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Taming The Circassian Nation

posted by eagle on September, 2010 as CIRCASSIA ADIGA

Taming The Circassian Nation

No one would be pleased to have unworthy description of his own people or nation in a way that is not appropriate for its prestige, character and fundamental elements, however the necessities of advice and warning may require to ring the alarm-bell for the message to reach the silent majority, and to those who harm the stricken nation whether intentionally or unintentionally, which the stage reached can be described as the phase of dying that there, which there is no doubt of inevitable death as its fate of survival has become tainted by doubt as a result of the efforts of its ungrateful descendants, spiteful, and intruders from different origins, have made the conditions of deportation and situational common living as breeding ground for them for insult and intervene to the degree of fait accompli through the implementation of dictates, wishes and policies of the evil guys led by those barbaric occupiers of the Circassian homeland who battered this forbearing, but steadfast nation with murder and genocide, followed as well by some non-Circassians in the land of exile-away from homeland, for digesting them in the societies and countries that were forced submissively to migrate to, helping them in their policies and malicious and despicable attempts a group who fancy ill on the fate of a struggling nation that worked  all its efforts to survive, despite all the horrors, challenges, slaughter, torture, deportation, alienation, marginalization, assimilation and obscuring culture, language and the Circassian identity Circassian.

The conscious Circassian who loves his homeland and its people, who perceived the importance of that, who doesn’t spare any effort to show pride in belonging to his nation, the extent of the impact wanted by the beneficiaries and blood-dealers, the organizers of mock-elections in Circassian institutions at home and abroad, loungers, breeders, normalizers, ranters, bribed, and acquirers of the Circassian nation's capabilities based on the absolute and inalienable rights and on the documented facts, which prove the extent of destruction and the depth of the impact of genocide and organized crimes committed by the rogue state of mental barbarism carried out the tsarist Russian occupation against Circassia and its citizens, expelled away from home most of those who remained alive of the stricken-nation after a devastating war that had lasted a hundred and one years.

We are in the twenty-first century, the era of science and obtainable technology for everyone who desires that it is as inappropriate and it is unreasonable to expect any benefit even if it is little from individuals, scrums and gangs whatever they are described, with no legal legitimacy, being to set up and / or proclaimed itself guardian of the nation through totalitarianism with recklessness and had oppressed the Circassian nation (where Circassians can be described in this case, such as orphans on the banquet villains), even if presented, and promoted themselves as they master the Circassian language (Adigha Language), which had accepted themselves to work for the benefit of foreigners and their repressive policies whatever was their origins, religions or positions, and accordingly, loyalty must be to the nation, its survival, honor and restoring the legitimate rights must be of the priorities to everyone who deems competence to run the midst of efforts to promote the national Circassian activities. Some individuals want to exist in dark ages, to muffle, obscure vision, to close the different hearing channels and impeding thinking of anything positive or creative, and the confiscation of minds so as to obscure the facts and the withholding of knowledge in order to destroy what the grandparents had accomplished and the reduction of ruling to find any structure from which the wise people would set off to search for a way out from impasses that we reached in order to explore the prospects and access to the correct path.

These fake groups and personalities no matter what superficial expressions for self-description or on the failed suspicious schemes and their ideas of melancholy, that they maneuver to implement and as if they accomplish projects and secret and business deals, which no one would benefit from, except those the capitals’ owners with opportunist and retarded specifications who traffic in the fate of the Circassians to a plot in contributing in self-killing for the elimination of their present and future as an implementation of the Russian colonial exclusion policy.

Those dominant opportunists have driven the people of their nation to be tools to normalize everything even the normalization of frail and non-rivalry relations with those perched on the trunk of this stricken and afflicted nation by such of those, delirious prospects and the semiconductor men who have been plagued with them and their alike, the Circassian nation, and who see only through the prism of self-loving in the dimensions of self- selfishness, as they sought to show the criminals, occupiers and invaders as friends, and they set up alliances with the occupiers against their peers and kin, as if nothing had happened between imperial Russia and occupied Circassia.


The fact that some Circassians and Caucasians in Diaspora after the Circassian and Caucasian bureaucrats, loyalists and collaborators with the state of occupation in the Circassian section of the Caucasus to celebrate falsely between 7-9 September 2007, with the brutal Russian authorities, the so-called then the memory of voluntary association with Russia is incivility and extreme evil effort, and certain naive individuals had sent messages of congratulations on that incidental occasion, that did not happen in the history at all, to the Russian leaderships as well as the local leaders protégé to the colonial Russian authorities, not to mention that members of certain administrative councils of the Circassian institutions and associations in Diaspora who have accepted invitations to participate in the celebrations which took place in the Circassian areas of the occupied Caucasus, ignoring its obligations by any considerations, moral commitments, ethical or nationalistic ones towards those who lost their lives subjected to torsion, destruction, genocide, deportation, torture and humiliation by the hordes of invading forces.



17, September, 2010


Justice For North Caucasus Group

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