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Dagbladet Visits Genocide Site

posted by eagle on September, 2010 as CIRCASSIA ADIGA

Dagbladet Visits Genocide Site


An article of great value was published online, by the Norwegian "Dagbladet Magazine” in Norwegian Language in the title of: "-The Olympic Construction – By The Mass Graves”, reported by Astrid Meland, that makes it necessary to thank such blessed efforts for publishing an interesting report that contains a comprehensive field study about a forgotten nation that had lost its basic privileges as a respected European indigenous nation which was and still denied by genocide for its legitimate rights.


Fortunately, it is possible to have an instantaneous interpreting through Internet translation means such as "Google”, and it was possible to have the article converted to English and other languages in order to read the interesting information that shows the degree and high professional capabilities which described the magnitude of pain, oppression and agony that the Circassian nation had to face for a simple reason, that was the importance of the location of their homeland for various multi-national  imperial ambitions!


The article excelled in the review of what happened to the Circassian nation by simulating the harsh reality lived along by counting specifics and proceedings such as:

-         Started mentioning Sochi, supported by real images as the core of the Russian tourist industry in the area concentrated on sequence of making that possible since the first years of Russian occupation to the area, through the Soviet era, reaching to the present time.

-         It stated the current Russian objective to make Sochi, the 2014 Winter Olympic Games’ location, while building the Olympic constructions on the soil of the "Circassian Genocide”, an area also known as Krasnaya Palana "Red Hill”, being the final Circassian location that had surrendered in 21, May, 1864, that is connected to the bloodshed committed by the Russians, that led to eliminating 50% of the Circassian total population..

-         Focus on the interest of the Russian leadership to go on for the preparations for the Olympics, regardless of the results, protests and Circassian concerns. It showed an image showing a Russian political elite visiting Sochi for observing the progress on preparing the site for the purpose of the Olympic events, the most important occurrence for the Russian leadership and its public relations agenda.

-         The Circassian deportation to Turkey and other spots of the world is mentioned in a sensible way, indicating the brutality of the tsarist Russian forces, which is reported that only few know the real story indicating the objections that the descendants of the deported Circassians are performing.

-         Demonstrations and opposition to Russian "policy of fait accompli” across the Diaspora is explained to show the Circassian protest against the liquidation of their identity, to silence people and to prevent them from speaking.

-         Claiming the country of Circassia back is one of the main concerns of the Circassians around the world, which mentioned the tendency of Circassians to return to their homeland.

-         The Russian official position is not to adhere to truth or to accept the responsibility of committed genocide.

-         Turks had taken the advantage of Circassians being expelled from their homeland and intending to go so safe haven.


It was noticed though that some individuals who commented on the subject were neither objective nor realistic. The whole issue is not religious one nor simple as shallow-minded individuals’ descriptions might tend to reflect, but it is a greedy imperial/colonial issue that pushed the Russian Empire described by the naive individuals as an Orthodox Christian state while conspiring with Turkish Ottoman Empire that is described by the same naive mentality as a Muslim State (even though there are some Circassians who believe in other faiths, and the whole issue is national one), rather than another greedy imperial power that got its own agenda of getting the people who survived the Russian genocide to be deported to the Ottoman Empire in order to make them the fuel of its colonial wars in the Balkan and elsewhere beside sending the Circassian courageous people to guard and protect the Turkish/Ottoman interests in troubled areas that the Turks had no means of ability to control and to be kept under their rule, such as sending out terrorized Circassians as an effect of the wars that had to face, to reside and to live in hot spots such as the areas where it was intended to be used to build the Istanbul-Medina "Hejaz Railway” that passes through what is now Syria and Jordan reaching to Medina in what is now Saudi Arabia.


Turks (supposed to be brother Muslims to Circassians as some critics say) had molested, humiliated and took the advantage of Circassians being defenseless, terrorized, and just came out of disastrous consequences after losing their precious homeland.



7, September, 2010.


Justice For North Caucasus Group

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