens of millions of human beings and that proves the fact that neither Circassians nor others could have had been excluded from being debilitated and harmed. The oppression and slaughter machine that is still going on until this date, referring to the latest Moscow clashes between descendants from the Caucasus on one hand and the Russian fanatic and chauvinist groups on the other, beside another parallel tyrant racist method of oppressing the descendants of the Caucasus by the Russian police, the different elements of FSB agents and other forces of the Russian authorities. It is good to know though that the Russian demonstrators in Moscow, starting the 6th of December, 2010, were holding the slogans of hatred and they were calling, "Russia for Russians”! That shows no one is safe or excluded from Russian racism and slavery minded authorities’ actions, even though Russia is occupying the homeland of those who are chased in the streets of Moscow. Yet South Ossetians and Abkhazians in Moscow were offended as well, by the so-called comrades.

Sadness is reflected when someone starts inventing ideas that had been tested and proven fake. Writing had never been a prove of rightness, if it is not rooted and referenced to provide a justifiable data to confirm certain facts; Circassians had lost a tremendous amount of their heritage documentation and valuable properties during the war with the Russian state and at later date during the Soviet dictatorship era by Stalin who ordered to destroy all available Circassian cultural possessions and to kill all the Circassian celebrities, scientists and artists. Motivation is limitless and it is not shame or disgrace to see foreign writers to spend time, money, and risk, or to be exposed to danger in order to write about a specific people?  It is not wrong or illegal to observe people who support the struggle against the Russian colonial expansion. It is not appropriate to dictate people and to tell them what to do or not to do, the way Russians and their supporters do act, when they interfere in others’ business in an intrusive manner! Even at the present time, there are many people with clear conscious who are ready to go long way for helping human beings for the intention of presenting an example for humanity.  There are many examples of human rights supporting whether by countries or individuals. People who follow the path of truth and justice are always out there, but whether in the industrial (advanced) or the developed countries, they have their own strategic plans. It is not appropriate to jump to a conclusion and to say "they have nothing to do with human rights”, because it is not proper to generalize in this aspect. A glance at the human rights organizations in Europe shows how active and genuine they are, in bringing Russia to account in many occasions and Russia was condemned and ordered to pay fines, penalties and compensations especially to Chechens who were able to sue the Russian state for atrocities and aggression against individuals’ basic human rights, "It’s not a shame to ask (when you don’t know)”.

The Effect of Democracy

Democracy is an advanced political system of transparency of choosing and changing a government by following free and fair elections, that guarantees active participation of all citizens alike in choosing a political and civic life system, which guards freedom of opinion and human rights of groups and individuals, and observe value of rule of law, where people are treated equally in accordance with no discrimination (individuals who experienced the totalitarian regimes can understand and distinguish what that means.

Democracy had prevailed even in narrow existence since the old Greeks and Adigha Circassians, but the French Revolution which is considered the most remarkable event that had changed and turned the laws and rules that pertain to freedom of human beings and was a start to wangle human rights rules, and reached later on to many parts of the world, which made democracy the basic set of laws that formed constitutions of the civilized nations. The spirit of those rules was adopted in the U. S. constitution later on, that started to be a basis of inspiration for governments’ methods of leading in many other countries when referred to and implemented as a progressive human achievement. If democracy is taken as a way of life, it got certain rules to be followed in exceptional times, and probably some violations would be practiced when certain politicians, security or police staff tend to override the rules and even the constitution some times, but there is always a way to correct any misbehavior by the legislatures (in democratic countries) and there are many examples on that. Democracy is not an exclusive to certain countries or to countries alone, but it can be adopted in all walks of life and in all civil society establishments.

The United Nations organization was mainly structured by the founding members and particularly most of the permanent members, which in accordance of its scheme in place, those permanent members got the prerogative to employ the "VITO” anytime it would be in the interests of whoever is going to do so. The Indian example that shows the second largest populated country in the world which is the largest democracy in the world which used to be considered as poor country with limited economical capacities has erupted to be a successful world example of enduring technology and succeeding in developing its economy and industry to the extent of competing with the other known economic competitors, and South Eastern Asian countries would be another example that proves the fact of development success. The UN also can be developed when according to the will of the international community, because nothing comes easily without any work, but a sufficient effort must be exerted. Human nature does not give in easily to despair, provided that persistence is the main issue for obtaining benefits. The acts of "distributing blankets, food, and (some) medicine” by the UN is not a point of weakness ("Any port in a storm”), but rather a positive evidence of the interdependence of human communities and to assist human beings during sudden calamities, "a friend in need is a friend in deed”. This kind of farsighted practice shows the sense towards others through the human mutual dependence and to assess in humanitarian work and in the development of the international organization in the areas of human rights, decolonization, stop wars and to mediate in disputes in various areas of the world. The UN had also proven in many occasions its capability of protecting civilians during armed conflicts and the recognition of the independence of the nations and countries. (Beshechinigher ziteimik’wen schi’eqim): Patience is a plaster for all sores.

Circassians Demanding Justice

Addressing the subject of Circassian organizations, associations and institutions working sincerely for asserting the rights of the Circassian nation are located at homeland and spread throughout the Diaspora, in which the CCI (Circassian Cultural Institute) is one of them, if not of the most important. A long statement written by one of those who is not a Circassian, has uttered the words: "The CCI and the Unthinkable", needs to be reminded that CCI should be praised for its remarkable and relentless efforts as, "better to congratulate people on their successes than to envy them”,  at the same time it would be a good idea to show and explain the positive effects and the important developments in the Circassian and international arenas as a result of hard work, tireless and infinite dedication in the service of the Circassian nation as "acts speak louder than words”, and those loyal and courageous Circassians who seek the restoration of Circassian rights know what they want but not by any price, "you must know where your horse will run”; but by choosing systematic and serious endeavors through the legal and civilized methods, and through a transparent ways and means, it is absolutely factual that the choice of coordinating with Europe and the rest of the world is essential in regard to restoring Circassian rights, because "if you leave your place, you lose it”, and "Lost time is never found again”. No one including CCI has the right to rant being a pioneer in commemorating the painful memory of the twenty first of May, which they did not argue so, because Circassians who remained at homeland and those deportees had commemorated that sad day every year since it had taken place, but with different dimensions and effects depending on conditions, circumstances, locations and concentration of communities and population; but not to underestimate the effect of Russian propaganda and the effect of their spies and agents in all Circassian and North Caucasus communities and societies around the world, "an evil master leads you to the Devil”. Devoted Circassians by admiring the heroes who had perished during the Russian aggressive war believe in the adage: "Even after death, his heroism will live forever”.

When the CCI believes in, "the pen is mightier than the sword”, they definitely mean what they say, because they had taken their decision in that direction, and they have chosen their way of nonviolent efforts alongside peaceful styles and methods. When a Circassian (Adigha uses the term Caucasus nations alliance, it doesn’t mean more of what it really means, "A clear conscience laughs at false accusations”. CCI used to raise Caucasus nations flags in their events, such as the Abkhaz, Chechen and other nations’ flags beside the Circassian flag. When remembering that all the occupied nations of the North Caucasus (including Abkhazia and South Ossetia) in the same boat, "the Russians have always implemented the fact of the generosity of peoples of the Caucasus in the negative sense of the original meaning of it, and imperial Russians wanted to experience that forever, "(Bisimir hesch’em yi ’wexwthebzasch’esch): The host is his guest’s servant”, then the consequences would necessarily be similar conditions among all of them in regard to relationship with the Russian occupation, "Do not say, ‘The snake is frozen,’ and place it in your bosom”. Mixing and forming sentences and words together will not help in presenting facts and realities, if not logically connected. If Communism’s intentions was to keep and maintain the imperial Russian legacy policies, then no change of the mentioned policies have been noticed with the current so-called Federal Republic of Russia in regard to keeping the same legacy, and even to develop it in the Caucasus especially the product of the most recent Caucasus war between Russia and Georgia in the summer of 2008, "once greedy, ever greedy”!

It is obvious that under unsubstantiated accusations regarding the so-called wearing of hats in different colors, it does not deserve such a description which is far from accuracy and truth. For the cynical query: "Where human rights were advocates?  Why did they not bring to justice all the communists who committed atrocities against the people within the Russian border?” it is easy to find out that those who were the communist leaders all at a sudden have changed their hats (more appropriate example of the hats issue), and they left the Communist party to be involved in other political activities. Here comes the question: How could such leaders all at a sudden to turn 180 degrees in styles of life, beliefs, faith and directions? When a KGB spy and agent changes his hat as well and becomes the Head of the newly then formed FSB, following with the speed of rockets goes to be a senior staff in the Kremlin, becoming a Prime Minister then a president of Russia being at the time elected by the so-called Russian Federation citizens’ majority while they don’t know this ambitious KGB/FSB Colonel! Who is going to sue who? There were no fundamental changes in the mentality ruling Russia as the same individuals had changed hats, and performed some changes that kept the imperial (colonial) system running with a change of words and titles that didn’t bring any genuine and/or basic change the way it should, as the real change lies in, "the best way to solve a problem, is to attack its root”.

Reality proves that the cited article "The Inquiry of Cultural Institute”, presented by the CCI chairman, confirms correctness and commonalities have existed, "Evil doers always think the worst of others”. Giving impressions on ideas obtained during a visit to the Caucasus in the nineties is most probably neither feasible nor perfect, because the facts on the ground today is radically different from what it was at that time, beside the verity of different opinions of unlike people living in different locations under unusual impressions and pressure. Prevalent sensible Caucasus opinion whether in the North Caucasus or the South Caucasus is abbreviated that the Russians are outsiders and strangers, and the Caucasus belongs to the peoples and nations of the Caucasus. The Georgian-phobia growth is known who is behind it and who benefits from this organized propaganda, which would be pointless if it is meant to underestimate the intelligence of those who are concerned with changing the present situation in the Caucasus towards asserting the wasted rights of all peoples and nations of the Caucasus alike. It is observable that the so-called "sugar-coating the situation is not a practical solution to the prevailing atmosphere in the North Caucasus” is true statement, but it has to be verified who is who! Who is presenting the situation in the Caucasus in a malicious manner to keep the stand-still state of affairs the way it is and had always been, due to executing Russian colonial policies, and by singled out different parties to perpetuate the divisions between all sides? Assuming the ignorance of others policy will not be feasible any longer because people know who started the aggressive wars and eventually had occupied and still the whole North Caucasus. People know who committed genocide (even though some individuals and groups are trying to ignore the fact due to special relationship with the Russian occupying authorities) against the various nations and peoples of the Caucasus which is documented even in the Russian archives, without minimizing the role of other parties, so why it is not permissible to clearly label the offender? There is no excuse for any people that had been subjected to genocide and deportation to be committed to be associated and controlled by Russia in all walks of life, where their relations with each other where Russian interests would start and/or would end, because that fact would necessarily contribute to worsening relations between the nations of the Caucasus, and that is the intent of colonial Russia. Adighas (Circassians) got their compass straightened out in the way that they realized the past and present, in addition to exploring the prospects for the future.

Efforts to Raise the Circassian Question

It is of certainty to say "our group of Circassians today appreciates the Georgian Parliament's acceptance of our request to address the Circassian Genocide", it is only and totally the Circassians’ business to describe what the situation looks like after the fruitful conferences, meetings and contacts made with many different sides such as Georgia, Estonia and other parts within the European community. All solid results prove the fact that the momentum of the Circassian Question is increasing towards explaining the real situation with Russia, which is the side that had occupied the country of Circassia and still manipulating the situation the way it appeal to the Russian imperial policies. It is a well-known fact that real Circassians do not beg from others nor will they stoop except their dependence on Almighty God, and randomly releasing names does not mean that cheap Russian propaganda machine and its tools are right in anyway. To find out an objective depiction and an accurate assessment of the rulers of Moscow, we can find out easily and we can also point out profanation and lack of respect for the peoples of the Caucasus, as well as for the ordinary Russian citizens themselves. That would be an indication of what would be the shock of those who desire any good of them.

It is not an accurate narrative to say that certain side does know or not, because expectations based on the assumed foundation is not of common sense at all, "even the person who cannot differentiate between good and evil thinks there is nothing that he/she doesn’t know”. The Abkhaz people are entitled to discuss their status with any part, but not to throw blindly the destiny of Abkhazia in Russia’s custody. To go by the rules, Abkhazia should solve its problem with Georgia, "don't foul the well, you may need its water”, and going towards the Russian side would complicate the possibility of solving out the Abkhaz problem. Circassians eventually may need to establish talks with Russia, being the occupying force of their homeland in order to solve all issues of the Circassian Question. Quoting radical groups for repeating fiery statements will not help to correct any wrong action, but the only valid statement would be the official policy of the Georgian government. Abkhaz and Georgian officials should set on the table without Russia being there, "the best way to solve a problem is to attack its root
, because simply Russia wants the problem to go on and continue, "He who relies on evil gets ruined”. If we want to discuss the topic seriously and without emotions, we must consider how Abkhazia has turned into a big prison with a Russian warden who holds the lead in the coexistence of Abkhazia. There are no free direct flights, sea lines or road crossings to Abkhazia, "there is small choice in rotten apples”. Anyone has to go to Abkhazia, has to go via Russian controlled areas and a Russian visa and/or permit is required to do that trip, "one truth is better than a hundred lie”.

In fact there is no need to know the where-about of individuals, particularly the Georgian commander called Karkarashvilli who had been already forgotten, and the outcome proved that he was wrong and Abkhazians could get even with him; but it is good to know as well that the heirs of the architects of the Russian criminal policy since the nineteenth century still rear their heads from time to time to impose their agenda on the peoples of the Caucasus. Russians have always and still following the policy of "Hurt and heal”. Vladimir Putin had said during the most recent Russian-Chechen War that he was intending to flush all Chechens, Medvedev in turn stated few months ago that Russia wants the Caucasus without the people of the Caucasus, and we should not forget the most recent riots in Moscow when Russian radical thugs had offended all people from the North Caucasus who are living in the presumed federal capital city, "A distrustful person is dangerous”!

Bringing Georgian names of officials who said unacceptable statements or pretended to be capable of eliminating the Abkhazian people turned out to be wrong, because nothing of what they had pretended to do had come true. The funny thing though that none of the Russian leaders threats or actual genocidal crimes of part of the Abkhazian people are mentioned. Also deportation of 80% of the nation of Abkhazia away from their homeland is not tackled in any way! Is it possible to know why Abkhazians and Abaza people are living in Diaspora? Where are the actual Russian rivers of blood? Are they forgotten that easily? Are the Russians entitled, allowed and forgiven to do anything that others are not entitled or allowed to do? Isn’t that submission and humiliation? Patience is good and it is of high moral, but a person forgetting to the extent of making foul out of own self is not of wisdom at all, "(Beshechinigher ziteimik’wen schi’eqim): Patience is a plaster for all sores”.

Rules are rules, and if any side commits a war crime a punishment in accordance with the International Law and the International Tribunal to achieve justice should take place. It is obvious that CCI wouldn’t agree on any side to commit war crimes. To find out about the Georgian intentions, it is no harm to find out. Russians occupying Georgia in the nineteenth century doesn’t mean that all Georgians had given themselves up to the Russians. Stalin’s crimes wouldn’t commit all Georgians with crimes committed from Moscow. There are always in every nation, certain people who are ready to be traitors and who are ready to conspire with the occupiers. That happened with other peoples of the Caucasus during the war with Russia, and the occupiers would always exploit all available capabilities and capacities for their war machine. Despite the fact that Russia couldn’t occupy Circassia before it conquered Georgia, the Georgian people got nothing to do with the occupiers crimes. When Circassians know what they want, they will choose the way that it will get them there; but with dignity and honor.


There is no need to contact or get the opinion of people who are not able to talk and open a dialogue about the issues that pertain to the current situation; "it’s not a shame to ask when you don’t know”. Before anyone starts drawing or jumping up conclusions, it is advisable to find out the position of the Abkhazian opposition stand while they are looking at Russians flooding all parts of Abkhazia, especially the Black Sea coast resorts and the nice tourist areas. Sensible Abkhazians at homeland and in Diaspora know what is good or harm for them. It is no secret that Abkhazians and Abaza people had approached and contacted the Georgian government in the past ( during President Shevardnadze’s era) in order to facilitate an agreement for settlement but there was a variance on the names of the individuals to be appointed on top of the Republic of Abkhazia.

The harmful Russian intelligence is doing its best to divide the Caucasus peoples and particularly Circassians, in order to distract their concentration on their national affairs, but unfortunately using most of the time local resources and people who live amongst the Caucasus communities, for the purpose of forgetting and disregarding the "Circassian Inalienable Rights".

Millions of Circassians and other innocent victims from other parts of the Caucasus had suffered badly from the Russian waged savage war against them to occupy their land in order to kill, displace or deport them. We must stand and pay tribute and respect to all those heroes who defended their Motherland for more than 100 years with sweat, blood and sacred souls, "extricate yourself from an evil person at any price”. It is appropriate to end with the Circassian proverbs: "Кхъуэм хэку ищIэркъым: The pig knows no native land”, and "Ди унэжь пхъэжь мафIэ (Уи дей хуэдэ щыIэкъым, жыхуиIэщ. There is nothing like home)”.



26, December, 2010

Justice For North Caucasus Group

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