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Radio Adiga: Forum Caucasus: On-Line Conference With Fatima Tlisova (Part 1)

posted by eagle on April, 2010 as CIRCASSIA ADIGA

16 04 2010 
Forum Caucasus: On-line conference with Fatima Tlisova (Part 1)

Fatima Tlisova a famous Circassian (Kabardian subethnos) journalist. She had worked in Kabardino-Balkaria and was known for her integrity and impartiality, for that was often subjected to repression by the local authorities. It went so far as physical abuse. At this time, Fatima lives in the USA. She participated in the conference held in Tbilisi. Dear participants of the forum, please ask her your questions. 

Fatima Tlis: Thank you for the invitation. I will try to honestly answer all questions with respect to the people who take interest and choose a time to ask a question. 

One inaccuracy: The Circassians are not Kabardian sub-ethnos. Circassians - the common name of 12 sub-ethnos, in their own language they call themselves Adyghe (Adiga). 

Dear Fatima Tlisova, we all saw what kind of reaction was in Moscow to the address of the forum which was held in Georgia.

Do you think that we can both Georgians and Circassians overcome Russian imposed stereotype of enemy and bring our positions closer?

Fatima Tlis: The stereotype of enemy exists not only between our two peoples, it is present in varying degrees among all the peoples of the Caucasus - this is one of the tools for managing/manipulating us during some centuries. 
I am confident that we are reviewing it, the conference in Tbilisi and the sincere attention to our tragedy from the Georgian society, that we felt being there on the Georgian side and our presence in Georgia – is the answer to your question. 

My questions are: 

1) After your emigration, whether remained in Kabardey-Balkar Republic objective journalists or human rights activists, who wrote about the numerous human rights violations that occur in the country. 

2) In neighboring to you Karachay-Cherkess Republic there are very sad events, it is the confrontation of ethnic groups, Abazins + Circassians against Karachays. Events that occur in Karachay-Cherkess Republic are very reminiscent of pre-war situation in Abkhazia. To what it all led, we all can see clearly. Is there any such thing in the Kabardey-Balkar Republic between the Balkars and Circassians and how it possible to stave off this? 

3) You can often meet with representatives of the Circassian Diaspora in different parts of the world. What is the language situation among the Mohajir (Diaspora)? At what level young people know their native language and whether they have any desire to learn? 

Fatima Tlis: Kabardey-Balkar Republic, Karachay-Cherkess Republic and Adygeya Republic – from the perspective of international law on indigenous peoples - illegitimate administrative and geographical formations. 
1. Yes, in Nalchik we have journalists and human rights activists, whom I sincerely admire and for whom very afraid. 
2. I was born and grew up in a village near Cherkessk, so to call this republic neighbor to me is incorrect. No situation in the Caucasus – which in mathematical language called - "division", there is situations of "delta", where one corner is the formative role in reality and "intermediary" role in the propaganda. Had been approached by the sides; it punishes and encourages, "settles" and "wets" and so on. If we delete it then we have a "division" - a direct dialogue. Possible conflict situations, direct dialogue and ways of solving them should be a subject of discussion today, to warn about them tomorrow. 
3. I'm working on a series of documentaries about the Diaspora, the series is of 12 half-hour films. From them 4 films which are interview with a 5-6 generations in exile. Yes, young people learn and have a desire to learn adigabze (Circassian language). 

Radio Adiga

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